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Publication numberUS469594 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1892
Filing dateMay 26, 1891
Publication numberUS 469594 A, US 469594A, US-A-469594, US469594 A, US469594A
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US 469594 A
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NHALER AND RESPIRATOR. i im. 469,594. Mmmm Feb. 2s, 1892,

^ ffii.

rrr to idrtrnut @errent JOHN A. PEROU, OFl PERRS, CALFORNIA.

thi HA LE it Ahi D. ifE-.QEJRAT H.

SPECIFECATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 469,594, dated February 23, 1892.

Application led Mey 26, 1891. Serial No. 394,117, (No inoclul To @ZZ whom, it may concern..-

Be it known that I, JOHN A. PEROU, of Perris, in the county of San Diego and State of California, have invented e new and use- 'ful l-lrenth-Coutroller, of which the following is n. full, clear, and exact description.

My invention relates to nu improvement in devices which are worn to prevent direct breathing through the mouth, and has for its object to provide such nu appliance with exterior guards that will prevent the device .from entering the nouth or throat of the wearer accidentally.

i To this end my invention consists iu the peculiar construction of the device hereinafter described and claimed. Y

Reference is to be'had to the ncctnnpnnying` drawings, forming n part ot 'this specificntiou, in which similar letters or reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views.

Figure l is :rview of the device in position within. the mouth of'a person, its outlines being indicated by a. dotted line and the guards therefor in full lines exterior ot the mouth. Fig. 2 is n perspective view of the appliance removed from the mouth; and Fig. 3 is a trnnsverse sectional view of the device in position within the closed mouth ot n subject, also shown in section.

The principal p'ortion A ot the appliance consists or" e plete mede of :t suitable runteriel and n length proportioned to the capacity of the mouth and size of the lips of the wearer, itbeing contemplated to provide a gredntion of sizes to suit such variations of dimensions in mouths of patients as may be found uccessery.

, As indicated in Fig. 2, the plate A isrounded on its ends end undulnted on the upper-edge, longitudinally considered, to adept it to iit within the space that intervenes between the lips nud exterior surface of Athe gums and teeth, so that the plete may be readily introduced and rest without discomfort in the chnnnell mentioned, and represented et o. in Fig.

In order to retain the device from displacement and prevent the entrance of the plate A within the mouth or throat of Vthe wearer when asleep, there :ire guard-limbs l) c projected outwardly from the exterior surface of seid plete e sufficient distance to pass between the lips ot' the patient and. then bent' in pairs oppositely, so that the limbs wilt rest `neer to the vupper and lower lips when the device is in place, the lengtlrof these exter nel limb portions being sufficient to adept them to serve ns n guard to prevent the involuntary recepti of the plete nud linibs -within the mouth during tin` hours ot sleep.

Theintroduction of the plate A in the inonner stated forms a. barrier to the free inhale.- tion ot air between the parted lips, nud in consequence the r(tctot breathing is performed through the nostriis,es nature intended, thus obviating the injurious ctectofe direct iii-- troduction ot cold air into the throat', bronn chiel tubes, and the lungs, es well :is the prcvention of the habit 0E snoring.

After the wearer has become hnbitneted by the use of the appliance to retain the mouth closed sind brenthe through the nessi the Wenring of the controller may be diseno` tinued and may not be signin required.

Having thus described my invention., l claim :is new and desire to secure by Letters Pntenti l. A breatlncontroller consisting ot :tu elongated plete inside to tit in the space between the lips and teeth or gums of n person und provided with oppositely-projccting gunr llimbs that may engage the lips exterior-ly, substantially es described. p

A brentlrcontroller to prevent the direct inhalation ot' nir through Vthe .mouth to the lungs, consisting of nn elongated thin plete having its edges shaped t0 conform with the channel between the lips and guin'snud teeth of the' wearer and provided with two pairs of guard-limbs that project outwardly nud nre then bent oppositely in prtirs to lie upon the exterior ot the lips when in service, substantinlly ns described.


Witncsscsz LUKE A. SMITH, J. li. i'ANiis.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/566