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Publication numberUS479509 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1892
Filing dateNov 11, 1891
Publication numberUS 479509 A, US 479509A, US-A-479509, US479509 A, US479509A
InventorsJohn W. Heaphy
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John w
US 479509 A
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(No Model.)


,No. 479,509. Patented July 26, 1892.

I ZW Q arrwm,





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 479,509, dated July 26, 1892.

Application filed November 11, 1891. Serial No. 411.610. (N model.)

To all whom it may concern: construction the device is adapted to be Be it known that 1, JOHN W. HEAPHY, J r., slipped upon the cord and then freely moved a citizen of the United States, residing at lengthwise thereof, the cord at such times Rochester, in the county of Monroe, in the passing freely through the enlarged opening, State of New York, have invented an Imand it can subsequently be made to engage proved Cord-Adjuster for Electric Lamps, of with the comparatively narrow recesses.

which the following is a specification, refer- My improved cord-adjuster may be made ence being had to the accompanying drawof wood, metal, porcelain, vulcanized fiber, or ings. other suitable material. It made of metal, it

IO My invention relates to an improved cordis preferably lacquered or enameled, so as to adjnsterforelectriclamps whereby thelength render it a non-conductor; but I prefer to of the supporting-cord maybe adjusted so as make it of an insulating material, such as to vary the height of the lamp. vulcanite or vulcanized fiber. The cord- Myimprovementisfullydescribed andillusholder is easily and cheaply formed by suit- [5 trated in the following specification and the able dies. accompanying drawings and the novel fea- The manner of using my improved cordtures thereof specified in the claim annexed adjuster for electric lamps will have been alto the said specification. ready understood. By detaching the cord In the accompanying drawings, representfrom its engagement with one of the tapering 20 ing my improved cord-adjuster for electric recesses and sliding it lengthwisethrough the lamps, Figure 1 is a side-elevation. Fig. 2 is enlargement, so as to alter the amount of cord an edge view. Fig. 3 is a modification. in the loop F, the vertical position of the lamp My improved cord adjuster for electric is adjusted to any desired height. lamps consists, essentially, of a plate, disk, or I am aware that devices for holding gar- 25 bar A, of suitable material, having tapering ments and cords have been provided with openings or recesses B 13, adapted to engage springfingers of wire or of plate metal adaptthe cord formed in it, which recesses open outed to engage a cord, but without an enlarged ward through a throat or passage 0 to percord-opening, and also that a plate having an mit the introduction of the cord, and are proenlarged opening and pinching recesses com- 3r vided with an enlargement D, through which municating therewith, but without a lateral the cord slides easily when it is desired to throat, has been employed; but prior to my vary its length and consequently the vertical improvement cord-holders have not been pro position of the lamp. The tapering recesses vided with contracted lateral throats comare arranged with their narrow ends away municating with enlarged cord-openings hav- 3 5 from each other, and each recess is provided ing tapered cord-holding recesses.

with a throat or passage; but it is obvious I claim that any other suitable relative arrangement The herein-described cord-adjuster for elecof the recesses may be adopted, and that-a tric lamps, consisting of aplate or bar of suitsingle throat may answer for both of them. able material having lateral throats provided 46 It is characteristic of my improved device with enlarged mouths communicating with an 0 that it has a lateral throat or passage leading enlarged opening for the passage of a cord, from the edge to a comparatively large hole said opening having a tapering recess with a or opening. Through this latter the cord transverse dimension less than that of athroat passes, when desired, without friction, said to receive and hold the cord, substantially as 45 opening being in (flreetcgmcmunilctaltion vgth a set forth. ta ering recess a ap e o tlg y em race v th cord, said recess having a transverse ex- JOHN HEAPIIY, J R tent slightly less than that of the throat. Witnesses:

The throat is exteriorly enlarged to provide F. G. KIMMAN,

50 a mouth to readily receive the cord. By this GEO. B. SELDEN.

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