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Publication numberUS532111 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1895
Publication numberUS 532111 A, US 532111A, US-A-532111, US532111 A, US532111A
InventorsHenry D. Streator
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US 532111 A
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. mass 2% 1 UNITED STATES HENRY 1). s'rnnh'l-oaior PATENT OFFICE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 532,11 1, dated January 8', 1.895.

Application filed October 13, 1.89.4.

To aZZ whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, HENRY D. Srn AToR, a citizen of the United States. residingat the city of Kalamazoo, in the county of Kalamazoo and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Advertising-Boards, of which the following is a specification. I v

My invention relates to improvements in advertising boardsand more particularly to advertising boards which are also used as mile and guide board's and are therefore placed in the open air and mustconsequently beadapted to stand rough usage in various ways and exposure to the elements. The objects of my inventionare to construct an advertising board which shall be cheap and atthe same time durable.

Another object is to construct such a boardin-'-panels on which advertisements may be placed, the panelsbeing so constructed that they are easily removable for the purpose of placing new advertisements thereon or re-. decorating them or repairing any injuries that an advertisement placed upon the same may have received, and also to vary their size.

Another object of my invention is to so construct a board of this character that each advertisement will seem to be in a separate and distinct frame thus bringing each out prom'i nently and giving it an individuality. I Another object of my invention is topro- 'vide means whereby these pan'elsmaybe placed in the board and secured there by a suitable lock, such as a pad-lock or similar contrivance.

I accomplish these objects by the device shown in the accompanying drawings, in which- 4 Figure 1 is a front elevation of an ad vertis.-- ing board embodying my invention. Fig.2 is a side elevation of the same. Fig. 3 is asec-' tional view on line 22 of Fig. 1. .Fig. 4 is a detail sectional view on line 4 4= of Fig. 1. I Fig. 5 is a. detail sectional view on line 5 5 of Figxl. Fig. dis a detail sectional view on lined-+6 of .Fig. -1. Fig. 7 is a detail view of a modification of, the locking device for securing the said panels in place. -Fig. 8 isa- .detail sectional view on line 8-8 of Fig. 1, and Fig. 9 is a detail sectional view on line 95-9 of'Fig. 1.

Similar letters of reference refer to similar parts throughout the several views; and all I Referring to the lettered parts of the draw.- ings, A, A, represent suitable posts for supporting the general framework of the advertising board and extends back of the same and supports, at the top, the board, E, which serves as a mile and guide board.

. The general frame is supported oncross'.

strips, n, n, n, n, to which the posts, A, are

securely attached. The frame consists of the top and bottom ,p-ieces, D, D, which are I grooved at the center, and two intermediate strips, D, D, parallel with the same, "i-tll'Of whichare grooved ,to receive the panels, G. The sides of the frame are composed of strips, B, B, which are bolted together by bolts, 2', t', at one side and are secured to the cross strips, n, n, as above stated. To the other sido,(th'e right shown in the drawings) the strips, 13, ll,

instead of being secured together by bolts, i,

are secured together by means of a staple, e,

projecting from the front strip, 13, through the back strip, B, Where a lock, e, is attached to the staple and secures the same in place.

Where a single staple is used,pins, a a, project from the front piece, B, backthrough suitable holes in the back 'stri p, 3', to holdthe strip, B, securely.

In Fig. 3 a modification is shown where staples, c, e, e, are inserted back through the strip, 13', and a bolt, 0', passes down through the staplesand is secured in place at the bot tom by the lock, e.

' The panels, 0, C, O, are removable and slide in the grooves in the strips, D, D, &c. lVhen they are inserted, the strip,jl3, which is at tached by the lock, is removed and the panels are slipped in from the end; and, when in place, the strip, B, is again placed in position and locked there,'which, as will be readily seen, secures the panels inplace under lockand key. v 1

In the drawings, it will be seen that the frame makes up three spaces extending transversely across the same, the entire middle panel being left plain. Where the advertiser does not desire to; pay for so much space as that, it may be divided for him by-the cross strips, D The top panel is divided into two parts by such cross strips, B, a'ndthe lower panel is divided into three parts, thus showing how the space is divided up and framed ofi for advertisers. The strips, D", are square at theend andgrooved to receive the edge of the panelto both sides so that it strengthens the comparatively thin panel ,at the edge where it is the weakestand tends to make the same very durable and strong, and also gives to each section of the board a finished appearance, givin g itthe appearance of being included in a frame. The cross strips, D", serve also to divide the board up in an artistic manner as Well.

I desire to saythat my improved advertising board may be considerably varied in its details withoutdeparting from my'invention. For instance, both sides of the frame could be made tobe attached with a lock and the same may be bolted by bolts, 6. However, I prefer the construction as I have shown it.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new,and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. In an advertising board, the combination of posts, A, A, a, mile board, E, above; cross strips, on, n, n; transverse strips, D, D, D,-

D, grooved to receive the panels, 0, O, 0; side strips, B, B, bolted together by bolts, 1', at one side and secured together by the pins, a, a; a staple, e, and look, a, at the other; and vertical strips, D", grooved at both sides to divide the sections into smaller panels and secure the edges of the panels against breaking and wear and give each panel the appearance of being in a suitable frame, substantially as described for the purpose specified.

2. In an advertising board, the framework composed of transverse and vertical strips containing grooves; panels adapted to be slipped into the said grooves; and removable strips, vD", square across the top and bottom I and grooved on both sides to receive the edges of the panels adapted to be placed between said panels to separate them and give them the appearance of being framed; an end strip adapted to be secured by a lock and key to hold said panels and strips in their places in said grooves, as specified. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal in the presence of two witnesses.

HENRY D. 'STREATOR. [L. s] \Vitnesses:


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