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Publication numberUS47896 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1865
Publication numberUS 47896 A, US 47896A, US-A-47896, US47896 A, US47896A
InventorsWilliam H. Haet
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Improved oiler
US 47896 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 47,896, dated May7 23, 1865.

together with the cap a in its place and cov? ering the tube b. Fig. 2 shows the oiler` with the tube b and the cap a detached. Fig. 3

represents the oiler with the cap a"`re1noved, and shows the same ready for use.

a shows the cap which covers the tube b.

b shows the tube through which the oil is ejected, the same being hollow, and having an opening in the top for the purpose of allowing the oil to escape.

C in Fig. 2 shows the nut into whichthe tube b ts, and upon which the capa also iits,

which nut has a thread cut upon its inside for the purpose of receiving the thread cut upon the bottom of the tube b, by which means the tube is securely held in its place. The nut c has also a thread cut upon its outside, upon which the cap `a is screwed by means of a thread cut upon the inside of the bottom of the cap, which rits the nut on the outside, and by which the cap is held in its place.

Into the top of the cap a, Iiit a piece of rubber or other suitable material, which shall press upon the top of the tube, when the cap is screwed to its place, so as to prevent the escape of the oil. I use a washer of leather or other suitable material, tting to the shoulder of the thread cut upon the tube b, so that the same shall press upon the top of the nut c, thus preventing the escape of the oil at this point. I use la similar washer upon the nut c at the neck or point of contact of said nut with the body of the oiler, so that the bottom of the cap shall press upon the same when the cap is screwedto its place.

I make the sides of my oiler of any suitable metal having the requisite elasticity, and strike the same by means of a die, swage, or

in any other manner, so that each side shall be slightly oval or rounded out, as seen in Fig. 1. The side plates, after being formed substantially as described, I solder together, with a narrow band or strip of metal between' the same, as shown in Fig. 2, or without such band, as may be most convenient. To the top or neck of said plates, soldered as described, I attach in any suitable manner, by soldering or otherwise, the nut c, having a thread cut y upon both the inside and outside of the same to receive the tube b and the cap a', as described. The-tube b and the cap a, as also the nut c, I make of any suitable material, and in any of the ordinary modes, -so that the same shall answer the purpose for which they are formed in such manner that the top shall be perfectly tight in order to prevent the escape of the oil when screwed to its place.

When the oiler is ready for use with the cap .severally designed. The cap a is hollow, and

removed, as shown at Fig. 3, I force the oil.

Vhat I claim as my invention, and desire to y secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. Thelconstruction of an oiler, substantially as described, having two oval sides, so that the double `spring consequent upon the described construction of the same may be obtained, substantially as set forth.

2. The constructionv of au oiler with the double spring in the two sides, as claimed, in combination with the use of the rubber in the top of the cap, and pressing upon the tube, substantially as set forth, using for that purpos any suitable metal or material to accomplish the desired result, or that will produce the intended effect.


In presence of- ROBERT P. RAND, GEO. W. SMITH.

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