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Publication numberUS486986 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1892
Filing dateJul 27, 1892
Priority dateJul 27, 1892
Publication numberUS 486986 A, US 486986A, US-A-486986, US486986 A, US486986A
InventorsMax G. Schxnke
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Submerged pipe
US 486986 A
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No. 486,986. Patented Nov. 29

. H H ...JHMHI 1..... HH


Ato position.


SPECIFICATION'forming part of Letters` Patent N0. 486,986, dated November' 29, 1892.

. Application filed July 2'7,

vBe it known that I, MAX G. SCHINKE, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee, and in the State of -Wiscons in, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Sub'- I To all whom, it may concern.'-

`merged Pipes; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof. v My invention relates particularly to the laying of submerged pipe where heretofore the services of a diver have been required to adjust the pipe in position and calk the joints under water; and the object of said invention is to provide viiexible water-tight, joints (atintervals of the submergedpipe system) having .protective casings, the joints and casings being completed above water and then lowered Having'stated the object of my invention,

the latter consists in certain peculiari-ties of construction and combination of parts hereinafter described with reference to the aecompanying drawings and subsequently claimed.

In the drawings, Figure 1 represents a sectional view of a iiexible pipe-joint construct` ed according to my invention as it appears when two-non-fiexible sections of the joint are at an angle to each other; Fig. 2, a similar View of the joint on a straight line, and Fig. 3 a. diagram illustrating my improved manner of laying submerged pipe. l

Referring by letter to the drawings, A B represent opposing pipe-sections of nonflexible material-such as iron-that in practice are joined to an intermediate pipe-section C, of lead or other suitable flexible material, this latter pipe-section being preferably corrugated. As shown, the iexible pipe-section isY joined at its ends to the adjacent ends of the opposing non-dexible pipe-sections by clamping-rings D E of suitable material-such as iron-the joints being calked with lead or other suitable material a in order to be watertight, and, as is also shown, the clampingrings are preferablyintegral with sections of spherical casings designed to` protectsaid 11392, stanno. 441,376. (No mais.)

tight joint when being lowered to its submerged position, as will be hereinafter more fully'described.

As illustrated. the ring D, that clamps the iexible pipe-section C to the non-exible pipe# section A, has a rearward bell-like extension F, terminating in an outturned annular [iange d, and external longitudinal ribs c are cast with said ring and its extension to form guides for an'inturned annular flange b on a collar G, that i's provided with an exterior ange e, strengthened by webs f,having a series of bolt-openings therein, these openings being designed' for registration with similar openingsl inan opposing angegen-a bell-like for- 4ward extension H of the ring E, that clamps said flexible pipe-section to the non-flexible pipe-section B, the inner end of this latter ring being preferably in the form of a flange h in opposition to the corrugated portion of the aforesaid flexible pipe-section. The belllike extensions of the clamping-rings form the spherical casing for the guidance of the iexible pipe-section, as well as its protection from external mechani'eal'intluences and forces, these sections of the casing having a sliding' motion one upon the other to permit of the non-tlexible pipe-sections being brought to various angles of deflection.

It is preferable to have the interior of the clamping-rings somewhatconieal and to iange the ends ofl the non-flexible pipe-sections,

. these flanges serving as stops for the calking,

while the conical interiors of said clampingrings is a matter of detail'and expediency toward obtaining the tightest possible joint between said non-flexible pipe-sections and the intermediate flexible one, the joint of the spherical .protective casing being completed by bolting the iianged collar G to the Iianged lextension H of the clamping-ring E, aboveV specified. v

The work of laying the pipe'being done from a staging or vessel, any convenient ordesirable number of non-flexible pipe-sections may be joined together byother than Y flexible connections if preferred; but at'certain intervals in the line of the pipe system I necessarily employ the exible joint hereinbefore specified. l


As shown in Fig. 3, a length of subme ed pipe is lifted above water at one end l.(gthe -other end of this length being also provided with a ilexible joint) and held at an .angle t0 the water level. The present upper outer flexible pipe-section having been primarily prepared for the required angle of deiiection andthe new length brought to position to be joined, the severalparts constituting the dexible joint and protective casing are put together in proper succession and said iiexible pipe-sec`tion connected water-tight to the ends of therigid sections. Upon completion of the ilexible joint Vand its casing the same are lowered and the free end of the added length of nen-ilexible pipe held above water for immediate further connection or temporarily lowered to be lifted at a convenient time.

I am aware'of various ilexibleppipe-coup- `liugs; but'none of these areadapted to my purposethe laying of submerged water or gas pipe oflarge size-and at this point in the description it is proper to emphasize the fact that the iiexible pipe-.section herein described is cast or rolled without joints. lIt is also to be observed that the protective casing' is devoid of pivots and that the-lends of the nonlfiexible pipe-sections do not have to be especially prepared in casting or otherwise for their connection with said flexible pipesection, it being my purpose to iexibly join 4as set forth.


sections of water or gas pipe such as is in common use. Having now` fully4 described my invention, what I claim asv new, and desire to secure by 35 Letters Patent, isl 1. In submerged pipe, the combination of two non-iiexibie pipe-sections, an intermediate flexible pipe-section engaging the ends of the former sections,but free to be bent to various angles, clamping-rings arranged on the engaged Ypipesections,'and calkng material interposed between the ends of said non-flexible and flexible pipe-sections, substantially A 45 2. In submerged pipe, two non-iiexible pipesections, an intermediate tleitible pipe-section engaging the ends of the former sections, but

tree to be bent to various'angles, and suit:

able means for forming water-tight-connec- 5o tion between said pipe-sections, in combination with a guiding and protective casing that incloses the joint formed by said -pipeseesubstantially as set forth.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand, at Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and State of Tisconsin, in the presence of two witnesses.


I `Witn:

N. E. GLIPHANT, .Tous E. WrLns.

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Cooperative ClassificationF16L27/04, F16L27/11, F16L27/053
European ClassificationF16L27/053, F16L27/11