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Publication numberUS524892 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1894
Filing dateMar 20, 1894
Publication numberUS 524892 A, US 524892A, US-A-524892, US524892 A, US524892A
InventorsCarl P. Eichler
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US 524892 A
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( No Mode1-.) C; P. EIGHLER.


N0. 524,892. Patented Aug. 21, 1894-.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 524,892, dated August 21, 1894.

Application filed March 20, 1894.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CARL P. EICI-ILER, of Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, have invented a new and Improved Sifter, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

The invention relates tohand sifters for sifting flour, granulated sugar, spices and other substances and materials, and its object isto provide a new and improved sifter, which is simple and durable in construction, very effective in operation, and arranged to enable the operator to conveniently and readily manipulate the sitter toscoop up the material to be sifted, and to actuate the several parts of the sifter to thoroughly sift the material.

The invention consists of certain parts and details, and combinations of the same, as will be hereinafter described, and then pointed out in the claims,

Reference is to be'had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which similar letters of reference indicate corresponding partsin all the figures.

Figure l-is a sectional side elevation of the improvement. Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same with parts broken out. Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the pawl and ratchet mechanism. for turning the stirrer; and Fig. 4 is a plan view of the ratchet wheel.

The improved sifter is provided with the usual sifter body A, preferably formed at the upper end in the shape of a scoop, as indicated in Fig. 1, the lower end of the said body being provided with the usual screen bottom B of any desired mesh. Over the screen bottomB is arranged a stirrer 0 preferably made in the form of a wheel with rim and radial spokes, but which may be made with a rim and longitudinal and transverse bars, as plainly shown in Fig. 2, the said stirrer being thus like an open frame, as will be readily understood by reference to Fig. 2.

The stirrer O is mounted to turn over the screen bottom B, and in order to rotate the stirrer O, I provide the latter at its center with a vertically-disposed shaft D formed at its upper end into a handle D under the control of the operator, so as to turn the stirrer G.

The shaft D is mounted to turn in a bearing E secured on the screen bottom B and in are 604.369. (No model.)

, On the lower end of the shaft D is secured a ratchet wheel F engaged by a pawl G secured or formed on a rod H extending through an aperture in the side of'the body A, the outer end of the said rod being loosely connected with the lower end J of a spring J carrying a handle I, the said spring being secured in the bail K for the body A, so that the handle I is within the bail K and is adapted to be clasped together with the bail by the operators hand, to press the handle I outward to cause the pawl G to engage and turn the ratchet wheel F, shaft D and stirrer O in one direction, and on releasing the pressure on the handle I to permit the force of the spring J to bring the handle inward, so as to cause the pawl G to glide over the teeth of the ratchet wheel without turning the latter and the connected parts.

It is understood that when the handle I is successively actuated as above described, the rod II receives a reciprocating motion, and by its connections as above described causes the stirrer to turn over the screen bottom. Thus, the operator, by manipulating either of the handles D'or I, can rotate the stirrer C over the screen bottom B. The extreme lower end J of the spring is guided in a slot K in the bottom part of the bail K.

Having thus fully described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat'ent- 1. The combination, with the sifter body, the rigid handle bail,and the yielding handle on the bail, of a revoluble stirrer within the body, and an operative connection between the yielding handle and the stirrer to impart a rotary movement to the stirrer, substantially as described.

2. The combination, with the sifter body, and the spring-actuated handle extending lon-' gitudinally of the body, of a revoluble stirrer within the body, and an operative connection between the handle and the stirrer to impart to the latter an intermittent rotary movement in one direction, substantially as described.

3. The combination, with thesifter' body having a rigid handle bail, and the springs controlled handle on the hail, of a revoluble stirrer within the body, a ratchet wheel on the stirreir, and a rod connected'to the handle and carrying a pawl adapted to engage the ratchet wheel and impart to the stirrer an intermittent rotary movement in one direction, substantially as described.

4. The combination, with the sifter body, of the revoluble stirrer therein, a handle secured to the shaft of the stirrer so that a continu ous rotary motion may be imparted to the 10 stirrer, and separate means for imparting to the stirrer an intermittent rotary motion in one direction, substantially as described.




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