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Publication numberUS464544 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1891
Filing dateNov 8, 1890
Publication numberUS 464544 A, US 464544A, US-A-464544, US464544 A, US464544A
InventorsSylvester G. Wood
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US 464544 A
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(No Model.)


No. 464,544. Patented Dec. 8, 1891.






SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 464,544, dated December s, 1891.

Application filed November 8, 1890- Serial No. 370.735- (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, SYLVESTER G. WooD, a citizen of the United States, residing at Providence, in the county of Providence and State of Rhode Island, have invented a new and useful device, called the Ratchet Check Sorter and File, for convenience and labor-saving in sorting and filing checks and papers, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an improvement in the sorting and filing of papers by the fastening of narrow wooden or metalstrips ato the inner sides of a box or drawer b, said strips having on their faces a series of irregular hexagons, said hexagons 0 being formed by a square and angular cut, the angular cut crossing the square out at the center of the strip.

Figure l is a view of the ratchet check sorter and file composed of a combination of the ratchet, as set forth, and independent movable partitions that are cut on thelower edge to conform to track in bottom of box and controlled by the ratchet, as set forth. Fig. 2 is a view of the ratchet and shows the positions that the partitions assume in said ratchet.

By the square and angular out two triangular slots are formed between the hexagons to a depth sufficient to hold the ends of partitions d inserted in the same, each partition to Work free and independent in the triangular slots over a point on the hexagon so made by the angular cut crossing the square cut, and by the adjusting of said strips at a certain distance from the bottom of the box it allows the partitions to work on two angles in sorting, besides giving more space to sort in than they occupy when in their permanent position in the angle. By the partitions falling to an angle after sorting the names on partitions are always exposed as a ready reference. By the V-shaped cutting of the partitions on the upper edge it affords free access to the contents of each opening. By the cutting of thumb-holes com the lower edge of partitions to conform to strips f, fastened in the bottom of the box, it serves to reduce the friction of the partitions on the bottom of the box and is necessary to prevent papers from sliding underneath when partitions are moved in sorting. By the cutting of the lower right and left corners of partitions they can be moved and spaces opened Without removing the contents of the openings.

What I do claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. In a check sorter and file, a ratchet attached to the inner sides of the file-box, said ratchet consisting of a series of irregular hexagon forms or blocks with slots between the same for the insertion of adjustable partitions, as described and shown.

2. In a check sorter and file, the ratchet aforesaid and independent movable partitions having a V-shaped cut on their upper edges, the ends of which partitions are adjustable in the slots of said ratchet to conform to the shape of the hexagonal blocks therein, in combination with a track in the bottom of the file-box to prevent papers sliding underneath when the partitions are moved in sorting and filing papers, substantially'as set forth.

SYLVESTER G. WOOD. l/Vitnesses:


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