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Publication numberUS454844 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1891
Filing dateSep 1, 1890
Publication numberUS 454844 A, US 454844A, US-A-454844, US454844 A, US454844A
InventorsAlfred W. Brewerton
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Alfred w
US 454844 A
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 454,844, dated June 30, 1891. Application filed September 1, 1890. Serial No. 363,588. (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern.-

Be it known that we, ALFRED \V. BREWER- TON and MIEcIsLAUs R. SZAMEIT, both of the city of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have made certain new and useful Improvements in Photograph Albums, of which the following is a specification.

Figure 1 is a side elevation. Fig. :2 is a front elevation. Fig. 3 is a cross-section through line X X of Fig. 2.

The object of this invention willbe shown in the following specification.

A A is the case which contains the photo graphs made in the proper form and size.

B B are the photograpl1-holders pivoted at a common center E. These holders are made of any suitable material and size. In the spaces designated by (J are placed the photographs. The pivotal bolt E works up and down in the slots H H in the case A. All the photograph-holders are joined together by a suitable connection, as at D.

I is an elastic holder fastened at one end to the outer photograph-holder on each side, and the other ends are fastened to the case at some convenient point below, as at the bottom or side of the case.

J is a ring fastened at the top of the cenend of the guides H, upon which the pivotal bolts E rest when elevated above them.

By pulling out the lifter J the photographholders are lifted out of the case and the elastic holders at each side hold the outer photograph-holders at the lowest point on each side, and the intermediate photograph-holders take their relative positions through the action of the connecting cord or ribbon D, as shown in Fig. 2.

The snap-springs F F close under the ends of the pivotal bolt E and hold the photographholders in an expanded position. By connpressing the snap-springs the action of the elastic'holdersI draws the pivotal bolt E down into the case, together with the photographholders.

e claim A photograph-album consisting of a series of photograph-holders allpivoted alike to one central sliding pivotal bolt, all joined together by suitable connections, guides in which the ends of the pivotal bolt move, elastieholders connecting each outer photograph-holder with the case, snap-springs, a lifter, and case, all combined and arranged substantially as shown and described.



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Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/00