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Publication numberUS499213 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1893
Publication numberUS 499213 A, US 499213A, US-A-499213, US499213 A, US499213A
InventorsJoseph Cooper
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Cow-tail holder
US 499213 A
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(No Model!) 7 J. OOQPER.

00W TAIL HOLDER. I No. 499,213. v Patented June 13, 1898.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 499,213, dated June 13, 1893.

Application filed August 13, 1892. Serial No. 442,996. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern: I

Beit known that I, JOSEPH COOPER, of Ra- Y cine, in the county of Racine and State of object to prevent cows from switching theirtails in the faces of persons during the operation of milking. I

It consists essentially, of a circular elastic band having its ends terminatingin outwardly projecting lips, this band being a continuous circle from said lips and separate handle pieces having their inner ends secured to the circular strap at points somewhat removed from the ends of said strap.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1, is a plan view of the complete device, and Fig. 2, a side elevation.

Like letters of reference refer to like parts in both figures of the drawings.

Referring to the drawings the letter A indicates the annular elastic band or ring having its ends flared out at right angles to form the lips a, a.

The letters B B indicate the operating handles, which at their inner ends are secured to the annular band by means of rivets O C. These handles conform to the shape of the ring and lie th ereagainst for a slight distance, then curve outwardly somewhat and finally terminate in inward curves, the contour approximating that of a sigmoidal bend.

In the application of my device, the free ends of the handles B, are pressed inward, which necessarily spreads the lips, a, a, apart. The holder is now applied to the cord just below the hoof joint at the rear of the leg of the animal, so as to encompass said joint and also clamp the tail thereto. It will be seen that by making the band A, of the form of a continuous circle from the split portion, the cord at the rear of the leg of the animal is completely surrounded by the band, and the tail thus clamped thereto without danger of working loose. It is also to be noted that as all hinge joints are entirely dispensed with in my construction, there is no danger of any of the hairs of the tail being caught with the consequent trouble of disengaging the same.

As a means for preventing the withdrawal of the tail from the device when it is about the tail and clasped to the leg of the cow, I preferably use a stud, D, inserted in the band, A, and projecting inwardly therefrom, which stud enters and engages the hairs of the switch of the tail and aids in preventing the with- JOSEPH COOPER.



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Cooperative ClassificationA01K13/005