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Publication numberUS522693 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1894
Publication numberUS 522693 A, US 522693A, US-A-522693, US522693 A, US522693A
InventorsFrank Mclaughlin
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Elevating device for bottles
US 522693 A
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No Model.)


NOJEZZQS. 'l Patented July 10,1894.

y 'from the jar or bottle by `moans of a terk de .atraerry Garten,



eLi-:vATiNe envies roe Boi-Tres.`

sractrrcarron forming pare of Letters Patent No. 522,693, eased Jury 1o, ieee.;

Application Atiled December 26, 7.893.l Serial No.1l9l1a672.V (No model.) Y

To @ZZ whom `it may concern.: y

Beit known that I, FRANK MCLAUGHLIN, a citizen of the United States, residingat Oro- Ville,in the county of Butte and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Elevating Devices for Bottles; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of said invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it most nearly appertains to make, use, and practice the same.

The present invention relates to a device for raising fruits, olives, or other condiments, to the surface of a jar er bottle, so as to env.y able the same to be easily reinoved therefrom, as will be hereinafter more fully set forth and described. i

My invention is designed more especially for use in connection with bottles or jars containing olives, although it maybe equally as well worked in conjunction with such as hold fruits, pickles or any class ot condiments, and its purpose is to take the place of the fork or knife 110W brought into use for extracting,r these articles from the bottle or jar. As, is well known, the olive is generally removed signed for this purpose, which not only consumesconsidcrable time to safely extract one, but likewise patience.

`In order to more fullyunderstand my inventioinrefcrence muet be had to the acccinnpanying sheet of drawings, wherein-n v 'Figure l, is a perspective view ci a bottle, partly in section, showin e; my device located therein; Fig. 53, top plan et the support-- ing plate or disk; 'ling'. ti, a cross sectional View of Fig, 2, showing the handle or litt rod separated from the disk; Fig. i, a top plan View showing the supporting,T plato or disk made in sections; and lrig'. 5, isa front elevan tion of Figi, allowing,r the sections united by the lift rod.

The letter A is used to indicato thc jar or bottle, which holds or contains the olives, and l5, the mouth thereof., which is of considerable loss diameter than the body of the bottle orjar. Within the bottle is placed the dish or plate C, to which is secured the lift rod l). The lower ond of this rod is reduced and screwthreaded, as shown at a, which lits into the screw-threaded,countersunk boss, b. The u p'- per end of the rod is provided with a knob c, whichnot only serves as a handle, but as an ornament tothe lift rod.` p

In view of the fact that the plate or disk C, must equal the internal diameter of the bottlc or jar, it becomes necessary that the same must, in order to permit of insertion through the contracted mouth of the bottle or jar, be

constructed of an elastic or iiexible material or be made in sections.

When constructed of an elastic material, I make the same of gatta percha and mold the disk C, with a series of radial arms E. These arms may be bent downward, the gutta perche. being` of sufficient ductility to permit of this without breaking, until the diameter of the support is reduced suiiciently to permit of'the same being inserted into the bottle through the mouth. XVhen the pressure is removed from the radial arms they will resume thein normal position by their own elasticity.

After the plate is placed within the jar or bottle the same is tilted with olives or other condiments, or fruits, and is then ready for the market; The top ot the lift rod is supposed to come about even with the under surface of thc cover or stopper for the jar or bottle.

ln order to extract an olive it is only necessary to remove the top or cover of the bottlc and take hold ol and lift the rod D, which carrier the supporting plate therewith and thus causes the olives to be raised to the top of the bottle, when the same maybe easily removed. by the fingers er otherwise.

ln Fig. of the drawings,l have shown they sup porting plate and rod as being mide sepaf rato, but this is immaterial as the supporting plate and rod may be made ,integ,rra'l.`

In Fig. l, I have shown the supporting plate made in sections li, h", each' section being.; perforated and formed with a section of aj boss,whiel1, when the sections are brought t gethcr, form a screw-threaded boss f, see Figa" o. Then the plate is thus formed the sections are placed in the bottle or jar and are held together by the rod D,the lower end ot which is enlarged, seef, which enlarged portion is countersunk and-screwtl1readed, see f2, into which screw-threaded eountersunk portion too the boss f, lits and is retained. This is the lll Hill



l l a wao-ua ble disk located therein, and a lift rod Secured to said disk for raising the same Within'the bottle.

3. The combination with a bottle, 0E a supporting disk located therein, the flexible radial arms projecting therefrom, and a lifting roll for raising the disk Within the jar.

ln testimony whereof l affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

FRANK iiifgtTiAUGl'iiilN. vWitnesses:

N. A. Aoknn, M. G. Lomfiinn.

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