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Publication numberUS46467 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1865
Publication numberUS 46467 A, US 46467A, US-A-46467, US46467 A, US46467A
InventorsJohn Haepbr
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Improvement -in bee-hives
US 46467 A
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linnen `STATES PATENT Trron.



Speeilcnlion forming [mrt ni' Letters Paient No. 186.@(57. (lated February 21, 1865.

To all'wham 'it may concern: 5 l Be it known that I,JoHN HARPER, of Hillsborough, in the' county oi Henry and State oi' Iowa, have invented'a new and Improved Beel Elivei'orthe Care andCnlture of' Bees; and -l do hereby deel-are that the following is afull and exact description thereof',referenee.being' had tothe accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

The nature oi" myfinventioir consists, prinl eipally, in the formation of the comb-bearer, marked A' A,) constructed oftwelve frames in 1he form of isosee'l'es triangles, save tliat the hack side at P P projects one-half inch below the front side, lt tt; the 'sides of the frames are- P, fourteen and one-half inches; R, .four- Utzen, and the top, or H, nine inches in length,

one and one-half inch broad, andl one-fourth inch thick, vlnortised vtogether separately at tops, and the bottoms ,bloeked'vopen to the space oi'one-hali i nch, set close together vertioally in the stand S S, and inelosed at-eaehA end with window-glass set in the two outer i I frames. Below the comb-bearer hinged on the legs of the stand, is the lightinghoard or fallingdoor B, which closes up the bottom of the eom'b-bearensave tive small holes, as seen` 'on the drawing at L L. 0n this board is attached a slide, C, which closes at will the Small holes in the hoard B. D D are honeyhoxes, 1nade to liton top of comb-bearer, but to which I have no claim in inventing. E and Eis a house inade to cover all down and restron top of the cross-pieces O 0 on the outside of the trestles, the roof or top part, E, on hinges,

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Cooperative ClassificationA01K47/02