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Publication numberUS47798 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1865
Publication numberUS 47798 A, US 47798A, US-A-47798, US47798 A, US47798A
InventorsAnning S. Chittenden
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Identifying-ticket for railroads
US 47798 A
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T'Hls TicKET Expl-Res E l Room No. 9, Erie Building, NewYork;

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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 47,798, dated May 23, 1865.

.To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ANNING S. CHITTEN- DEN, of Bergen county, State 'of New Jersey, have invented anew and.' useful Identifying- V'licket for Railroad Season-Tickets, andfor `other Purposes; land I declarer the following to b'e a full and exact description of the same,

referencebeing had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part'of this specification, in which- Figure'l is a front View of my invention in hook form, showing the flr'sttwo pages Within the cover. Fig. 2 Iis 'a `similar View showing the last two pages. ticket-book as closedand folded together, for conveniencem carrylng.

1Like letters of reference indicate similar parts in theseveral'gures.

My invention consists in a new and useful mode of manufacturing railroad' and other tickets intended to be not transferable, 4by the use of which the person to whom they be. long can' be easily identified by the conductor, orother person 'whose duty it is to know.-that' lthe ticket is presented by the rightful owner thereof, and in whose name it has been issued.,

Under the present system of railroad commutation or season tickets therels'no secunvty either to the company by whom they are issued orto whom they-may be issued, incase of a ticket being lost or stolen, whereas by my system they may be renewed if lost by or stolen from the owner, by him simply presenting a new likeness and description of himself, and the person.` who cornes into possession of the lost or stolen ticket cannot use it because it contains a likeness or photograph and description' of its previous owner. Tickets also under the present system v are easily counteri'eited by any printer.

It has been known in manyinstancesto the Fig. 3 shows the railroadcompanies, that two or'morc persons v the inside of a leather or flexible cover, A, i

which is provided with' a -crossestrap, a, and 'tongueV b, f or clasping or. holding the covering when 'folded shut, as in Fig, 3. v I

The vfirstpage, B, hasupon it the name of Vthe company issuing the ticket, its recorded number, between what two places its owner travels, the time forwhich' it is granted and the time of its expiration, and the name of the person to whom it is issued.

The second page, GA, has upon it al description. of theperson to whom' it is-granted, his age, height, form, complexion, 4color of hair and eyes, also signatureof the person who recei'ves' the paytherefor for the company.

of the personv possessing the lticket in his or her usual traveling apparel.

" Page four(marked E) contains anotice ot' expiration of the ticket, aud'otherregulations which may. be thereon at the option offthe company issuing it. lWhat I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is i The combination of the-several parts herein described to form an indentifying railroad or 'other ticket, substantially as herein set forth, and forthe 'purposes described.


` Witnesses:

ALEX. HoLMs, L. HoLMs, Jr.

The third page, D, containsa photograph-

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Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/00