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Publication numberUS514448 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1894
Filing dateApr 7, 1893
Publication numberUS 514448 A, US 514448A, US-A-514448, US514448 A, US514448A
InventorsWilliam F. Z. Desant
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Apparatus for producing artircial respiration
US 514448 A
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1N0 Model. 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.


No. 514,448. Patented Feb. 13 1 1894' mm 41W i 1 1 3 3 i 1 M 1.5


No. 514,448. Pmcented Feb. 18, 1894.

I Z 22 aes 13962241 0) UNITED STATES PATENT WILLIAM F. 2. DESANT, or new YORK, N. Y., Assrcnon Te'rnn nnsAiI'r- I ELECTRIC COMPANY, on OHIO.

APPA'RnTus Fee PRonuctNG 'RTI filCiAL Restitution! srncmon'rxon forming pm of Letters Patent No, 514,448, dated February is, 1894. Applloatlonfiled April '1, 1893. Saris-1N0. 469.444. (Nomodeh) I To all whom it may concern: the mouth and consequently the lungs of the Be it known that 1, WILLIAM E. Z. DESANT, patient. The tube 22, having an upwardly acitizen of theUnited States, residing at New opening valve 23, efiects communication be- Ycrk',in the county of New York and State of tween the chamber 19, and the pump cyliu- New York, have invented certain new and der 2. v V p r V useful Improvements in Apparatus for Pro- 24, is a discharge tube from said cylinder 2, dueing ArtificialRespiration; andldo hereby having an outwardly opening valve 25.

declare the following to be a f all, clear, and ex- The operation of my inventionis clear from act description of the invention, such as will the above description. The tank -14, being enable others skilled inthe art to which it apfilled with the desired gas and the mouth flpertainsto make and use the same. piece 21, being placed in the mouth of the My invention censists'ofa simple apparatus patient and the shaft 8, being operated either I for forcing ifresh; air or, anydesired mixture by the handles 9, or the gear 10, the following of oxygen czoneor other gases into thelnngs, vaction 0f the various parts'will-take ,placezv da-patient and withdrawing the; conientsof on thedow'n'ward thrust of the pistons 5, the said lungs alternately s9 as to produce art-i. contentsof the pumpcylinder 3;wili-he forced ficial respiration. 8 r

through thevalve 18, and the chamber 19, Intheaccompanying sheet of drawings, f and tube '20, into the patientslungs. The Figure 1, is' a side view andpartial sectionof contents ofthepump cylinder 2,will be forced 30 my preferred form of apparatus. Fig. 2, is a out into the open air through theiopening detailed view showing themethod of operatvalve 25.1:0h the upward stroke of the pising the apparatus by an electric or other men tons 5, the valve 18, will close and the valve tor. "Fig. 3 hows amodification. 16, will open filling the pump cylinder 3, with Throughout the drawings like reference aportion or theeontentsof tank 14. At 'the. g5 figures refer to like parts. 5 same time the valve 23', willopen and the con-- '1 1 is theinaiu frame ofthe double pump tentsof the patients lung's will be drawn into which is one form of my invention, This the pun: cylinder 2. On the succeeding pump has two cylinders 2-and 3, mounted on downward stroke of the piston the portion'ol"v the base 4; These cylinders have pistons 5, the oxygen or other gases entrapped in the 0 operated by the connecting rods 6, and crank pump cylinder .3, will he forced into the pa- 8o 1 disks 7, onthe shaft 8, in the usual manner, tients lungs by the closing of the-valves 16, The shaft-8 is journaled in bearings onthe and 23, and heopening of the valve 18. At,

frame 1, and the crank pins may be continued the same timethe discharge 'from the lungs in the form of haudlest), as shown in Fig. 1, which had been drawn into the pump cylin- 5' so that the pumps may be operatedby hand. der 2, will be forced through the opening A'gear wheel 10, on, said shaft maybe made valve 25, into the open air. Thus'the action "tome'sh with-the-gearll', on-tli'e shattl2,.of.v of-thefpump will be continuous, alternately an electric motor-13, or with any suitable mo-v filling the patients lungs with the life giving tor, itthe pp-mpis to'be run by power. gases and then emptying the lungs into the" "14; is a portion 0fa tank containin'gtthe open air.- oxygen or other gases which are to be forced The modification of my invention, illusinto the patients lungs. The tube 15, havtrated inrFig, 3 is intended to produce amore ing an outward opening valve 16, effects comcompact and lighter form of apparatus 'but munication between the tank 14, and cylin-, which operates on identically the saine prinder 3. The tube- 17 having a downwardly 'cipl'es as the first form above described? In 5 1 opening valve 18, effects communication -bethe construction illii'eti'ated 33 is alight frame tween the cylinder 3, and the chamber 19,, on which the ,l)ellows 32 and the bellows 3 1;: Tli flexible tube: 20,013 any desired length, are mounted. Eachhellows ta eq ifi le placefi terminating in the mouth piece 21, effects. and performs the" function of o e-ofthc; l

5 6? communication between the'chamher 19, and

inders 2 or 3 in Fig. 1, and is an exact eqiii; a} roo M their valves 16 and operate in exactly the same manner as do the same'parts in Fig. 1. The tube 19 takes the place of the chamber 19 in Fig. 1, and the connecting pipes 17.and 22 have their equivalents in the said tube. The valves 18 and 23 operate the same in Fig. 3 as in Fig. 1. An adjustable stroke may be given to the bellows by shifting the position of the rods 29 and 30 along the slot shown in the ends of the walking beam 26. Of course, various. changes cduld be made in parting from the spirit of my invention. In cases where fresh atmospheric air is to be used instead of preparedgas it would only be necessary to have the tube 15 or tank 14 open to the air instead of to the receiver of prepared gases. V

Having therefore described my invention,

-nection between said cylinders,

the details of my apparatus w'ithout de-" what I claim as new, Letters Patent, is- I 1. The combination of a double cylinder force pump, an inlet valve for one cylinder, an outlet valve for the other cylinder, a contwo valves in said connection which open away from the cylinder having the inlet valve, and a mouth and desire to secureby 30 $1899 paning. intotsaidtconnection between said two last mentioned valves, substantially as described; 4 '2. The combination of a double cylinder force pump, an inlet valve for'one cylinder,

an outlet valve for the other cylinder, a connection between said cylinders, two valves in 'said connection which open away from the cylinder having the inlet valve, and a mouth piece opening into said connection between .said last two mentioned valves, together with a tank for preparing gases connected to the first mentioned inlet valve, substantially as described. 7 V

. In testimony whereofI afiix my signa-tnrein presence of two witnesses.

WI IAM: z. DESANT. Witnesses? A. P. SMITH, .WARREN W. Fos'rnn.

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