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Publication numberUS46458 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1865
Publication numberUS 46458 A, US 46458A, US-A-46458, US46458 A, US46458A
InventorsMoses E. Flandees
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Improvement in scythe-fastenings
US 46458 A
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M. R. ',FLANDERS. Scythe {faste-ning.

Patented Feb'. 21; v1865.

l j l if/l@ f :Tite irri/errata@ UNITED STATESv as @cor MOSES R. .FLANDERS, OF ILION. NEYV YORK.


-Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 46,458, dated February 21', 1865.v

.To ad whom it may concern,.-

Be it knownthatl, MosEs R. FLANDERs, of Ilion, Herkimer county, and State of New Xork, have invented new and luseful Improvements in Scythe-Snaths; and I do hereby declare that the following is a ful-l and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings and letters of reference marked therein.

Similar letters indicate the same devices in all the figures.

To enable others skilled in theart tomake and use my invention, I will .proceed to describe its nature,.construction, and application.

The nature of my invention conslsts in the combination of the heel-guard A with the heelband B, by which the heel-ring C, in passing .down over the heel-band B, is prevented from dropping o, and is held in position at the proper point, when it is secured by the heelwedge D, making a ccmbination of strength and security; also, the combination of the heelband B with the plate E, the whole secured to the heel .of thesnath by the screws F, forming a combination of strength andy security.

Fignrelrepresentstheheel-band,heelplate, and heel-guard combined; Fig. 2,.the heelband, open view; Fig. `3, side view of heelband, hee1-plate, and heel-guard combined as above; Fig. 4, heel-ring open;Fig. 5, heel ring, side viewg Fig. 6, heel-band, heel-nlate` and heel-guard attached to heel of snath; Fig. 7, side View, same as Fig. 6', Fig. 8,;lieel-band driven onto end of snath; Figs. 9 and 10, heelf wedges.

Aange or heel-guard is cast upon the lower edge of the heel-band B, the at side of which -is elongated, so as to form the heel-plate E.

The heel-band, heel-plate, and tlegguard A are made of maileable iron and cast in one piece. They are carefully fitted to and `driven onto the end of the Scythe-snath and secured by the screws F, which pass through the plate into the Wood. By casting the guardA in one piece with the band and plate, it is attached to-the Scythe-snath with tliee devices. By construct ng the fastening devlces in this manrner, the heel-ring passes freely down tothe guard, butis stopped by it at `the point where it is required toejlnainy The scythe is fastened to the snath by passing the heel-ring over the heelof the scythe and by driving the wedge in the usual way.

What I claim as my invention, and wish yto secure by Letters Patent, is-

The Scythe-fastening consisting of the heelguard A, heel-band B, heel-plate E, and heelring-C, .when constructed and combined s'nb- 'stantially as set forth.

` MOSES R. FLANDERS. Witnesses:


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