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Publication numberUS530561 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1894
Publication numberUS 530561 A, US 530561A, US-A-530561, US530561 A, US530561A
InventorsEarl A. Thissell
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US 530561 A
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(No Model.)

. 3Sheets-Sheet 1., E. 'A. THISSELL. VENDING MACHINE.

- N0. 530,561. Patented Dec. 11, 1894.

-(No Mqdel.) 3 Sheets-Sheet 2.


I VENDING MACHINE No. 530,561. Patented Dec. 11 1894.

@qmlm 3 Sheets-Sheet 3.

(No Model.)

, Patented De0.-11, 1894.




flvsnom'ci-mAcum 5.

srncrrxca'rron Lpplicetlcnflled Hatch 30 To all iuhl om) it may concern;

Be it known that I, EARL A. Florence, in the county of Hampshirefand State of Massachusetts, have invented anew 'and'usetul Improvement in Vending '-Machines, of which the followingis a-specifiea- 'tion, reference being bad to'the-accompauying drawings, forming part thereof."

My inventionrelates to automatic machines to for'vending articles of merchandise and'par 7 ages having ticnlarly to machines for vending'c'igars, cigarettes, or. other goods contained inpacksubstantially the shape of a cigar .or'cigarett'e.

The objects of-the invention are to simplifyand cheapen the construction of the coin-eon trolled mechanism by which access to one or atwenty-five-cent'piece. 1 I 3 To these ends my-inventron cons'istsin the "more of the articles is afforded to 'a pu'r chaser, and to provide means whereby accessto any predetermined number of the articlesis aiforded 'to the purchaserby the depositof a single coin, as, for e'xample, threecigars for vending machine constructed ando'perating as hereinafter fully described and -particu-' larly pointed out in the claims.

Referring to] the drawmgs, 1

views, Figural is a view in perspective of a vending machine embodying 'niy invention.

Fig. 2 is a vertical section thereof, takeif in the Y plane of line at -a: of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is avertical section of the lower end oi; one" otthe coin chutes andof one of the goods drawers, and

a side elevation of oneot the detent levers.

Fig. 4 isa plan view of thesame parts, the

coin chute being shown in cross-section. Fig.

V *5 is" a partial vertical section, taken in the planeof line iq -ypf Fig.

1 The letter a designates providedwitii the hinged and locked'doorfi at the front 'sidethere'of and with the" locked moneyidrawer a, at the bottom and hear the rear'side thereof. Near the upper end of the door a! are located the slots "to receivethe' coins which the machine is adapted to be automatically operated, there being, in" the exampleshown, three of such slots ot-the properlengths to receive respectively a fivecent piece, a cent piece,


n which like i letters designate like parts in the several "the case, which is ten-cent piece, and a-twenty-five: each of said slots being properly forming atter Letters it'atent m jeea'sei, mea- December 11'; 1 894.

1892. smart. 421,123. den in.)

ti fie'dby s'uitablelettering as shown. At itslower end said door is provided with three glass panels a through which the three grades -'of cigars or other articles are displayerhand other,-may rest directly against said partition the casel preferto utilize light trays'h'of wood oroth'er suitable material, within which the to;rest against. said partition as shown in. )Fig. 2. Said trays are'open-at their-lower end to permit the goodsdrawers, and elastic tapes b are prefdoor a is opened for any purpose, said tapes being secured at their lower ends to the case and detachably connected'at'thei'r upper ends tovthe' partition bor, to the. coin chutes pres ently to be described. Substantially midway between the bottom ot-th'e case and thelower ends'of saidpartitio'n b and the door a, isllocated a horizontal partition c, which extends;

at the front sideof the case,-with the open trough-or receptacle d,-located at the bottom of-the case, "etc which the articleor articles sold are dropped, and from which theycaxr case said par I or opening a3, which communicates with the. money drawer a The goods drawerse'restnpon said partition side of the case, said drawers, in their normal position, being retainedby springs f and preferablyhas an. ornamental mirrorpanel b, but for convenience in placing themwithin articles to descend into. the

other articles, being superposed one upon the i articles are placed, said trays beingadapted erahly employed to prevent the articles i i-om falling outwardly from the trays when the from end to end ofthe case, and is provided,

slot 0, which communicates" with a shallow .be readily removed. At the 'rear sideot'the 'tion on: provided with the slot as-clearly shown 'in Fig.

c and are capableot a limited slidingmove- 1 ment thereon toward and away from the front the locking. devices presently to be described, I with their rear ends" resting against the rear, sidepf the case and covering the slot or openw 45 which the lever is designed to be operated.

