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Publication numberUS532236 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1895
Filing dateSep 27, 1894
Publication numberUS 532236 A, US 532236A, US-A-532236, US532236 A, US532236A
InventorsGue C. Iiardesty
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US 532236 A
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(No Model.)


Ptented Jan. 8, 1895 @lv/www.'

m: Nonms Pzrzns cc. PHOTQUTNQ. wAsNmumN, n, c.

` to which my invention pertains to make and tudinal sectional view of the device.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 532,236, dated .January 8,1895. Application filed September 27, 1894. Serial No. 501,739. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GUE C. HARDESTY, a citizen of thelUnited States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of 11li nois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bust-Developers, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to'improvements in a device to be used for the therapeutical purpose of developing1 and cupping parts of the body of a person, and while it is more especially adapted to be used for enlarging and developing the breasts of females, yet it can be effectively and beneficially used for cupping parts of the body; and it consists in certain peculiarities ofl the construction, novel arrangement, and operation of the various parts thereof, as willbe hereinafter more fully set forth and specifically claimed.

The objects of my invention are, first, to provide a device for the above named purposes, which shall be simple and inexpensive in construction, durable and effective in operation, and second, such an instrument, which can be operated by the user Without the assistance of another person.

Still another and one of the main objects of my invention is to prevent the center of A that part of the body under treatmentbeing abnormally distended, and also to avoid the centralizing of the action of the device, when it is used for cupping.

` In order to enable others skilled in the art use the'same, I will now proceed to describe it, referring'to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1, is a view in side elevation of the developer, as it appears when ready for use, showing it applied to a breast, anda portion of the globe broken away. Fig. 2, is a longi- Fig. 3, is a bottom plan view thereof. Fig. 4, is a longitudinal sectional view of a portion of the vacuum pump, and a part of the globe and spring-actuated pressure-rod. Fig. 5, is a detail view of the upper portion of the vacuum pump; and Fig. 6, .is a view in side elevation oii'a modification in the form of the globe.

Similar letters refer to like parts throughout the different views of the drawings.

- A, represents a globe, which is made ofany suitable size, form, and material, but preferably of glass, and of substantially the form illustrated in Figs. l, 2, and 3, of the drawings, that is, cylindrical and somewhat spherical. The mouth or open part a, of the globe is provided around its periphery with a piece of rubber a', which is glued to the outer surface of the globe, or otherwise secured thereto, and extends inwardly, and forms an annular rim a2, which when in contact with the iiesh causes the globe to adhere thereto, as is apparent. That portion of the globe oppo- `sitethe mouth or open part a, is contracted,

so as to form a neck b, through which is passed a tube B, which is provided on its inner side with an annular Iiange b', which rests against the inner surface of the globe, and serves to secure thesame in position. The upper part of the tube B, which extends beyond the neck b, is provided -with exterior screw-threads, with which internal screw-threads on the tube C, engage. To the upper part of the neck b, of the globe, and around the tube B, is secured a cap D, which protects the globe from the action of the cylinder E, which cylinderis of sullcient length and size to encompassthe tube C. The

upper end of the tube C, is provided with external screW-threadawhich'engage with internal threads ou a thimble H, which thimble is provided with an annular flan ge h, to which is secured a Washer h', of leather,rubber, or other suitable material, which forms a piston for the cylinder E. The upper or outward part of the thimble H, is formed with a longitudinal -opening h2, within which a small sphere or ball is placed to form a valve, and which is retained within the opening h2, by means of the internal annular flange h3, at the end of the thimble and is prevented being passed down into the tube C, by reason of the contracted part c, of its opening, which forms a seat for the valve c', or ball. Around the lower portion of the tube C, is loosely located a collar e, which is adapted to move up and down on said tube, when the cylinder E, is so moved the said cylinder carrying it when it is drawn from the globe and the compressed' air forcing it back to its normal position,


which fits at its contracted portion closely to the tube C, yet will permit of the escapeof air between the two. Between the contracted part ofthe opening c, in the tube C, and the upper part of the tube B, is located a spiral spring g, which is secured to the upper end of the pressure rod G, which passes down through the tube B, into the globe A, andhas its lower end provided with a head t', of rubber or other suitable material.

In Fig. 6, I have shown a modification in the form of the cylinder A', which instead of being somewhat spherical, as is shown in the other figures, is cylindrical, only, and much smaller in diameter in order that it may be applied to portions of the body, which it is desired to treat, which requires a smaller globe. Forinstance, if it should be desired to cup the temples of a person or other parts of the body, for which a larger globe would not be suitable, the cylinder A', is supplied with the vacuum-pump B', as before and may also be provided with the spring-actuated-pressurerod G, and head. However, in this modification, the piston-rod is not deemed essential, but under certain circumstances I may prefer to use it.

The operation of my device is simple and as follows: '[he mouth of the globe is applied to the breast D', of the person, when by moving the cylinder E, outward therefrom, a portion of the air within the globe will be exhausted through the tube B, and from thence through the tube C. The sphere or valve c', being raised thereby and thus allowing the air to escape from the free end of the thimble H, into the cylinder E. The cylinder is then pressed back toward the globe, which operation will force the valve c', to its seat, or the contracted opening c, in the tube C, and prevent the air, which is thus compressed,pass ing back again into the globe, but causing it to `escape at the lower end of the cylinder. This operation will create a vacuum in the globe, and'will cause the flesh of the person vto be drawn therein, thus causing the blood to be drawn to the part under treatment, and producing other beneficial results to said part or parts. It will be understood that when the cylinder E, is drawn outward from the globe, the collar e, will prevent the air escaping at the lower end of the cylinder, as it (the collar) moves with the cylinder, but when the cylinder is moved toward the globe, the collar will not quite close the space between the cap e',

and the tube C, and will thus allow the coinpressed air to escape. When a quantity of air in the globe shall have been exhausted, the tendency will be to draw that part of the flesh under treatment into a cone-shape, and it is to prevent this action,V that I use the spring-actuated-pressure-rod G, having the soft head or cap 1l, which cap will rest against the central portion of the flesh under treatment, and prevent it distending except slightly and thus touniformly affect the part under treatment.

The pressure-rod and its cap or head willl be found especially advantageous, when my device is used for developing the breast, for the reason that the nipple is more tender than the other portion of the breast, and as it naturally protrudes, it would be caused to'abnormally distend, if the piston were not used. When it is used, the nipple d, will fit within the cap z', and as the air is exhausted in the globe, the pressure-rod will yield slightly, so that the parts will assume about the relative positions indicated in Fig. 1,0f the drawings.

Having thus fully described my invention,

what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. In a bust developer, the combination of a globe, with' the tube B, connected thereto and opening therein, the tube C, engaging with the tube B, and `having its upper portion contracted to form the seat c, the thimble H, having the piston h', and annular flange h3, the valve or ball c',"within the opening h2 of the thimble, the sliding collar e, and the exterior cylinder E, having the cap e', at its lower end, substantially as described. 2. In a bust developer, the combination of a globe, with the tube B, connected thereto and opening therein, the tube C, engagingwith the tube B, and having its upper portion contracted to form the seat o, the thimble H, having the piston h', and annular flange 72.3, the valve or ball c', within the opening h2 of the thimble, the sliding collar e, and the exterior cylinder E, having the cap e', at its lower end,fthe pressure-rod G, having the head.

i, and extending into the tube C, and a spring located in said tube to actuate the said piston-rod, substantially as described.





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