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Publication numberUS470018 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1892
Publication numberUS 470018 A, US 470018A, US-A-470018, US470018 A, US470018A
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John n
US 470018 A
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N0. 470,018. Patented Mar. 1,189.2.




SEEC-FICATON forming part ci' Letters Fatent No. @70,018, dated March 1. 1892. Application iilefl .Tune 18, l89lr Serial No. 358,668, (No model.)

['0 all whom it may concern,.-

Be it known that LJOHN N. ST1tONG,a citizen of the vUnited States, residing in the city and countyot Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in 'lea or other Caddies, which improvement; is fully set forth in the follow ing specification and accompanying drawings.

My invention relates to improvements in teai or other Caddies; and itconsists of a caddy having a drawer with a chamber there in,wl1ich in one position is automatically snpplied with a quantity of tea or other substance and in another position discharges the same, wherebya certain quantity of thereontents of the storage-chamber of the caddy may be discharged therefrom by the operation of the said drawer without being exposed to the atmosphere during the measuring of the same.

It further consists of the combination of f parts, as hereinafter set forth.

Figure 'l represents a perspective view ot a caddy embodying lmy invention, the top being partly broken away. Figs. 2 and 3 represent vertical sectional views of' the device at right angles. respectively, to cach other. Fig. 4 represents a vertical section of a de` tail portion of the device. Fig. 5. represents a perspective view of a receivingr or storage chamber of the caddy.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the several. ilgures.

Referring to the drawings, A designates a casing or caddy in which are located side by side a number of receiving or storage chambers B, having the openings C in their tops for the admission of the tea or other substance held therein. The lower end walls D of the chamber are inwardly inclined, forming n. spout with an opening at its lower end for the easy discharge or new of the material therefrom, andthe front ot" the chamber has a glass or other transparent window D,where by the contents of the. said chamber may be readily ascertained? a scale on the outer surface of the caddy indicating the' amount therein. y The'snid chambers B, are seated on a partition-wall E, which has openings therein coinciding with the openings inv the-lower ends of the chambers.` Below the-partition-wall E and moving on a partitlon-wnll or support F are the drawers G, each of which consists of a block or piece ot su lt-able material adapted to close 'the bottom opening of the receiving-chamber, except when the hole or opning ll registers therewith, when the said drawer is in its normal position, as in- Fig. 3, so that the said opening H can be filled by thellow of the tea or other substance from the reeeiving-cha1nber, the bottom of the opening ll then being closed by the wall F. Intermediate blocks P are placed between the drawers, forming guides for the same. .In the wall or support F are the openings J, each communicating with a spout K, leading ontside of the caddy.

The openings H of a drawer are adapted to..

register with an opening J of the wall F when the said drawer is drawn out, or in the position shown in Fig. 4, which position is deter-- mined by means of a stop L, secured to a tailV portion of the drawer and working in a slot M in the under side of the wall E, the said pin abutting against a shoulder N on the under side ot' said `yall when the drawer is in proper place. A spring P, secured to the caddy and to the drawer, insures thereturn of the latter to its normal position when the hand of the operator releases the knob Q of the latter, by which it is drawn out.

, It will be seen that the openings H may be p of any size or depth, and as they register with the lower ends of the chamber B they receive the material therefrom when in line therewith without any spilling of the same; As the drawers are pulled outwardly the tea or other substance in the openings H is drawn to the openings J, so that the said substance will be discharged through the spouts K nithoat exposing the contents of the casing to the atmosphere.

The lid of the casing is provided with an catch, hasp, or staple or otherl inoans for securing or looking said lid.

Having thus described iny in vention, what` I claim' as new, 'and desire te secure byLetters' Patent, is-' vA caddyeonsistingef a casing, with a horizontal wall with openings'therein,"storage-A IOO chambers seated on said wall and having in- Y clined lower walls fitted in said openings of the aforesaid horizontal walba. support below said horizontal wall and open only at its forward portion, from which a series of spouts depend tothe exterior of the casing, drawers closely confined between said horizontal bottom and said Support, having openings to align with 'either the openings in the storageehambers'or' said supports and rearwardlyextending extensions to close against the bottoms of said storage-chambers, springs connected to saidvdrawers to return the same to a, normal position, stops to limit outwmdm movement ofsaid drawers, and grooved guides on each side of said drawers, all combined substantially as described.

JOHN N. STRONG. Witnesses:



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