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Publication numberUS525287 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1894
Filing dateOct 24, 1893
Publication numberUS 525287 A, US 525287A, US-A-525287, US525287 A, US525287A
InventorsCharles W. Ruth
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Name-plate attachment
US 525287 A
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No. 525.287. Patented Aug. 28, 1894.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 525,287, dated August 28, 1894. Application filed October 24, 1893. Serial No. 489,041. (No model.)

To alt whom it may concern.-

Be 1t known that I, CHARLES W. RUTH, a

- citizen of the United States, residing at Mobile, in the county of Mobile and State of Ala-' bama, have invented new and useful Improvements in a Name-Plate Attachment or Marking-Tag and Anchor Combined, of which the following is a specification.

The object of my invention is to provide a neat, simple, and inexpensive name-plate attachment or marking-tag, for hats and other articles of apparel, which shall be capable of ready attachment and removal and of serving as an anchor for the attachment of the end of the recovering cord commonly used upon hats.

It is a further purpose of my said invention to provide a name-plate attachment, or marking-tag, which may be manufactured from difierent materials and be susceptible of' a great Variety of ornamentation, which shall be light, strong and durable, and be capable of receiving a name, or other suitable mark of ownership, or identity, upon the material of which said tag, or attachment, is composed, or upon a card, or plate, separately formed and securely held in place by means of said devices.

The invention consists, to these ends, in the several parts and combinations of parts and 1n the novel features of construction hereinafter fully set forth and then particularly pointed out and defined in the claims appended to the following specification.

To enable others tofully understand and to make, construct and use my said invention, I will describe the same in detail, reference being had, for this purpose, to the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1, is aviewin front elevation,showing the invention as applied to the band of a hat, and serving the double function of a name-plate attachment and an anchor for the recovering cord. Fig. 2 is a detail view showing the device removed from its point of attachment and partly spread open, to illustrate its construction. Fig. 3 is a view showing a slight modification. Fig. 4 is a View showing the adaptation of the device as an anchor for the recovering cord of a hat.

The reference numeral 1, in said drawings lndicates the front, or exposed outer portion of the device, which is usually made in the form of aflat, oblong, approximately rectangular frame, having an interior opening 2, of sufiicient size to properly expose the name. Forming part of said front portion is a solid rearward plate, or strip 3, the outline of'which conforms substantially with that of the part 1, to which it is connected by a central portion '4, which is integral with both the parts. Said central portion 415 of any suitable width, being preferably about one third the length of the attachment, which is cut away diagonally upon both sides thereof to separate the parts and form beveling edges 5.

At suitable points in the solid rearward portion, or plate 3, as, for example, in both ends of the same, are formed apertures, or perforations 6, of any suitable shape, and at corresponding points in the outer, or front portion 1, the material of which it is .composed is cut, or punched away upon three sides to form rearwardly turned points, lips, or lugs 7, having such size and shape that they will readily enter. the perforations 6 in the rearward portion 3.

The device is manufactured from any preferred material, such as brass, copper, tin, aluminium, or any suitable sheet-metal, or, when a higher degree of ornamentation is desired, of silver, or gold. The name of the user, with or without the address, is placed upon that portion of the rearward strip 3 which is exposed within the opening 2 of the outer part 1, being marked, stenciled, or engraved thereon, or affixed thereto in any preferred manner. If necessary, or if circumstances render it desirable, the name may be placed upon a separate strip, or card 8, of paper, cardboard, or thin sheet-metal, and the latter inserted between the said outer and rearward portions of the device, it being permanently secured in place by the points, lips, or lugs 7, which are passed through apertures formed therein for the purpose.

When used upon the band of a hat, the device is straddled upon said band, the outer portion 1 lying against the exposed face of the same, and the lugs, points, or lips 7, are caused to penetrate the band and pass through the apertures, or perforations 6 in the rearward part 3, which lies upon the inner,or 0pposite side of the band. These points are thenbent, or turned, in opposite directions,


thus securing the device firmly and permanently in place. In order to expose the name upon the back portion, or rearward strip 3, a section of the band is cut away, or removed, just outside the margin of the opening 2. This, however, may be avoided by placing the name upon a separate card, or strip 8, as already described, and inserting said card, or strip, between the front portion 1 and the outer face of the hat-band.

When used upon a hat-band, the device may also serve as an anchor for the cord, or ribbon, by which the hat is recovered, should it be blown, or knocked ofi. In this case a ring, or loop 9, formed of hard rubber, celluloid, metal, or other suitable material, is engaged with the integral, central portion 4, and the cord, or ribbon 10, is attached thereto at one end, the other end being secured in any manner to the clothing, or person, of the wearer.

What I claim is- 1. A name-plate attachment, consisting of two similarly shaped plates united by a portion 4c which is integral therewith, one plate having perforations 6, and the other plate having an opening to expose a name card, and formed integral with a series of lips 7 which enter the perforations 6 and are bent down for securing the two plates together with the name card between the same, substantially as shown and described.

2. The combination with a hat-band of a name-plate attachment and anchor, consisting of an outer part having a suitable opening and a rearward, continuous portion united to said outer part by a central portion integral with both, said outer part having inte gral lips,or points to penetrate the band and enter apertures in the rearward part, and a ring, or loop, engaged with the central, uniting portion, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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