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Publication numberUS478185 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1892
Filing dateJul 6, 1891
Publication numberUS 478185 A, US 478185A, US-A-478185, US478185 A, US478185A
InventorsThomas C. Barnum
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Thomas c
US 478185 A
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No. 478,185. Patented July 5, 1892..




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 478,185, dated July 5, 1892.

Application filed July 6, 1891. Serial No. 398,576. (No model.)

. citizen of the United States, residing at Indianapolis, in the county of Marion and State of Indiana, haveinvented a new and useful Tag, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an improvement in tags for marking trees and for other like purposes.

The object of my improvement is to provide a tag which is adapted t0 be secured to the limb of a tree or like object Without the use of strings, wires, or like attaching devices.

The accompanying drawings illustrate my invention.

Figure 1 represents a plan of the blank from which the tag is formed when cut to shape preparatory to being folded. Fig. 2 is a plan of the complete tag. Fig. 3 is an edge view of the same. Figs. 4, 5, and 6 illustrate the manner in which the tag is applied to the limb of the tree, being, respectively, a side elevation, a top view, and an edge view. Fig. 7 shows the tag in position on the limb of the tree. Fig. 8 is a plan of the tag having an auxiliary marking-strip attached thereto. Fig. 9 is an edge View of the same. Fig. lO is a plan of the auxiliary strip.

In the drawings, A designates an oblong strip of paper or light sheet metal having near each end a perforation F.

B and C are like notches cut in diagonallyopposite corners of the blank, and D D are slits cut from theinner corners of the notches to the perforations F F, respectively.

The blank having been cut in the manner above described and printed is folded upon itself lengthwise in such a manner that the holes F register with each other, and the notches B and C are covered on opposite sides, as shown in Fig. 2. The opposite parts, eX- cept those embraced between the notches B and C, are secured together by cement or inany other suitable manner, and the tagis then complete and ready for use. In applying the tag to a limb or to any other object not larger indiaineter than the holes F one of the notches B or C is brought opposite the limb, the limb resting against the exposed surface of the op posite fold and the overlapping parts G and I-I, which have not been fastened together, are then forced apart, as shown in Figs. 5 and 6,

and the limb passes first into the.opposite notch and then down into the openings F. The parts G and H then close together and effectually prevent the accidental removal of the tag from the limb.

Inthe modification shown in Figs. 8, 9, and lO the blank is provided with a narrow slotI at the line of folding, (indicatedin dotted lines in Fig. 1,) and a T-shaped strip J is thrust through this slot, and its arms are secured between the folds of the body of the tag, as clearly shown.

A tag is thus formed which may be cheaply made and is quickly applied without the use of strings or wires.

I claim as my inventionl. The above-described tag, consisting of an oblong strip of sheet material having near each end a perforation F, notches B and C, cut in the ends near diagonally-opposite corners, and slits D D, connecting said notches respectively with said perforations, said strip THOMAS O. BARNUM.


H. P. Hoon, ABEL Hoon.

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