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Publication numberUS459616 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1891
Filing dateFeb 8, 1890
Publication numberUS 459616 A, US 459616A, US-A-459616, US459616 A, US459616A
InventorsGedeon Von Rohonczy
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Gedeon von rohonczy
US 459616 A
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No. 459,616. Patented Sept.'15, 189 1.

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| Ens cc warmmna, wunmavou o c UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 469,616, dated September 15, 1891.

Application filed February 8, 1890. Serial No. 339,755. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEDEON VON ROHONOZY, asubject of the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, residing at Buda-Pesth, Hungary, have invented a new and useful Ankle-Supporting Device for Skaters, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

Skaters, especially ladies, will often meet with accidents which may result in broken limbs in consequence of the fact that the an kle-joint is not sufficiently protected. Owing to this lack of protection also makes the skater tired, and then ensues a swaying or waving of the foot aboutthe ankle-joint, which will soon become dangerous. This mobility of the ankle-jointis not obviatedby the lace or button shoes designed especially for skaters. The cut of these shoes is better fitted to the positions of the feet in ordinary walking. By their use the body is somewhat inclined backward, while in skating, on the contrary, the body should be inclined forward, which causes a slight space to be formed in the shoe above the heelbetween the heel of the foot and the shoe. That this space can be formed implies a somewhat loose position of the foot in the shoe, which will permit the swaying or waving of the foot about the ankle-joint and consequent loss of the equilibrium. To avoid these disadvantages,l have devised an ankleprotector which makes unnecessary the use of shoes expressly made for skaters and with which any kind of shoes may be safely worn wliile skating.

I have illustrated my newly-invented ankle-protector in the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specification, where- 1n- Figure 1 represents a face View of the new ankle protector. Fig. 2 represents a side View of the same with a skate and shoe arranged as when in actual use.

Strap a, is placed, when in use, in a nearly horizontal position around the rear part of the ankle-joint above the heel, as represented in Fig. 2. This strap is provided at its ends with rings e d, fastened thereto by suitable thongs b c. To one of these rings are attached two smaller straps h and 'i, while two buckles are fastened in a suitable manner to the other ring. One h of these small straps is laid over the instep and is buckeled to the corresponding buckle, while the other small strap 7; is passed under the foot and is also buckled to its corresponding buckle. Strips it have for their purpose to cushion the pressure of the narrow straps h and '1 and spread it over a wider surface, and therefore may be omitted from strap h, as indicated by the dotted lines, or from either of the straps h or i. In this manner the ankle-joint is braced up and strengthened and the safety of the skater materially increased.

Having fully described my invention, what Iclaim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. An ankle-protector for skaters, consisting of three straps a, c, and h, adapted to pass, respectively, behind the ankle, below the instep, and above the instep, and the adjustable connecting devices with which the said straps are provided, substantially as hereinbefore described and set forth.

2. An ankle-protector for skaters, consisting of two rings fastened to the ends of a strap a, and to one of which are fastened two narrow straps h 2', while to the second ring are attached two buckles, substantially as and for the purpose hereinbefore described and set forth.

In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.



W. A. AZLER, Sn, VIoroR R. GREY.

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