'52, wardlyto, the;p'oint where. they 'engage,the

I provided with a transverse opening 6 ex-.

, is, provided with an opening 6 which extends as shown in Fig. 2,-and the drawer 'is made I wardmost position of said drawers the open- 1 ing from th 1 rocked to'the restsup'on-thje forkedrear'end thereoti. Also t rear ends of. 1evers h, from wh hey-e ten 1 hied by the rearends ofLShidlGVe'rsQfWIie'iIthe their normal Pb lii i hove eoinchnte' lc,'which chutes extend .u pwardl y nearly to the;'.-top, :urve'dbutwa'rdly,through openings .inpar register: with the coin, slots'jn'said door. At

ing 0 in. said partition. Eachof said drawers is provided at its front end with a fingerpiece 6', extending through the front wall of the case, by which it can be drawn toward said front wall when its locking device is released. The two drawers which are designed to deliver the articles one at a time are each tending entirely through the drawer and of a proper width to receive loosely one'ot' the ar-" ticles to be sold, as shown in' Fig. 5, which opening, in the normal position of the drawer, registers with the open bott'om of the tray 6' above it, whereby -the"lower'm'ost article is permitted to drop; into said opening and to rest upon the partitionc- Thethird drawer, which is'designed to deliver a plurality of articles at a time, as for example three cigars,

through the drawer in an inclined direction,

of a slightly greater thickness, to enable said opening to receive the desired number of the articles, the upper end of said opening regis: tering with its tray, in the normalposition of the drawergin the same manner as the openings of the other two drawers. In t-he'forings therein register with the slot 0' in partition 0, whereby, when the drawers are moved to such position, the article or articles contained within said openings are permitted to drop through said slot into .the receptacle d.

The locking and releasing devices for said drawers are constructed as follows:-Projeete rearsideiof the case,-above-each of said drawers, is abraeket g, upon which is pi-votally mounted a locking or detent lever 72. having at'its front end a downwardly projecting hook adapted to engage a loekingap n the drawer,=when the latter is in. its normal position. The rear end Match of said levers is forked, as shown in Fig. 4,-the width-of the opening thus formed being but slightly lesstha'n the diameter of the coin by:

The front ends-of 'saidlevers are weighted sufficiently to cause their hooks to normally engagefthe apertures e in the drawers,- asshowni'n' Fig, 2, and yet permit-them tothe position shown in Fig. 5 .by the weight or theproper. coin, when} the -,latter'.

supported upon .eachiot' said brackets g is a efajthe'case and are :then' tition'ib, to thedoor af, where their'upper ends-- their'iloweri'end-said chutesjareenrv ed, rearbrackets. g,; whie 'POints are, directly above ichpoint I downwardly-in, a substantially YQitiOB'I-L planeto or nearlytoetherplah enemin Fig. 2, By thus eontinuingthe lowere'nds of said chntes'below the brackets-g, I am on I abled to dispense with stops to retain the coin upon the levers h until the goods drawer has.

been given an initial forward movement, asv has heretofore been necessary, the coin, in

'my device, being retained within the chute drawer.

position at the front of the case, with the low-' ermost article occupying the opening e in two of the goods drawers, andthe three lowerarticles occupying the-.opening e in the third drawer, and door a? and money drawer'ot" be, inglo'cked; the machine is ready for use.

The levers h securely lock the three goods drawers in theirrearmost or normal'position',

so that'aceess v either to the goods or to the worki-ng parts ofthe machine is prevented. -f now a cold of either of th'e-three-denominations mentioned be dropped into'its' proper slot -in door a, it passes 'downwardlythrough the chute leadingtrom said slot tothe bottom thereof where it engages'the fork at the' rear and rocks saidleve'r in a manner to disengage its book from the goods drawer with which it ctr-operates. By such movement of-the detent leve'r, its rear end is causedto'bear upon the being-partly retained withi n the chute by 'rea'-' son of the downward extension-of the-latter" at its lower end; The'pu chaser now grasps I the properfinger piece e, an pulls the goods r, as shown inl ig. 5, thepotrf'stil'l' end'ot the detentlever h beneath saidchnte,

drawer outwardly as far as it will go, the'reby 2 moving its opening e or e into-register with the slot c in partition 0, whereupon article or the three articles as th be,

the single drops into, the receptacle-d, the solid pore case-maytion of said drawer behind the opening ther'eir'rv serving to retain the remaining articles within; 1

