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Publication numberUS510178 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1893
Filing dateMar 27, 1893
Publication numberUS 510178 A, US 510178A, US-A-510178, US510178 A, US510178A
InventorsWilhelm Konig
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Wilhelm konig
US 510178 A
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(No Model.) l



N0.T51o,178. 'Patented Dec. 5,1893.



MosAl TOY.'

e SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 510,178, dated December 5,11893,

Application filed March 27, 1893.' Serial No. 467.818. (No model.) Patented in Germany November 4, .1892, Nth-69,372.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILHELM KNIG, manuifacturer, a subject of the Emperor of Germany, residing at Berlin, in the Province of Brandenburg,in the Empire of Germany,have invented certain new and g useful Improvements in Mosaic Toys, of which the following is a specification.

This invention is the subject of xnyGerman PatentNo. 69,372,V dated November 4, 1892.

It has not hitherto been possible in fiat mosaic toys, in which small blocks of stone are placed side by side to form designs, pictures,

duc., to place these blocks in such a way that, when one of them is withdrawn, the blocks adjacent thereto shall rem-ain 'unmoved. This diicnlt-y arises mainly from the hith erto customary arrangement of the blocks by which one block is held up by the others, so that the movement of the whole of the blocks has to be taken into account. In order to remove this drawback, in this invention, the

` placed in a position, must remain there, it being immaterial whether'other blocks stand adjacent to it or not.

On the accompanying drawings:-Figure1 'shows the composite plate partially with the blocks inserted and partially Without. Fig. 2 shows a section of this plate without any blocksinserted. Fig. 3 shows the form of construction of a block. Fig. 4 shows a sec? tion of a plate in which the blocks are par-- tiallyinserted.' y v 'Dlfe setting'(composing) plate a is provided with quadratic holes c c c which are all equal in size, for instance, .on' 'the'accompanying drawings, four millimeters square. These holes c c c taper conically downward as may be seen in Figs. 1, 2^and 4. The composing blocks b also taper c'onicallydownward. The upper surfacef of these blocks,'whi'ch forms the picture surface, is equal in size to theupper part of the opening/:I ot the holes c c c,

plus the upperlthickness of the walls of -theseholes. Theblocksb therefore, when inserted in the holes c,'.project alittle over the plate This I isnecessary so that the separate blocks shall t tightly together. If the surface of the blocks were exactlyeven with that of the `pla-te, a picture would beobtained. which would be intersected by the dividing belonging thereto.

In consequence of` the conical form of the blocks b b b in combination with the conical holes c c c in the plate a, it is also possible for each individual block to remain stationary wherec't is once placed, without any further assistance, and thus Leach block is entirely independent lof the others. AIn this -be produced not intersected by any parts not system, therefore, there isfnot the least difticulty, ifa wrong block has been inserted, in changing the same for acorrect one, and, while doing this, the adjacent blocks remain firm in their places and do not fall against one another. A

The blocks may be of any 'suitable form angular, circular, &c.

.I declare that what I` claim is- The improvement in toys fory making imitation mosaic work consisting of a composing or xing plate a, which is provided with conical holes'c c c tapering downward, and of conical blecksb, b, b, the upper surfaces fof which are equal to the upper openings (i of the holes c, c,c in the platea, plus the upper* thickness e of the side walls of these holes c,

c, c so as toA allow the individual blocks'to be fixedindependently` of one another, and' also 'to obtain a close fitting together of the separate blocks. v

In testimony ,whereof Il" have :signed my 4name .to this specification in the presence of two subscribing-witnesses.



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