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Publication numberUS473267 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 19, 1892
Publication numberUS 473267 A, US 473267A, US-A-473267, US473267 A, US473267A
InventorsThe Ameeican Electrical Wobks
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William henry sawyer
US 473267 A
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l 'ELECTRIC CABLE. N0.,473,267. .PatentedAplu 19, 1892.

EJ am ception of esuccessive 'zo ,a numbero-f sections; each composed of 'a interbraidedwith ibrous material into tububase-or core for the re-' series of wires simi-f lar form to provide a larly braidedthereon, the wires of the first series beinglbraide'd on in the opposite .direction to that of the Vsuccessive series' and all the-,wires being approximately equidistzmt, substantially as specified. i e

2. In an electric cable, a series of wires iuterbraided with fibrous materiall into tubular form to provide a. base or core for the rccepf tion of successivel series of similarly-braided wires thereon, substantially ns and for the purpose specified 3.*-111 an elsfriiie, the combination of' series of insulated Wires interbraided With fibrous material into tubular form, a successive series of wires being similarly interbraidcd with fibrous material upon the first series, with a-lead sheath or other suitable covering, substantially as specified. l

, 4. In an electric cable, the serios' of wires interbraided -with fibrous material into tubuler foriu to provide a. base or core for the reception of ,e Asuccessive series of wires similarly braided thereon, the spirals or convolutions of the wires ofkone series running in a reverse direction to that of the other series,

substantially as specified. Y,

In testimony whereof I unix 'my signature in presence of two subscribing witnesses.

Witnesses: t


wimln HENRY SAWYER. .[n. Q

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Cooperative ClassificationH01B11/04