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Publication numberUS462990 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1891
Filing dateSep 23, 1891
Publication numberUS 462990 A, US 462990A, US-A-462990, US462990 A, US462990A
InventorsWilliam Oppenheimek
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William oppenheimek
US 462990 A
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GAPSULE. i No. 462,990. Patented Nov. 10, 18911..

fy/ @2 193.- @f4 j l j j i@ @f @1% Y 3 l j s @d je'g Jyf z '1 .e j o., f o

I? .9, Ij, I" jj. 'j

yi 71 W j@ za'ge jfzyj 1 j j j UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.


SPECIFICATION forming part'of Letters Patent No. 462,990, dated November 10, 1891..

Application filed September 23, 1891l Serial No. 398,711. (No specimens.) Patented in England January 29, 1891, No.1,651.

To L ZZ whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, WILLIAM OPPENIIEIMEE, manufacturing chemist, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain, residing at 1 and 3 Sun Street and 39 XVilsonStreet, Finsbury Square, London, England, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Capsules and in the preparation of the same for use, (for which I have applied for a patent in Great Britain, No. 1,651, bearing,` date January 29, 1891,) of which the followingr is a specification.

My invention relates' to those forms of medicine which are conveyed into the system intact and are only intended todissolve and intermix after being taken into the stomach or elsewhere, where they are intended to operate; and the object of my i11- vention is to improve and extend the use of such preparations by manufacturing them in the form of capsules, each having a partition dividing it into a series of chambers which contain `the-different kinds of Inedieine.

The invention is illustrated by the accompanying drawings, in Which- Figure 1 is a transverse sectional view 0f a capsuleeinbodying my invention. Figs. 2 to 20, inclusive, are similar views showing variations in the shape of the capsule.

In carrying` out my invention I make up the compound medicines as capsules, Waters,

pills, or granules 1, of any convenient form,

such as the lentil or double-convex lens or globular, semi-globular, double globular, or of any other preferred shape.

The capsules are each composed of a soluble casing or shell, Which is integral with a soluble partition or partitions 3, formed of the saine material as the shell or casing, for the purpose of dividing the soluble casing into a series of chambers 2, adapted to oontain different kinds of medicine. The Inedicines are preserved entirely separate from each other by the soluble partition or partitions 3, formed integral with the soluble easing, as before explained, and the casing and partition or partit-ions dissolve When taken internally for the purpose of liberating the medicines. The inelosed medicine may be in the form of poWder,uid,or solid, as found best suited to the required treatment.

The medicines so prepared as herein described Inay, if preferred, be dissolved or mixed in water or other suitable fluid or matter and taken as a draft.

I claim- A capsuleconsisting;` of a soluble shell or casing formed integral with a soluble partition to provide separated chambers for different kinds of medicine, said shell or casing and partition dissolving when taken internally for the purpose of liberating the medicines, substantially as described.

Dated this 16th day of June, 189l.



GEORGE F. DOWNING, SQual'z'ty Oom, London, W. O.

JOSEPH LAKE, 17 Gracechurch Street, London, E. C.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61K9/4858