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Publication numberUS508842 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1893
Filing dateJul 18, 1893
Publication numberUS 508842 A, US 508842A, US-A-508842, US508842 A, US508842A
InventorsCotton Grader
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Cotton-grader and nail-arrester
US 508842 A
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` (No Medel.) e 2 sheet eeeeeeee T.- D. RUPFIN. COTTON @BADER AND NAIL ARRBSTNR.'

No. 508,842. Patented NOV. 14, 1893.4

r i' A will NNNNNNNNNNNNN c.

(No Model.) l y 2 Sheets-sheet 2.'

. T. D. RUPFIN. i


Patented-Nov. 14, 1893.




y sPncIFIcA'rIoN forming part of Letters Patentno. 508,842, dated .November 14,1893.

Application filed Jury is. 1893.

.To a/ZZ 'whom may concern:

Be it known that I, THoMMAs D. RUFEIN,

a citizen of the United States, residing at lo vide an improved machine of this character which is especially adapted for feeding good cleaned cotton into a gin.

To this end the main and primary object of the present invention is to construct a maxchine of this character having especial facilities for separating damaged and stained cottonfrom good cotton,thereby raising the grade of Acotton ginued, while at the same time providing means for the effectual separation 2o of nails and other hard substances from Vthe unginned cotton, so that the cotton which is fed-to the gin will be perfectly free from such substances as will tend to damage the gin, and in connection with the uses described, the

z5 machine also contemplates the drying of f damp or wet cotton which may be passed therethrough. Y

With these and other objects in view which will readily appear as the nature of the in- 3o vention is better understood the same consists inthe novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts, hereinafter more fully described, illustrated and claimed.

In the accompanying drawingszfFigure 1 is a perspective View of a cotton grader and cleaner constructed in accordance with the present invention. Fig. 2 is a central vertical longitudinal sectional view thereof. Fig. 3

is a transverse sectional view o'n the line as--rrk 4o of Fig. 2. Flg. 4t is a detail in perspective of the grading attachment at one end of the machine and separated therefrom.

Referring to the drawings, A represents a suitably constructed frame on which is mounted the fan casing or drum B; The fan casing or drum B, is extended at one sideinto the elongated air iiue ortrunk U, having a lat top D, and an upwardly inclined bottom E, the outer reduced end of said air iiue or 5o trunk terminating in a reduced discharge opening F, located at one end of the supporting frame A, and of a width equaling the serial No. 480,863. (remodel.)

saine. A constant current of air is maintained in the air [lue or trunk C, and discharged through the outletopening F, thereof, `by means of the revolving fan G.` The revolving fan G, is mounted to turn in the casing v or drum B, and has its shaft' g,'journaled in the bearingsH, at opposite sides of said casing or drum, and each extremity of the shaftl g, carries a vband pulley I, one of which may receive a power belt from suitable driving machinery, while the other opposite. .pulley receives one end of the belt t', the. other end of which passes over the belt wheel J, secured lto one end of the lowerl driveshaftj, journaled on the frame A, below the air trunk C. .One

end of the shaft j, is extended and squared as at j to receive a hand crank K, which mayy be employed, vif so desired, to operate the machine.

Suitably secured on the dat top of the air flue or trunk C, is the side-inclosed feed hopper L, in the'bottomof which, at its opposite ends, are j ournaled the opposite apron rollers M, over which passes an endless feed apron l or belt N, and one of said apron rollers is extended at one sideas 'at n, and'carries the belt wheel O, receiving motion. from.the

crossed belt o, the other end of .which passes.

over: the flanged pulley o', secured to one end ,E

of the shaft j. Alongside of the flanged pulley o, and also secured'on the shaft j, is a sec the discharge of the air flue or trunkvC, as will now be described.

Adapted to be adjustably and detachably arranged in frontof and beyond the outlet or discharge opening F, of the air flue or trunk C, is the lower inclined grading board S. The inclined grading board S, is adapted to be disposed at an angle of aboutforty-fve degrees in front of the discharge opening or

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Cooperative ClassificationB07B4/04