, their tray b'i. As the draweristhus drawn forward its rearend hneoverstthe-slot 0 in par"- tition'c and permits thedeterit lever toiro'ck till farther. upon its pivo't,.as-represented by broken line's vted toescapefrom the; chute'and drops into the money drawer. releases his hold As soon as; the purchaser spring f returns-the goods drawer; toiijtsnor-g inal position-,an'd thehook; efjth'e detent lever again engages the aperture ef therein, and the"'maehine is ready to'b'e again'operated.

in Fig.- 3,'and thecoin" is permit Should a'coin'of less than thepropertdiaineter be dropped,into.eitheroftheislots it-will' pass' betweemthear'msiof th'e forkon thedete'nt,

lever'withoiit releasi'ng-theigoods drawer, andi itlitbe of less-than the-proper weight jit,,w'ill 'failfto rockfltherlever, cheatingii /prevented?1 v 3 The y'endingmachine-thnsdescribed;is very simple-and inexpensive in' ,-construction and so'th'at all possibility of 1on1 It gaifo'rdsito the'purchaser three difier zetfstrongf andzdurable and perfect in opera entfgrades'of'the articles, se1d rdmiwhie1iith ar h he a arms ar s vantage of '1 the customary discount in the price of the article when a number of the same are taken'at one time, as, for example, three gten-ce'n-t cigars for twenty five-cents. The

. workingp'arts of the-machine are efiectuallyprotected bythe case from dirt and injury,

- while, at the same time, accessthereto when tition ,b.

' Thedescribed construction of the lower ends of the coin chutesand the location thereof rela tively to the'dete'nt levers specified-insures, V the release of the goods'draw'ers whenever a" j 5' proper coin is deposited and obviates all-'posw i sibility ofclogging of the parts.

Having thus fully described my invention,

" what I claim, and desirejtosecure by Letters j Patent, is-, 1 2owith a case having a-storage sp'ace for the arti:

1. .In a vending machine, the combinationcles to be sold and a movable goods drawer adapted to carry said articles fromsaid storage space to the outer side of the case, of a 5 coin chute communicatingat its upper end with a slot in the front side of said case which i is adapted toreoeive a coin of i a V mined size, and a locking lever pivotally suppredetcr;

I ported between its ends within said case, said lever having-its front end adapted to opera.- tively engage said goods drawer to lock the I latter in its closed position andterminating at its rear end inafork which normally oo- 2. In a vending machine, the combination" with the case having the front side thereof composed of a hinged door which isprovided with a coin-receiving. slot, and having near, {45

- V cupiesa position adjacent to the lower end of said'coin chute," the inside width of said. a fork beingbut slightlyless than the, diameter of the predetermined. coin, whereby acoin of less diameter will pass said lever without rocking'it, substantially as and forthe pun .said drawers, and coin releasingmechanism pose described.

said front side a'removable partition against which the goods are-supported in a substantially vertical column, a goods drawer located beneathsaid partition and movable toward and away from the front side of the case, a

pivotally supported detent lever having at its frontend a hook adapted toengage a lock-' ing aperture in said drawer and having at,its rear end a horizontally disposed fork. of slightly less inside width than the-diameter .of the coin by which it is designed to be operated, a money drawer locatedbeneath the f rear end of; said goods drawer, access to which is closed by the latter in its retracted posi- 'tion,'an'd a coin chute having its upper end extended through said partition iii-the case to the coin-receiving slotin. the door, said chute terminating at'itslower. end above the fork on said detent lever and at adistance vabove the goods-drawer less than the diameter ofgthe coin with whichitis. designed to:

be used,"whereby'the coin when dropped be prevented from entirely leaving the chute,"

' through said chute willengage thefo'rk on until an initial forward movement is imparted to said drawer, substantially as set forth.

3. Ina vending machine, a case provided with a goods storing space and. having an open goods receptacle, as d, and a horizo1i' tally disposed partition, as 0, having therein a slot orv open1ng,as c, communicating withsaid receptacle, a plurality of goods drawers resting upon said partition and movable toward and-away from the front side of the case, a portion of said drawers having ex tending therethrough in a verticall plane a transverseopening, as 0 and-thejremainder thereof being provided with a transverse' opening, as c, extending therethrough in an" inclined plane, said openings, in the'rearmost positions of the drawers, registering with thegoods storing spaceQand, in the forward most positions of the drawers, with said slot-or opening in said partition, locking devices for therefor, combined and operatingsubstantially as set forth, whereby a portion of said drawers are adapted to deliver the articles one at a time into said open receptacle, and

the remainder to deliver a plurality of artif

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