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Publication numberUS524279 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1894
Filing dateOct 24, 1893
Publication numberUS 524279 A, US 524279A, US-A-524279, US524279 A, US524279A
InventorsJohn Kottmann
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US 524279 A
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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1'.



No. 524,279. Patented Aug. 7, 1894.

"W fwentor 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.

(No Model.)



No. 524,279. Patented Aug."7, 1894.

M21; foi i'mnn.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 524,279, dated August 7, 1e94. Application filed October 24, 1893. Serial No. 489,013. (No model.)

v To all whom, it may concern:

' ject of the Emperor of Germany, who have declared my intention of becoming a citizen of the United States. residing at Jeannette, in the county of Westmoreland and State of Pennsylvania, have invented new and useful Improvements in Rocking-Chairs, of which the following is a specification.

This invention has for its object to provide a new and improved rockingschair; and to accomplish this obj eet myinvention consists in the features of construction and the combination or arrangement of devices hereinafter described and claimed.

To enable others to fully understand and to make, construct, and use my said invention, I will now describe the 'same'in detail, referring for this purpose to the ing drawings, in which- Figure 1, is a side elevation of a rocking chair constructed in accordance with my in-- vention. Fig. 2, is a front elevation of the parts shown in Fig. 1. Fig. 3. is a vertical section taken through the seat, to show the point of attachment of the foot-rest frame and the means for locking the same rigidly to the rockers of the chair.

The reference numeral 1, in said drawings, indicates the side frames ,of a rocking-chair of any-ordinary form, each frame being composed of two posts, or uprights, of any suitable construction and ornamentation, united at their lower ends by means of rockers 2, and above by side arms or arm-pieces 3. The side-frames are connected together by means of transverse stays, or braces 4, the ends of which are tenoned and inserted in mortises in the posts, or uprights, or secured thereto in any suitable manner. The side arms or arm-pieces 3 are also secured to the uprights by any preferred means, and are so formed as to possess sufficient strength to support the weight of the seatrand that of the person occupying the chair.

The reference numeral 5, indicates the chair-seat which is made of any preferred shape and material. It is sustained by means of a transverse yoke-shaped support 6, lying beneath the middle portion of the seat and having brackets or end portions 7, which are accompanyturned upwardly and connected at their extremities to pivotal supports 8, on the side arms or arm-pieces 3. The rearward edge of the seat 5 is hinged, or pivotally'connected to the lower end of the back-piece 9, which is also made. from any preferred material and of any desired shape and ornamentation. Projecting laterally from the vertical edges of the back-piece 9, are pivot-pins 10, usually located not far from the middle point of said 1 back. With these pins, link plates 12 haveengagement, the ends of said link-plates being engaged in a similar manner with pins 13 which project from the ends or upper portions of the rearward uprights of the side",

frames 1, these being higher than the forward uprights. It will be seen, that by this construction, both the seat and back of the chair have a hanging and swinging support, which is wholly independent of the rocking movement of the chair.

Lapped upon the inner faces of the rockers 2 are strips or bars 14, which project a suit permit thebars or strips 14 to be entirely detached from the rockers, so that the latter can then be used similar to an ordinary rocking-chair, in which the initial rocking movement is obtained by pressure of the foot on the floor. When the foot-rest extension bars or strips 14 are secured to the rockers in the manner described, a person occupying the chair and pressing upon the foot-rest or bar 16 with the foot causes the seat to swing and imparts a rocking motion to the chair, so that the chair can be rocked and the feet of the occupant be supported by the foot-rest in contradistinction to the feet resting upon the floor at intervals during the rocking motion.

The inclination of the back-pieces 9 is preferably made Variable by making the linkplates 12 of suitable length and providing them with a series of openings 18, separated by suitable intervals, the construction being such as to permit the pivot-pins 10, to be engaged with any of said openings.

It will readily be seen that I may arrange the strips or bars 14, upon the outside of the rockers 2, instead of upon the inside.

What I claim, and desire to secure by Let-' ters Patent, is-- .1. A rocking-chair consisting of rigid side frames provided with rockers and side arms, a swinging seat suspended from the side arms, a chair-back pivotally attached at its lower end to the rear of the seat, links pivoted to the side frames and to the chair-back, and afoot-rest extension bars secured to the rockers-and extending in front thereof to support the'feet and enable the seat to be swung and the chair rocked,substantially'as described.

2. Arocking-chair, consisting of rigid side frames provided with rockersand side arms, a swingingseat-suspended from theside arms, a chair-back pivotally attached at its lower end to the rear of the seat, links pivoted at their upper endsto the side frames and adjustably pivoted to the'chair-back, and footrest extension bars secured intermediate their extremities to the rockers and extending in' front thereof to support the feet and enable the seat to be swung and the chair rocked,

substantially as described.

3. In a rocking-chair, the combination with side-frames rigidly mounted upon rockers, of a back-piece and seat hinged or pivotally connected together, the seat being suspended from the arm-pieces and the back connected to the side frames by pivotally attached linkplates and a foot-rest frame consisting of strips mounted upon the rockers and projecting in front of the same, said strips being provided with means for locking them rigidly on the rockers, substantially as described.

4:. In a rocking-chair, the combination with side-frames rigidly mounted upon the rockers, of a seat suspended by a transverse stripapass ing beneath the "seat and having :its fiends turned upwardand pivotally connected tothe armpiecesand aback hinged or pivoted at its lower end to said seat .andconnectedto the side-frames by pivotallyattached linkplates which are provided withraseries of openings to permit variableinclination of the back, substantially-as described.

In testimony whereof Ihave hereunto-set myhand ingpresence of two subscribing witnesses.




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