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Publication numberUS461381 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1891
Filing dateJan 30, 1890
Publication numberUS 461381 A, US 461381A, US-A-461381, US461381 A, US461381A
InventorsPaul E. Richter
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Paul e
US 461381 A
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Patented Oct. 13,1891;

Imrenio Z WilneSses Atlorezeys.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 461,381, dated October '13, 1891. Application filed January 30, 1890. Renewed September 19, 1891. Serial No. 406,268. (No model.)

T at whmn it may concern.-

Be it known that 1, PAUL E. RICHTER, a citizen of' the United States, and a resident of the city of New York and State of New York,

have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Letter-Boxes, of which the following is a full and complete specification.

' My invention relates to that class of letterboxes in which a mail-sack is placed to re- IO ceive the letters as they are deposited in the box, so that when the mail-collector goes to the box to collect the mail he simply detaches the sack from its fastenings and replaces it with another.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a side elevation of my letter-box with the doors of the box open and showing the mail-bags in position to receive letters. Fig. 2 represents the form of mail-bag used closed. Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the top of the mail-bag open and showing its means of attachment to the box, the bag-holders being detached from the box. Fig. at is a plan of the mail-box with the top removed, showing the location of the bag-holders.

1 represents the box, ha'ving doors 2 2.

hinged to it.

3 is the drop-letter shutter closed. 4 is the mail-bag having a hinged frame 5,

to which the bag is secured and which is locked by a pair of balls 6 6, one secured to the center of each side of the frame and arranged to overlap one another like a purse.- clasp.

5 7 7 are split tubes, funnel-shaped at one end and secured to the interior of the letterboxin the position shown in Fig. 4, with the funnel end next the door and the slit in the tube downward.

' into the slits in them.

The operation will be readily understood. 40 The. mail-bag, when opened, is provided with a ball secured to the center of each side of the frame, the ball being connected thereto by a neck. The balls are inserted into the funnel ends of the tubesand the neck-pass The bag is now pushed into the box until it is beneath the drop-letter slot, where it is sustained by the tubes. The doors are now closed and the box is ready forthe reception of mail-matter. When it is to be emptied, the bags are simply rcmoved and replaced by others and the full bags either taken to the post-oflice or emptied into the collectors cart and the empty bag put into the next box.

It will be seen that many forms of structure might be designed to accomplish the object which I have in view; but I do not intend to limit myself to the form shown, but claim any similar and equivalent device for sus- 6o pending a mail-bag inside of a letter-box in such manner as to be easily removed.

What I claim is The combination of a letter-box provided on its interior with two or more split tubes, with a mail-bag the mouth of which is provided on either side with a gib fitting into said guides and by which the bag is suspended, substantially as described.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention I have signed my name, in presence of two witnesses, this 13th day of N ovember, 1889.




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Cooperative ClassificationA47G29/1207