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Publication numberUS466298 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1891
Publication numberUS 466298 A, US 466298A, US-A-466298, US466298 A, US466298A
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Magazine-holder for cartridges
US 466298 A
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(-No Model'.) I 2 Sneets--Sneet '1.

' A. H. DEAN; 7

. v MAGAZINE HOLDER FOR CARTRIDGES. No. 466,298. I Patented Dec. 29, 1891.

(No Model.) 2 ShetsSheet 2.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 466,298,

dated December 29, 1891.

Application filed September 11, 1891. Serial No. 405,393- (No model.

. To all whom it may concern.-

lie it known that I, ALBERT II. DEAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Bridgeport, in the county of Fail-field and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Magazine-l loldcrs for Cartridges;

and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appcrtains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in magazine-holders for shotgun shells and cartridges, and has for its object to provide an article of this description which shall be capable of holding a number of shells or cartridges superimposed longitndinaiiy one upon the other, and in which an automatic spring device shall serve to retain the shells orcartridges in the pouch and at the same time permit of their ready extraction.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a front elevation of my improvementapplied to a sportsmans vest; Fig. 9, a vertical sectional elevation of my improved pouch; Fig. 3, a detail perspective of the retaining device; Fig. 4, a rear elevation of the vest shown at Fig. 1; and Figs. 5, G, and 7 are sectional elevations, all showing modified forms of my improvement.

Similar numbers denote like parts in the several figures of the drawings;

My invention is adapted for holding shotgun-shells or rifle-cartridges, and may be applied to a vest, as shown, or in any other form as, for instance, a box or case. ever, shown my improvement in connection with a sportslnans vest, since I consider that my invention will be popularly used in such relation. Furthermore, in order to abbreviate and simplify hereinafter make mention of shotgun-shells alone as the articles with which my pouch is identified. I

The vest which I have shown is of any ordinary and suitable pattern, and is equipped with any convenient and serviceable fastening-straps or the like.

In carrying out my invention 1 provide a pouch 1 of any desired length, according to the capacity sought for. This pouch is made I have, how,

this description, I will as to form a part thereof, or

' of leather, duck, canvasor analogous material, and is of such size in cross-section.

that a shotgun-shell may readily drop there through from top to ,bottom. \Vithin the lower end of the pouch is a metallic tube 2, which is made of thin spring metal tapering inward toward the bottom and having at the top a flange 3. This tube. is slotted at the lower end, as seen at ,4, in order to permit of a resilient action at that location.

Any suitable means may be employed for securing the tube within the 'pouch, and in the present instance I have shown a wire 5 encircling said tube and pouch and drawn tightly around the same bytwistingthe ends of the wire at the rear of the pouch, as shown at G. In order to still further facilitate the securing of said tube, the pouch itself may be slightly contracted at the lower end, so as to snugly encircle said tube. The shells 7 are dropped within the pouch from the top and assume the positions shown at Fig. 2, the head 8 of the lowermost shell being grasped by the tapered sides of the tube 2, whereby said shell and the shells supported thereby are retained within the pouch. The lower half of the bottom shell depends without the pouch, and the tapered sides of the tube offer a sufiicicnt resistance to prevent the accidental extraction of said shell from the pouch, while at the same time said shell may be readily extracted by grasping it in the hand and giving it a yank.

In applying my improvement toa vest, as shown, the pouches may be secured in convcnient position on the front of the vest, so said pouches may be made separate from the vest and detachably secured thereto by hooks and eyes or by buckles and straps or inanysuitablc and or dinary manner.

While my invention is prcfcrablyexemplifled in the form oi a resilient tube, as shown, it should be borne in mind that the gist of my invention rest-s not in the pouch itself nor in the spring retaining device at the bottom of the pouch. but in the broad idea of an automatically-yielding and resilient spring element. at the lower end of said pouch.

I am fully aware that prior to my invention magazine-pouches have been patented which were provided at the lower ends with too spring retaining devices; but in all such in stances the latter are not automatic, but must be operated by the hand before the shells can 'be extracted, and, moreover, such devices are too complicated to meet with the favor of sportsmen and add greatly to the cost of a pouch.

In view of the broad scope which my invention merits I have illustrated in Figs. 5, 6, and 7 several ways in which my invention maybe practiced without departing from the spirit thereof and a clear understandingof the constructions shown in these figures will be had from the following brief description:

In Figs. and U the tube is omitted, and in place thereof I have substituted ordinary fiat springs 9, riveted at 10 to the pouch or secn're'd thereto in any ordinary manner. In Fig. 5 the springs extend tothe bottom of the pouch, so as to grasp the head of the shell continuously during the extraction of the latter, while in Fig. 6 the springs terminate at the 'point where th'ey grasp said head. In Fig. 7 I have shown a straight tube provided with the flat springs 9, as in Figs. 5 and 6. The spring element shown in Figs. 5, G, and? is -automatic in 'every respect, and the constrncti'on therein is practicable and useful;

but I prefer that form of my improvement which have shown in Figs. 2a-nd 3, since the spring element therein is stiffer and more durable and the tube is more readily secured within the pouch and presents a neater appearance than any independent spring de vices. Of course it, will be readily understood that the tube may be out or shaped in various ways to provide for the spring elemerit-,fcar'e being taken that the latter shall be stilt enough to prevent accidental extraction 'of the shells.

In adapting my improvement to a vest I would provide a flap 11, which hangs down in fr'o'nt of the depending shells as a curtain;

ter, said pouch having secured in its lower end a spring device adapted in normal position to grasp the head of acartridge after the latter is projected beyond the bottom of the pouch, said spring being automatically yielding and resilient, whereby said cartridges may be successively extracted one at a time by simply pulling them from the ponch,sub-- stanti'allyas set forth. I

3. In a maga'zine'holder for 'ear'tridga 'an elongated pouch having secured within the lower end a tube, said tube tapering, inward at the bottom and slotted to attend a yielding and resilient spring for retaining the can tridg'es, substantially as set forth.

4. A magazine-holder for cartridges, "comprising an elongated pouch having within'the lower 'end a tapered tube slotted to afford a yielding and resilient spring for retaining the cartridges, said tube having at its upper end a flange, and a wire bound around said pouch and tube beneath said flange,snbstantially as shown and set forth.

In testimony whereof Iaffix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

ALBERT lI. DEAN. Witnesses:

F. W. SMITH, J r. J. S. FINCH.

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