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Publication numberUS475754 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1892
Filing dateAug 29, 1891
Publication numberUS 475754 A, US 475754A, US-A-475754, US475754 A, US475754A
InventorsJohn Clifford
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US 475754 A
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No. 475,754. Patented MaJy 31, 1892.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 475,754, dated May 31, 1892.

Application filed August 29, 1891. Serial No. 404,081. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.- brackets upon which the needle-spray appa- Be it known that we, JOHN CLIFFORD and ratus is supported in position, and Fig. is JOHN II. GAVIN, citizens of the United States, a partial side elevation or vertical section on residing in Chicago, in the county of Cook line 10 10 of Fig. 1. 5 and State of Illinois, have invented a new In the drawings, A is a bath-tub; B, the

and useful Improvement in Needle-Bath Apwall adjoining the bath-tub at the side or end paratus, of which the following is aspecificathereof, preferably at the side, as shown in tion. the drawings, and to which are secured the Our invention relates to bathingapparatus. adjustable brackets C C, which support the [0 Our invention consists in the combination, needle-bath apparatus D and shower E. 50 with a bath-tub, of a folding or movable nee- The needle-bath apparatus D is furnished dle-spray apparatus supported over the tub with one or more, preferably two, folding and adapted to be folded or moved out of the arms, wings, or members D D. The main way when the needlespray is not in use, and or stationary portion D of the needle-bath I 5 thus not interfere with the convenient use of apparatus consists of a vertical supply-pipe the bath-tub in the ordinary usage thereof. (1, furnished with a series of perforated hori- It also consists in a needle-spray bathing zontal pipes cl, connected to the vertical pipe apparatus furnished with one or more (prefby cross or T couplings (Z At the ends of erably two) folding arms, limbs, or members the stationary perforated pipes (Z andl con- 20 to enable the perforated spray pipes to be nected thereto by suitable T- couplings F F brought closer toor farther from theperson of are the stationary hinge-pipes d 61 which the bather to vary the impacting force of the serve to connect. the arms cl together, and jets against the person, as desired, and also to also as the pivots or hinge-rods upon which accommodate the apparatus to persons of difthe swinging arms or members D D turn.

25 ferent sizes. The folding arms or members The T-couplings F 1 for the intermediate also adapt the apparatus to be folded or nested pipes d serve simply to connect the vertical together compactly when not in use and thus pipes (Z to the horizontal pipes 61; but the put out of the way. two extreme elbow T- couplings F F are Our invention also consists in the novel defurnished with packing-ringsf and coupling- 0 vices and novel combination of parts and denuts f to form water-tight joints with the So vices herein shown and described, andmore ends of the swinging arms D D. The perparticularly pointed out in the claims. forated swinging arms or members D each In the accompanying drawings, which form have one or more intermediate horizontal pera part of this specifieation,andin which simiforated pipes D and each of the horizontal 35 lar letters of reference indicate like parts, pipes D is furnished with a T coupling or Figure 1 is a side elevation of a device emjoint D secured thereto by a nut D and bodying our invention. Fig. 2 is a top or which serves to stop or close the end of the plan View looking down from line 2 2 of Fig. perforated pipe D and also to hinge it to the 1 and showing the needle spray apparatus stationary pivot-pipes d This obviates the 40 folded. Fig. Sis a similar View looking down necessity of employing a tight joint for confrom line 3 3 of Fig. 1, showing the folding necting the pipes D of the swinging members arms extended. Fig. 4. is a vertical sectional D to the pivot-pipe d and these bearing or view through one of the packed joints of the supporting joints or hinges D relieve the folding arm. Fig. 5 is a horizontal section packed joints ff of the members D" from 45 on line 5 5 of Fig. 4. Fig. 6 is a vertical secweight and wear. tion through one of the supporting-joints of The shower E may be of any ordinary conthe folding arm. Fig. 7 is a vertical section struction and is connected to the pipe d at its on line 7 7 of Fig. 2. Fig. Sis an end view of upper end. the curtain rod or ring at its supporting-joint. G is the curtain rod or ring, to which the 50 Fig. 9 is adetail view of one of the adjustable usual rubber curtain II is supported. To

support this ring-shaped curtain-rod G the pipe at is provided with a T- shaped coupling 9 having closed arms g to which the adjoining ends g of the curtain-rod G are secured by coupling-nuts g 9 The abutting ends g and g of the coupling 9 and curtain-rod G are provided with tongues and grooves g g v to hold the curtain-rod rigidlyin position and prevent its turning or sagging under the weight of the curtain H. The upper elbow T- couplings F F are each provided with a backwardly-projecting screw-threaded arm f to which the adjustable section 0 of the supporting-bracket O is secured. The adjustable section 0 of the bracket 0 is screw-threaded to the main section thereof, so that by shortening or lengthening the bracket the shower and needle bath apparatus may be properly adjusted over the bath-tub A.

The section at of the supply-pipe cl, which carries the valve K, is offset, as indicated in Fig. 10, so that the handles of the valves may not project in the way of the bather.

By hinging the swinging or folding portion D of the needle-spray apparatus to the stationary portion D thereof by two hinges orsupported over the tub and adapted to be moved or folded out of the way when the needle-spray is not in use, and thus not interfere with the convenient use of the bath-tub for bathing therein, substantially as specified.

2. The needle-bath apparatus comprising a stationary portion mounted upon suitable brackets affixed to the wall and one or more swinging or folding portions hinged to said stationary portion, substantially as specified.

3. The combination, with bath-tub A, of bracket 0, having adjustable section 0, needle-spray apparatus having a stationary portion D, secured to the adjustable section of said bracket, folding or swinging portions D, and a curtain and curtain-supporting rod, substantially as specified.

4. The combined bathing apparatus consisting of bath-tub A, needle-spray apparatus D, having folding arms ormembers D D, and shower E, substantially as specified.

5. The combination, with supply-pipe 01, having T-couplings g, furnished with closed arms g, of ring-shaped curtain-rod G, having its adjoining ends g connected to the arms of said T-coupling g by coupling-nuts g, the abutting ends being furnished with tongues and grooves, substantially as specified.

6. In a needle-bath apparatus, the combination, with a stationary portion, of one or more hinged or folding portions having two joints or hinges to the stationary portion,one of said joints being a liquid-tight packed joint and the other being simply a supporting or bearing joint to relieve said packed joint from weight and wear, substantially as specified JOHN CLIFFORD. JOHN H. GAVIN. WVitnesses:


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