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Publication numberUS53052 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1866
Publication numberUS 53052 A, US 53052A, US-A-53052, US53052 A, US53052A
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US 53052 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 53,052, dated March 6, 1866.

I an end elevation; Fig. 3, a longitudinal section Fig. 4, a transverse section Fig. 5, elevation of top; Fig. 6, section of ball, showing the loading; Fig. 7, enlarged section of a slat.

This machine consists of a revolving cylinder, inside of which the clothes are introduced and conned by a hinged door. This revolving cylinder D, formed of slats grooved on the inside and screwed onto the end pieces, and placed half an inch apart to allow the water to pass freely, is hung in an oblong box, A, the 'shafts working on two movable plates of iron, B, with four shaft-holes in each, affixed to the outside of the box A, and arranged in such a manner that the cylinder can be raised or lowered in the suds-box A with a View to the greater or lesser immersion of the clothes.

The plates B B are held in position by the movable braces a a.

Twenty-four wooden balls, G, heavily loaded with lead, are introduced into the cylinder, upon every revolution of which the clothes are rubbed and washed between thc loadedballs and the grooved slats forming the inside of the cylinder.

I claim- The combination of the slattcd cylinder D. the balls C C, and the adjusting-plates B B, held in place by the braces a a, the whole arranged and combined, as above described, for the purpose and in the manner herein set forth. F

Y ISRAEL E. SMITH. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationD06F21/00