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Publication numberUS477421 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1892
Filing dateSep 10, 1891
Publication numberUS 477421 A, US 477421A, US-A-477421, US477421 A, US477421A
InventorsRichard Jaekel
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Richard jaekel
US 477421 A
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No. 477,421.` Patente-d June 21, 1892.

wnNEssEs: mvENzTuR; I

na: mams versn co., mofoilfno., wAsulyluToN, nl o.




SPECIFICATION. forming part of Letters Patent No. 477,42Ldated June 21,1892.

Application tiled September 19,1891. Serial No. 406,228.

(No model.) Patented in England September 1, 1891, No.14,775; in

Austria-Hungary September 2, 1891, No. 41,552 and No. 93,552; in Switzerland September 9, 1891. No. 3,986 i in Italy 0ctober 3, 1891, No. 30,367; in France December 21, 1891,

r3, 1891, No. 30,367; in Switzerland September 9, 1891,` No. 3,986; in Norway February 24, 1892, No. 2,471; in Austria-Hungary September 2, 1891, No. 41,552 and No. 93,552, and in Great Britain September 1, 1891, No.14,775,)

of which the following is a specitication. y

My invention has reference to improvements in sofa-bedsteads; and it consists, essentially, in asofa-bedstead composed of a base, a seat connected with said base and adapted to fall within the same, and a back hinged to the base and adapted to fold over the seat, all of which is more fully pointed out in the following specification and claims and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in whichi Figure 1 represents a perspective showing the article arranged as a sofa or lounge. Fig. 2 is a section in the plane ne 0c, Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a perspective showing the article arranged as a bedstead, Fig.4 is a section in the plane y y, Fig. 3.

Similar letters indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

`In the drawings, the letter A designates the box-like base provided with suitable vertical end pieces D and D. y

B is the seat having opposite end pieces provided with pins ct a, engaging with slots b b, formed in theinnersides of the end pieces D D of the base. The seat is of such dimensions that it can be lowered into the base. The upper portions of the slots Z9 Z) are horizontal, so that the pins support the back of the seat when the article is arranged for a sofa, while the front of the seat is supported on the front of the base, Fig. 2. Connected with the horizontal portion of the slots are No. 216,003, and in Norway February 24, 1892, No, 2,471.

other portions, which extend obliquely downward, so that when the seat is pushed inwardly to clear it from the front of the base and the horizontal portions ot' the slots it can be lowered into the base, Fig. 4, and brought to rest on the-battons c c. The seat may be provided with handles t i for convenience in changing its position.

The back C of the sofa is hinged at c e to the sides DD of the base in such a manner that it can be turned about its hinges to fall over the seat B when the latter is within the base A, Fig. 4. However, instead of being secured to the sides of the base, it could be secured to the back of the same. The rear side of the back is upholstered or provided with a mattress. (Shown in dotted lines.) Suitable pinsff on the back, engaging notches in plates g g, secured to the end pieces D D ot` the base, support the front end of the said back when in its horizontal position. ll-Iowever, it is evident that other means could be substituted for the purpose. The bolstersj j of the base may be made in two longitudinal halves hinged together, so that the inner halves can be turned upward to form the in clined head and toot of the bed.

It will be noticed from the foregoing description that by lowering the seat into the base the bedstead obtained does not exceed the standard height.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. In a sofa-bedstead, the combination ot' a base, a seat adapted to be lowered into said base, and a back connected to the base and arranged to fold over the seat when the latter is lowered, substantially as described.

2. In a sofa-bedstead, the combination of a hollow base having its end pieces provided with slots having horizontal and inclined portions, a seat provided with pins traveling in said slots, for lowering said seat, and a back hinged to the base and provided on its rear side with a mattress, all substantially as de scribed.

3. In a sofa-bedstead, the combination of the base A, provided with slots b b, L seat B, having pins a a. engaging Said slots, for lowering the seat into the base, a back C,hnged 5 to the base and adapted to fold over the sent, and means for Supporting Said back when folded over, substantially as described.

In Witness whereofI have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.




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