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Publication numberUS478331 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1892
Filing dateAug 7, 1891
Publication numberUS 478331 A, US 478331A, US-A-478331, US478331 A, US478331A
InventorsHenry Ciirisostimus Joerdef
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Domestic cooker or boiler
US 478331 A
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No. 478,331. Patented July 5, 1892.

v Q flouyazfaerden,




SPECIFICATIQN forming part Of Letters Patent NO. 478,331, dated July 5, 1892.

Application filed August '7, 1891- Serial No.402,017. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, HENRY CHRISOSTIMUS JOERDEN, a citizen of the United States, residing at St. Louis, Missouri, have invented a new and useful Domestic Cooker or Boiler, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to domestic cookers or boilers; and the objects in view are to provide an attachment of this class adapted to be applied to the ordinary cooking-stove and to be so constructed as to provide means for quickly heating water and for utilizing the same for cooking and other purposes.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear in the following description, and the novel features thereof will be particularly pointed out in the claim.

Referring to the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective of the upper portion of a cookingstove provided with an attachment constructed in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal section of the same.

Like numerals of reference indicate like parts in both the figures of the drawings.

In the drawings, 1 designates the top of an ordinary cooking-stove, and 2 the usual smokepipe, having the ordinary damper 3. Bolted, as at 4:, to the rear edge of the stove is a shelf 5, and upon the same is supported a tank or boiler 6, the top of which is provided with proper pot-openings 7, adapted to receive culinary vessels 8 when desired. The tank or boiler and the pipe 2 are provided near their base with corresponding openings 9 and near the upper end of the boiler with similar openings 10. Through the openings 9 a circulating-pipe 11 passes from a point just above the bottom of the boiler up through the pipe and returns to the boiler through the openings 10, terminating below the water-line of the boiler. In constructing this pipe I employ a pair of elbows 13 and 14:, the two having their inner ends connected by an intermediate vertical pipe 15. The outer ends of the elbows 13 and 14 are providedwith exteriorly-threaded continuations or nipples 16 and 17, respectively, the upper nipple being passed through the upper perforations 10 of the pipe and boiler and clamped against the pipe and boiler by clamping-nuts 18, and at its inner end said nipple has-connected thereto by an elbow 19 a downwardly-disposed pipe 20, which terminates considerably below the water-line in the boiler. The lower nipple 17 passes through thelower openings 9 of the pipe and terminates in the boiler and like the upper nipple, is clamped in position by nuts 21. This completes the construction, and the operation is as follows:

The boiler is provided with a suitable quantity of water, and the tire being started the products of combustion passing up through the pipe heat the water that is contained in the steam-pipe, and through the expansion of water said pipe overflows and the excessive water passes into the boiler from the upper end of the pipe, and its place being taken in the pipe by more water a circulation is started andcontinued, by which means the Water is heated. It will be obvious that vegetables placed in the vessels 8 may thus be cooked by steam generated in the boiler by means of the steam-pipe. Hot water may be drawn off from the boiler by an ordinary faucet 22, with which the boiler is provided. In the event of the water becoming evaporated to such an extent as to become too low for circulation,it will be seen that the steam generated in the steampipe will be delivered into the boiler, so that the same is operated for the purpose set forth as long as any Water remains in the boiler.

From the foregoing description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, it will be seen that I provide an attachment of great simplicity adapted to be applied to the ordinary cooking stove or range and de signed to heat in a quick and efficient manner a body of water contained therein by means of carrying the same into circulation through the products of combustion as they rise through the smoke-pipe of the stove.

Having described my invention, what I claim -is The combination, with the stove 1, the smoke-pipe 2, and the extension 5, secured to the rear end of the stove adjacent to the smokepipe, of the boiler 6, mounted upon the support 5 and provided near its upper and lower ends with perforations agreeing with corresponding perforations formed in the smokepipe, the vertical pipe 15, located in the smokepipe, the upper elbow 13 and the lower elbow 14;, connected to the upper and lower ends, respectively, of the pipe 15 and at their outer ends terminating against the Wall of the smoke-pipe and registering with the perforations formed therein and in the boiler, the nipple 10, exteriorly threaded, passed through the upper perforations of the sinoke-pipe and boiler, and connected with the upper elbow 13, the elbow 19, located in the boiler and connected with the nipple 10, the depending pipe 20, connected to the elbow and extending below the water-line of the boiler, the nipple 0, connected to the lower elbow ll, exteriorly threaded, and passed through the lower pair \Vitnesses:


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