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Publication numberUS457918 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1891
Filing dateOct 27, 1890
Publication numberUS 457918 A, US 457918A, US-A-457918, US457918 A, US457918A
InventorsThomas F. Stevenson
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US 457918 A
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(No M011 e T. P. STBVBNSON an R. M. BASS-ETT.


No. 457,918. Patented Aug. 18,1891.

me mams grens co., mom-uma., wAsHwsmw, uA c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 457,918, dated August 18, 1891.

Application filed October 27, 1890. Serial No. 369.448. (No model.)

per portion adapted to be opened for the re= ception of packages, newspapers, dac., in addition to the usual swinging flap over the opening for drop-letters, and devices have been provided for preventing access to the contents of the letter-box when the large up` per flap has been swung open.

Our present invention relates to mail-boxes for packages and letters of the aforesaid general character; and it consists in the combinations of devices hereinafter set forth and claimed.

In the drawings, Figure l is a vertical transverse section of the box. Fig. 2 is a sect-ion at the line oo fc. Fig. 3 is a section through one of the pivots of the swinging valve; and Fig.4 is an elevation in larger size of the dial for indicating the hour of collection of letters.

The box is of any desired size, and the upper part thereof A has an opening at 8, over which is a cover l, hinged at 2. This opening 8 is to be of a size adapted to the reception of newspapers or packages, and within the upper part of the box there is an end plate or disk 3, having an axis or shaft passing through the side of the box and provided with a Acrank-arm or handle l0, and within the box and connected with the disk'or plate 3 is a link 5, pivoted at its lower end to the disk and at its upper end to the cover l. It will now be apparent that upon turning the disk 3 by the handle l0 the link 5 will raise the cover l, and the parts are so arranged that the cover can onlybe elevated to the de` f sired extent, and this may be effected by the link coming into line with the axis of the disk 3, or there may be stops 14 upon the outside of the letter-box to limit the movement ofv the handle 10 or upon the inside of the box to limit the turning movement of the disk 3. Within the box is a valve 6, pivoted at '7, and of a size adapted to swing upy and close the opening between the upper and lower portions of the box, and upon this valve at one end is a projection or toe 12, that is acted upon by the cam portion 9 at the edge of the disk 3, so that as the disk 3 is turned to swing open the cover l the valve 6 is instantly moved up into a horizontal or nearly horizontal position and held in that position by the edge of thedisk or cam 9,Which is an arc of a circle from thecenter upon which the disk 3 rotates. Hence, as the handle l0 is turned to open the cover of the box, the valve G closes the opening between the two parts of the box before the cover has been raised sufficiently for a persons hand or an instrument to be inserted for withdrawing any portion of the contents ot' the box, and the parts are strongly made and simple, so that there is little or no risk of breakage under ordinary circumstances 0f use, and it will be apparent that the crank 10 could be dispensed with if a handle or lifter is provided upon the cover l, in which case the link 5 becomes a means for rotating the disk 3.

WVe have thus far described this letter and package box as though but one disk was used at one end; but we prefer to make use of two disks facing each other, as shown Vin Fig. 2, such disks being connected by the del'lectorplates l5 16, so that the two disks turn together, and the detlector-plate 15 is above the axis 7 of the valve Gvwhen the cover l is swung up, and this prevents any substance being inserted into the opening between the edge of the valve and the front of the box, and it also directs any newspaper or package toward the back of the box, so that it will be sure to slide off the valve 6 when the cover IOO or similar material preferably raised up slightly from the bottom, so that in case of moisture which may condense on the inside of the box the contents will not become wet, and the upper surface of this wooden plate is corrugated for the protection of the contents from moisture and to facilitate picking up letters or other articles. It is to be understood that the pivots for the valve 6 may be of any desired character. Ve have shown bearings 2O cast upon the inner faces of the box to receive the knife-edged pivots 7 upon the valve. (See Fig. 3.) The valve 6 is provided with the counterpoise 13 to lessen the power required in moving such valve. If the detlector-plate 15 is made with the front of the box A instead of being connected at its ends with the disks 3, the same should occupy the position shown by dott-ed lines in Fig. 1. If the axis of the disks 3, are separate from such disks, a bar of metal may be used, the same being bent in the shape of a crank, so' as to be out of the way where it crosses between the disks. The upper part A of the box can be entirely of cast-iron, and also the front and bottom are preferably of cast-iron and the sides and back are of sheet or plateV metal, preferably steel, and the flange 1Sv around the base of the top part A sets out' side the upper edge of the plate of metall forming the back A2 and sides A3, and bolts or rivets are introduced to fasten the partsl firmly together. The edges of the plate are riveted to the edges of the cast-metal front4 AS, and the metallic bottom 21 is made with a flange or rim within the sides and back, and; it is preferable to secure these parts together with bolts, the nuts being inside the box and re`v eeived into notches in the edges of the woodeny bottom or lining- The door A4 is hinged at 26, and there are side pieces E23 that support the door when turned down to give access to? the box, and these swing into the box as the. door is closed, and a hasp and padlock are usually provided for securing the door. There the box rests upon a floor or support there will be legs 27 below the bottom of the-1 box. In kconsequence of making the back.;v and sides of the box of plate or sheet metal7 bent up andv secured in place, the weight of; the box is greatly lessened and its strengthf` increased, and the risk of injury is lessened. and facility is given for repairs, if required(i In the front of the box is an opening that receives a ring with a glass and a dial Aw and a hand A9, and the stein of the hand` passes through the dial, and it is provided,` with a turn-button B and a friction-springj B, so that the postman can turn the hand to indicate the time of the next collection, and;

this can be done more rapidly than the cards heretofore used can be changed.

7e claim as our invention- 1.4 The combination, with the box for letters and packages and the swinging cover 1, of the disk or plate 3 within the box, the link pivoted at its ends to the plate and cover, respectively, and a swinging valve 6, acted upon by the cam portion of the plate, substantially as set forth.

2. The combination, with the box and the swinging cover 1 to the opening therein, of the disk or plate 3 within the box, having a shaft passing through the box and the handle outside such box, and the valve 6 within the box, pivoted at 7 and having a toe acted upon by the cam of the disk or plate 3, substantially as set forth.

3. The combination, with the box having an opening and a swinging cover 1, of the disk or end plates 3 within the box and the deliectors connecting such end plates, the links connecting the end plates and swinging cover, and the valve within the box having toes thereon that are acted upon by the cam portions of the disks, substantially as set forth.

4. The combination, with the box and its swinging cover, of a disk within the box, a link connecting the disk and swinging cover, a handle outside the box and connected with the disk, and stops upon the box for limiting the movement of the handle, substantially as set forth.

5. The combination, with the cast-metal bottom and front, of a sheet or plate of metal bent to form the back and sides and secured to the flanges of the metal bot-tom and front, and a cast-metal top portion to the box having a ange passing outside the sheet o1' plate metal of the back and sides and secured thereto, substantially as set forth.

f5. The combination, with the metallic box for letters and packages, of a lining of wood or similar material within the metal bottom, such lining having a corrugated upper. surface, substantially as set forth.

7. The combnation,in a box foi-letters and packages, of a cast-metal upper portion, a plate of metal bent to form the back and sides, a cast-metal bottom and front, the parts being permanently connected together, and a bottom of wood or similar material within the box, substantially as set forth.

Signed by us this 21st day of October, 1890. 4


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