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Publication numberUS48953 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1865
Publication numberUS 48953 A, US 48953A, US-A-48953, US48953 A, US48953A
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Paper-knife handle
US 48953 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 48,953, dated July 25, 1865.

State of Connecticut, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Paper-Knives and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable those skilled in the art to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.

The present invention relates more particularly to a certain new and useful improvement in the mode of securing the handle of a paper cutter to and upon its blade; and it consists in forming within the contiguous ends of the handle and the blade-shank in thedirection of theirlength and opposite to each other a short socket or aperture, made of a circular or other suitable shape, in which sockets, and extending from one to the other across the joint of the same,asimilar-shaped dowel-pinisinsertcd and held bymeansofglue,cement,oranyothersuitable adhesive material, in combination with narrow grooves or channels madein the contiguous ends ofthehandle and the blade-shank at an inclination to and upon both sides of the dowelpin and directly opposite to each other, which grooves, as the dowel-pin is inserted within the handle and shank, as described, are thereby filled with the glue or other adhesive material used,forming a shoulder, as it were, between the two ends, whereby, as is evident, a secure and permanent fastening and attachment of the handle to the blade is obtained.

In the accompanying plate of drawings my improvement is represented, Figure 1 beinga side view of the paper-cutter, showing the mode ofattachmentin section; Fig. 2, a view of the end of the handle-piece when removed from the paper-cutter.

a a, in the drawings represent the blade of the paper-cutter, made of ivory or any other of the ordinary materials used, and of the proper shape and size; b 1), its shank, either formed therewith and of the same piece or attached thereto by means of rivets c c or in any other proper manner; d, the handle, made of ebony or any other suitable wood or material, and of any ornamental shape desired, attached to the blade-shank b, as will be now described.

In the contiguous ends of both the handled and shank b, in the direction of their length and directly opposite toeach other, are short sockets or apertures ff, made of a circular or any other suitable shape, in which sockets, and extending across the joint of the handle and shank, is fitted a dowel-pin, g, of same length as depth of the same, which is securely fastened therein by means of glue, cement, or any other suitable adhesive material.

It is a groove formed upon each side of the dowel-pin, and at an inclination thereto in the endsofboth thehandleandtheblade-shank,and directly opposite to each other, which grooves, as the dowel-pin is inserted within the handle and blade-shank, as described, are thereby filled with the surplus glue Within their sockets, forced out therefrom by the pin, forminga shoulder, I, as it were, of the same between and across the joint of the handle and bladeshank, which, it is evident, renders their at tachment to each other all the more secure.

In lieu of making the handle of ebony or wood, as described, it can be as well made of ivory or of hard vulcanized india-rubber or of its compounds, and so, also, with regard to the blade and its shank.

Although I have described myimprovement as applied to paper-cutters, it can be also applied to the securing ot'handles to blade-shanks used for other purposes, as is evident.

I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent The combination, with a dowel-pin inserted within and across the joint of the contiguous ends of the handle and the knife-blade shank, of the inclined grooves or channels, substantially as herein described,and for the purpose specified.

The above specification of my invention signed by me this 6th day of April, 1865.



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Cooperative ClassificationB25G1/04, B26B3/02