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Publication numberUS518390 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1894
Filing dateFeb 21, 1893
Publication numberUS 518390 A, US 518390A, US-A-518390, US518390 A, US518390A
InventorsAlexander Beyer
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Parasol or umbrella cabinet
US 518390 A
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(No Model.)


PARASOL 0R UMBRELLA CABINET. No. 518,390.` Patented Apr. 17,1894.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 518,390, dated April 17, 1894.

Application led February 21, 1893. Serial No.463,203. (No model.)

open from the back of the cabinet and cer-v tain sections open from the front.

I preferably make the sides and front and back of my improved cabinet of transparent glass so that the parasols and umbrellas withinthe cabinet may be plainly exhibited and at the same time fully protected from dust and dirt.

One object is to provide a cabinet in which a parasol or umbrella may be easily removed or replaced without disturbing any of the other parasols or umbrellas within the cab-h inet and with the-least possible wear upon the one which is removed or replaced.

Another object is to provide a cabinet in which a great number of sections may be used and yet allow of easy access to the interior of any one of the sections, the cabinet at the same time occupying a small door or counter space.

A practical embodiment of my invention is represented in the accompanying drawings, in whichv Figure l is a view in side elevation of my cabinet. Fig. 2 is a front view of the same. Fig. 3 is a horizontal'seotion onl the line fr, :c of Fig. 2, showing in dotted lines one of the sections of the cabinet swung out away from its adjacent section, and Fig. 4 is an enlarged top plan view of the radiating arms of the rotary holder and the spring clamps thereon for embracing the parasols or umbrellas, and also showing the central rod of the rotary holder in cross section.

In the present case I have shown my cabinet as consisting of .three sections, but I wish it understood that I may employ a greater number if so desired.

A designates the intermediate section of thtA cabinet and adjacent thereto are hinged two swinging sections A', A2. The section A is hinged to the back edge of the section 'A at one side and the section A2 is hinged to many sections as may be desired. The sec- V tions A A2 are suitably locked to the intermediate section A by fastenings o d respective'ly. The 'three sections are provided with front and back transparent glass panels B and the sections A A'2 with side transparent glass panelsrB, so that the interior of the cabinet may be easily seen-from the outside. Each of the sections is preferably provided with three rotary holders for supporting the parasols or umbrellas within the case or cabinet. Each of these holders comprises a rod or spindle C mounted so as to rotatein socket p ieces c, c within the cabinet, a disk D secured onthe bar nearits lower end anda hub E having radiating arms e, in the present instance siX, extending therefrom. This hub slides up and down upon the rod or spindle C and may be secured in any desired positlon by means of a set screw e therein. Clamping springs F are fastened to the arms c and hub E in position to engage the parasol or umbrella sticks and hold them until they are forcibly released. In the present instance I secure one clamp upon the hub between each two radiating arms and four on each arm, two on each side, making a total of thirty clamps for each holder. But, however, I may have a greater or less number of clamps orv arms if it is so desired. Socketsd are yformed in the upper face of the disks D corresponding in number and arrangement to the clamping springs F- for the purpose of receiving the lower ends or tips of the parasols or umbrellas and thus serving to more firmly hold them in position upon the holder. I preferably provide each of the sections with rollers or casters G on its base forl the purpose of easily swinging it around into the position desired to gain access to the interior of the cabinet.

The operation is as follows: If the parasol IOO in the case.

or umbrella desired is in either of the sections A or A, the section A is unlocked and swung back and the holder containing the parasol or umbrella desired is rotated until it is presented at the open side of the ease, when it may be released from its clamp F by a slight spreading ofthe jaws of the clamp without disturbing any of the other articles With- 'lhe section A may then be shut and'locked. If the article desired is in either of the sections A2 or A, the section A2 is unfastened and swung back and the saine operation as before is gone through with.

By constructing the sides, front and back of my cabinet of transparent glass, the umbrellas and parasols within the case may be xhibited Without exposing them to dust and irt.

This cabinet may also be used for canes as Well as parasols and umbrellas.

It is evident that slight changes might be resorted to in the construction and arrangement of the several parts Without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention, hence I do not wish to limit myself strictly to the construction and arrangement herein set forth, but

\ What I claim is- 1n combination, a cabinet comprising an intermediate section having open sides and adjacent sections hinged to the intermediate section at its diagonally opposite edges the said sections forming one compartment when closed, a bar mounted to rotate in one of the sections, a disk secured to said bar near its lower end, a hub sliding upon the said bar and adapted to be secured thereto at dlerent heights, arms radiating from the said hub and having clamps thereon, the Whole forming a holder for supporting parasols and the like, substantially as set forth.




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