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Publication numberUS474082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1892
Publication numberUS 474082 A, US 474082A, US-A-474082, US474082 A, US474082A
InventorsFrancis O. Dewey
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US 474082 A
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F. 0. DEWEY.


(No Model.)


FIG. 31.

\/\/|T N E5555- we Norms PEYERS cm, marvu'ma, msmnawm'c; c.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0. 474,082, dated May 3, 1892. Application filed June 1, 1891. Serial No. 394.791. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern..-

Be it known that I, FRANCIS O. DEWEY, of Reading, in the county of MiddleseX and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Lamp-Holders, of which the following is a specification.

This invention has l" or its object to provide a metal holder for lamps used in factories, workshops, &c., which shall be of simple and inexpensive construction.

This invention is designed for use in factories and other places where it has been made compulsory by law that oil and other lamps used for illumination shall be carried or placed in holders; and it is the object of the invention to provide a holder in which the lamp may be readily placed, firmly held in place, and not readily detachable.

To this end the invention consists in the improvements which I will now proceed to describe and claim.

In the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 represents a sectional view of my improved lamp-holder having a lamp inserted therein. Fig. 2 represents a perspective View of the spring holder or clamp detached from the main portion of my improved lamp-holder. Fig. 3 represents a view similar to Fig. 1, the lamp being removed.

The same letters of reference indicate the same parts in all the figures.

In the drawings, a represents a receiver or receptacle constituting the main portion of my improved lamp-holder. The receptacle a is preferably made of tin or other sheet metal and is provided with a suitable handle Z), by which it may be carried.

0 represents an ordinary oil-lamp, which is inserted in said receptacle.

cl represents a metal plate provided with outwardly-extending arms 01'. The arms (Z are turned upwardly at their outer ends to form spring-catches (Z The plate (Z is soldered or otherwise affixed to the bottom of the receptacle a at about the center thereof. The spring-catches d are arranged at such a distance from the center of the plate d that they will engage and catch over the head 0' at the bottom of a lamp 0, which is inserted in the receptacle, a slight downward pressure of said lamp being sufficient to force the spring-catches d outward sufficiently to permit of the said bead passing below the 1nwardly-turned portion of the said springcatches d which then hold the said bead and prevent the upward movement of thelamp in the holder without an amount of upward pull on the same equal to the amount of downward pressure necessary to engage the bead thereof with the said spring-catches.

The depth of the receptacle a is sufficient to receive within said receptacle the larger part of the body of the lamp c-that is, the upper edge of the receptacle a will project slightly above the bulge or swelling 0 of the lamp 0 when the latter is pressed into the grasp of the spring-catches (P, as shown in Fig. 1. It will be readily seen that by making the holder or receptacle a of sufficient depth to project above said bulge c of the lamp the latter is not easily grasped by the fingers of the user or carrier of the lamp to disengage it from the holder, and, furthermore, the sides of the holder serve to hold the lamp against a lateral or tilting movement, which would have a tendency to press one or more of the catches d outward and release the lamp. In view of the tendency of careless operatives and users of lamps in factories it is very desirable to provide a holder from which the lamp cannot be removed very easily, and it will be seen that by using my present invention the user of the lamp cannot insert his fingers under the bottom of the lamp nor under the bulge 0 thereof to tip the same or to disengage it from the holder orreceptacle. Hence it is rendered less easy to detach the lamp from the holder, because the lamp can only be removed by a direct and intentional upward pull, and the chances of the lamp being carried in the proper way viz., in the holder-are rendered greater.

My holder is of such simple construction and is so easily handled and carried that there is less reason for wishing to detach the lamp from it, and this feature also decreases the chances of its being detached from the lamp improperly.

It will be seen that the spring-catches d on the plate cl, affixed to the bottom of the receptacle a, form a catch to retain the lamp in the holder in which the said lamp is very readily placed and which will hold the lamp securely against accidental removal from the said holder.

I am aware that it is not new to provide a shallow disk with an annular flange to which a helical spring is connected to grasp the bottom of a lamp; but in this construction there is no holder to support the lamp against a tilting movement, except what is furnished by the said spring itself.

I claim- 1. The improved lamp-holder hereinbefore described, comprising the receptacle a, having a handle and a fiat external base, and the plate (I, permanently secured to the central inside portion of its bottom,said plate having a plurality of radial arms provided with upwardly-turned ends to form spring-catches (1 adapted to ride over the head at the bottom of a lamp-body when the latter is pressed downwardly into the said receptacle and to engage the said head and prevent accidental or easy removal of the lamp from the said holder, as set forth.

2. The combination, with a lamp, of a holder comprising a handled and fiat-bottomed receptacle, the sides of which extend above and furnish lateral support for the upper portion of the sides of the lamp-body oroil-reservoir, said lamp-body being provided with a bead at its lower edge, and spring-catches secured to the bottom of the receptacle and adapted to engage the said head and removably unite the said lamp-body and receptacle, whereby the lamp-bodyis held against separation from the receptacle by a lateral or tilting movement, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses, this 20th day of May, A. D. 1891.




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