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Publication numberUS521829 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1894
Filing dateFeb 19, 1894
Publication numberUS 521829 A, US 521829A, US-A-521829, US521829 A, US521829A
InventorsMarshall G. Stevens
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US 521829 A
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m man M. G. STEVENS. v

LANTBRN. No. 521,829. Patented June 26, 1894.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 521,829, dated J une 26, 1894.

' Application led February 19, 1894. Serial No.500,605. (No model.)

To al? whom it may concern:

De 1t known that I, MARSHALL G. STEVENS, a cltlzen of the United States, residing at Merchantville, in the county of Camden and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful` Improvements in Lanterns, of which the following is a specification.

U My lnvention has relation to lanterns; and 1t relates more particularly to the construction andv arrangement of a hand lantern.

The principal objects of my invention are, first, to provide a simple, cheap and readily assembled hand lantern adapted for the receptlon of either a candle or a wick burner and for chimneys or the like of different di-f ameters or sizes supported to required posit1on by means of a detachable bonnet "or cap provlded with a rim which is engaged by vertlcal detachable rods or supports connectedk with the base of the lantern; and second, to provlde a lantern with a ribbed, iluted or channeled base and preferably an integral step-llke ribbed, iiuted or channeled holder for the reception and support of the neck of a chlmney or the like, the construction and arrangement of the lantern being such that the parts thereof can be readily assembled and detached for various purposes.

My invention consists of a lantern constructed, arranged and adapted for operatlon 1n the manner hereinafter described and claimed.

The nature and scope of my invention will be more fully understood from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming parthereof; and in 'Which- Figure l, is a vview partly in elevation and partly 1n section of a lantern embodying features of my invention and provided with an oil reservoirl in the base with a wick-tube, slotted conical cap and wick for permitting of a flame being produced for illuminating purposes; and Fig. 2, is a view partly inelevation and partly in broken section of a lantern embodying,r features of my invention and adapted in this instance for the reception of an ordinary candle, and showing the fluted or. channeled base and holder thereof for permltting of the Vadmission of a supply of air to the interior of the chimney for insuring in use good illuminating effects of the lantern.

erence to Fig. l, A is the hollow circular slanting base forming an oil reservoir and provided With an opening a, for the reception of a screw plug a', which by the removal thereof permits of the introduction of oil into theinterior of the base A.

v In the top surface of the base A, are formed radiating channels a3, extending from the axis thereof to the peripheral surface of the same, as illustrated in Fig. 1, and forming air spaces for a purpose to be presently described.

B, is a vchanneled or fiuted step-like circu-l lar wick tube holder with a slotted cap secured into the base A, or formed integral therewith and provided with a wick regulating device b. This holder-VB, is adapted for the reception and support of the necks of globes or chimneys of dierent sizes or dimensions, as ywill be readily seen from the drawings.

The ribs, channels or flutes of the holder B, extending from the axis thereof to the outer periphery of the same merge with similar channels, ribs or ilutes a3, of the base A, of the'lantern and constitute air channels for regulating the flame in the interior of the chimney or globe C.' The chimney or globe C, is supported at the top in required position and against movement by means of a perforated bonnet or cap D, with an annular rim d.

d and d2, are openings in the rim of the bonnet or cap D, for the insertion therethrough of vertical rods or supports e and e', which are partially threaded for some distance in their length from each end and pass through apertures 0,4 and a5, in the top and bottom of the base A, of the lantern. c2 and c3, are nutssecured to the lower ends of said rods or supports beneath the base A, and c5 and c6, are nuts applied on each side of the rim d, of the bonnet or cap D, to the upper portions of the threaded rods or supports e and e', for maintaining the bonnet or lcap D, in required position and at the Sametime permitting of the ready detachment of the cap or bonnet therefrom, for taking the'l'antern apart for cleaning, shipment, or other purposes.

The upper ends of the supports or rods e and e', are provided with eyes or loops e2 and e3, adapted for the reception-of complemental I Referring to the drawings with special ref- IOC catches or clips f and f', of a bail F, and so arranged in connection with the eyes of the rods or supports e and e', as to be readily detached therefrom.

Vith reference to Fig. 2, the construction of the lantern is the saine as that of Fig. 1, with the exception that instead of a wick tube with its accessories being provided in connection with the step-like iliited and channeled chimney neck holder B, the same is formed with a cential socket or opening B', for the reception of a candle g.

1n use, with the several parts of the lantern assembled and arranged as illustrated in Fig. 1, the incoming air will be permitted to pass through the series of radiating channels or flutes in the base and step-like holder of the device in an upward direction through the chamber or interior of the chimney or globe C, and the heated air or products of combustion will escape through the series of apertures cl3 and d4, arranged around and extending through the'bonnet or cap D, so that such circulation dueto such arrangement insures good illuminating eifects from the iiame of the lighted wick or candle of the lantern.

The particular advantageous features of my invention are, first, that the several parts comprising the same may be readily assembled to constitute a cheap and efficient hand lantern; second, that the lantern is adapted for the use of the ordinary chimney in its dierent forms as it is found on the market because the necks will readily lit the steplike holder B, which is adapted to support the same to required position; and third, that in case of shipment or repairs or in the event of a broken chimney, by unscrewing the nuts connected with the vertical rods or supports another chimney may be readily inserted to placeor the several parts of thelantern taken apartwith the leastamount of labor and time consumed in so doing. 1

Having thus described the nature and objects of my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patennis- 1. A hand-lantern, comprising a circular slanting base adapted to support the neck of a chimney or globe and provided with a channeled or iluted radiating top surface, a circular fluted or channeled step-like holder, a perforated bonnet or cap with a rim, vertical rods or supports detachably engaging the rim of said bonnet or cap and said base, and a bail connected with said rods or supports, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

2. A hand lantern provided with a circular slanting base forming an oil reservoir and With'a channeled or luted radiating top' s urface, a circular iuted or channeled step-like Wick-tube holder and slotted-cap and yvick regulating device, a chimney provided with a neck adapted to engage said holder, a perforated bonnet or cap with a rim, and vertical rods oi' supports detachably engaging said bonnet or cap and base, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my signature in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.




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