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Publication numberUS470878 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1892
Filing dateAug 6, 1891
Publication numberUS 470878 A, US 470878A, US-A-470878, US470878 A, US470878A
InventorsEzra W. Mease
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Bag for bicycles
US 470878 A
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Tm'. mms PETERS so.. morro-cmu; mxsnmcruw, n. r:A v




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N o. 470,878, dated March 15, 1892.

' Application led August 6, 1891. Serial No. 401,873. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be itknown that I, EZRA W. MEAsE, acitizen of the United States, residing in the city and county of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Bags for Bicycles, &c., which improvement is fully set forth in the following specification and accompanying drawings.

My invention relates to improvements in bags for bicycles, tricycles, &c.; and it consists in a fastening device connected with said bags for securing the same in place on a bicycle.

Figure l represents a rear View of a bag embodying my invention as attached to a bicycle. Fig. 2 representsa front view of the same. Fig. 3 represents a section on line a: F1g. l. Fig. 4. represents a section on line y y, Fig. l, on an enlarged scale.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the several figures.

Referring to the drawings, A designates a bag of usual construction, except as hereinafter pointed out, adapted to contain clothing, tools, rbc., and B designates the handles, and C the standard, of a bicycle, tricycle, or other vehicle to which the said bag is to be attached. To secure the bag to the said handles so that it will be held firmly thereon without shaking or flapping, openings D and E are made in said bag substantially parallel with the upper and lower edges thereof and with the handles B, and a strap F is secured at one end to the inside of the bag between the said openings. The strap in fastening the bag to the handle is passed through the upper openingD and around the handle through the opening E, then through the upper opening and again around the handle on the former coil and through the lower opening, thus form ing a bight, preventing slipping of the strap, and then down the back of the bag on theinner side thereof to an opening G, formed therein substantially parallel with the openings D and E, through which the strap is passed to the outside, where it is secured toa buckle H, suitably attached to the bag. By securing the strap as described a lirrn and strong connection is effected. In the drawings four straps F are shown, said straps being parallel; but more or less may be used, if desired. To prevent any flapping or movement of the lower end of the bag, one end of astrap J is secured to the inside of the bag at Kand passed through the openings L, M, and N, formed in the bag substantially parallel with each other and with the standard O, around which the strap J is twice coiled after passing through the openings L and M, then on the inside of the bag to the opening N, when it is passed outside and secured to a buckle P, attached to the outside of the bag. It will be seen that secured to the standard C as described the lower end of the bag is prevented from flapping and that the movement of the bag will conform to the movements of the standard. The bag may be secured either in front or rear of the handle, as desired. In lieu of straps I may employ cords or chains, the result being the same in either case.

Having thus described my invention, whatI vclaim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. A bagattachment for a bicycle, tricycle,

or other vehicle, having openings in its side and provided with a strap secured to the outside thereof and adapted to be passed through said openings and secured to a buckle on the outside of the bag, substantially as and for the purpose set forth. 2. A bag attachment for a bicycle, tricycle, or other vehicle, having openings in one of its sides and provided with a strap having an end secured on the outside of the bag between two of said openings and abuckle on the outside of the bag to which an end of said strap is secured, substantially as described.

3. A bag attachment for a bicycle, tricycle, or other vehicle, having two parallel openings in one of its sides near the top thereof and a third opening below said openings and provided with a strap secured at one end between the upper openings and a buckle on the outside of the bag below said loweropening, said parts being combined substantially as de scribed.

4. Abag attachment for a bicycle, tricycle, or other vehicle, having parallel openings in one side thereof near its upper edge and openings below said parallel openings, straps having one end secured on the inside of the bag between said parallel openings, and buckles on the outside of the bag below said lower openings for securing the other end of IOO the sti aps thereto, said parts being combined substantially as described.

5. A bag adapted to be attached to a bicycle, trcycle, or other vehicle, having straps, substantially as described, for securing it to the'handles of the vehicle and a strap forsecurlng it to tlfe standard thereof, said handlestraps being at an angle to the standard-strap, said parts being combined substantially as 1 o described.

G. A bag,` having parallel openings in its

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