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Publication numberUS456728 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1891
Filing dateMar 4, 1891
Publication numberUS 456728 A, US 456728A, US-A-456728, US456728 A, US456728A
InventorsPolly E. Lamson
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Upright case or tool-receptacle
US 456728 A
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Patented July 28, 1891.

(No Model.)

E. G. LAMSON, Deed. P. E. LAmsoN, Administratrix. y UPRIGHT OASE OR TOOL REOBPTAOLE. No. 456,728.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 456,728, dated July 28, 1891.

Application filed March 4. 1891. Serial No. 383,676. (No model.)

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that EBENEZER G. LAMsoN, deceased, late of Brookline, in the county of Norfolk and State of Massachusetts, did invent an Improved Upright Case or Tool-Re ceptacle, of which the following' is a specification.

The present improvements relate to Letters Patent No. 353,419, filed November 7, 1885, and granted November 30, 1386, the subjectmatter therein being similar in some respects to the Within application.

The object of the improved invention is to increase the area of surface Within a limited number of shelves, to improve theirsupports and simplify their adjustment, and in the further provision of a device to separate instruments or articles, rendering them quickly accessible. In the modified design of the shelf-supports their value is also enhanced for their intended use While lessening the ex; pense of their construction. To attain these objects, proceed in the manner hereinafter described, and illustrated in the drawings, forming a part of this specification, wherein- Figure l is a general View of the invention in perspective. Fig. 2 exhibits the construction of the improved forms of sectoral shelf. With a holder thereto attached. Fig. 3 designates in plan the shelf-supporting bracket, Fig. 4 is a transverse section of said support on line a Ll, Fig. Fig. 5 represents in perspective one shelf with the holder attached, and Fig. G is an enlarged perspective View of a portion of said holder enlarged.

Similar letters refer to corresponding parts throughout the several views, referring to which A designates my improved form cf receptacle in its entirety.

The base B and top D are made preferably of metal, although the construction may embrace Wood or composition, and may be in form either octagonal, square, or circular. From the base four socketed standards C arise to support the top D, which should conform to the design of said base, and to afford lateral support and protection t-o the body E, which is composed of glass, and also whereon the doors F F are suspended by hinges in the ordinary manner, or l may find it convenient to place said doors so their tops `and bottoms may slide in grooves fitted for this purpose in the top and bottom within or without the line of the body E, which grooves or runs may be observed in the base and top, as at G.

In the construction of the shelves l-l the former invention `hereinbefore alluded to, wherein the available surface was uselessly contracted, is departed from materially. The form of said shelves is best exhibited in Fig. 2. 'lherein the V-shaped quarter-section is removed to permit access to and an uninterrupted view of the shelves downward. lVhile this form ot' shelf is Well adapted to its uses, it may be found advantageous to follow the construction observed at Il', wherein said shelves are made up in sections. Preferably these are of glass, although the construction is not confined to this material, but such as previously referred-to in the base and top may be adopted. Obviously the class of wares to be inclosed Would somewhat control this feature of my improvement-as, for instance, very heavy metal tools with metal shelves and light Wooden articles, or goods of any description for those of glass. The interchangeable form of the latter in case of breakage or removal would be an advantage.

The holder l, (illustrated in Figs. 5 and 6,) as Will be observed, is composed of anyilexible material, preferably of thin spring metal, and may be serrated along its upper edge l in-any manner to afford separation and fixed support to articles laid upon it, while the lower edge is cut and reflexed alternately to the right and left to form base-sup ports I2 lwhich rest upon the shelves and insu re its stability. To secure in position the said holder I, the studs J project from the bottom at intervals and are provided withalip J,projectingin the direction of its spring. These enter through the perforations K, abounding in the shelves, as Well exhibited in Fig. 5. rlhe improved form of bracket, adapted to sustain the shelves, is shown in Figs. 3 and et. L designates the radial arms, four or more in number, which are upturned at their extremes L' to form ledges to retainsaid shelves in position. The hub L3 is pierced to receive tlie shelf-rod M,Whicli, aside from is office in sustaining the series of shelves and their supporting-collars N, also secures the entire structure after assemblage through the medium of the nut and thread, With which one or both ends of said rod is provided. Preferably a headed rod would be used, with its nut adjustable from the under side of the bottom plate.

Having` thus described the nature and construction of the improved invention, what is claimed is- 1. In an improved receptacle for tools or goods, a series of rotating sectoral shelves provided with perforations for the reception of a device for holding articles, in combination with a sustaining-rod adapted to uphold said shelves, and a series of radial brackets provided with an upturned ledge for the purpose of retaining the aforesaid shelves in position, substantially in the manner specified.

2. In combination with a perforated shelf or sections of the same, atool-holder adapted to conform to the shape of said shell", provided with two or more retaining-studs, the alternately-relexed supporting-base, and the serrated top, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

3. In an improved receptacle for tools or goods, the combination, with the rotating sectoral shelves and the tool-holder therein secured, of a top and base adapted to conine, through the medium of three or more standards and a central orsustaining rod provided With a thread and nut, the organized devices constituting my invention, substantially as shown.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification, in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses, on this 28th day oi' February, A. D. 1891.

. POLLY E. LAMSON, AdmimSrfltr/ of Ebenezer G. Lcrmson, de-


iVitnesses: y O. P. GIFFORD, W. L. BRUCE.

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