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Publication numberUS53388 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1866
Publication numberUS 53388 A, US 53388A, US-A-53388, US53388 A, US53388A
InventorsHiram Berdan
Original AssigneeThe Berdan Fibe
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Improvement in priming- metallic cartridges
US 53388 A
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PATENTED MAR. 20, 1866.





IMPROVEMENT IN" PRIMING METALLIC CARTRIDGBS Speoificalionforming part of Letters Patent No. 53,388, dated March 20, 1866.

To all whom it may concern I Be it known that I, HIRAM Bnanamot' the city, county, and State of New York, have in-' ence being bad to the accompanying drawings.

This invention relates to an improvement in that class of cartridges known as center-fire cartridges, whether such cartridges have their entire shells or their heads or bottoms only made of metal. The object of this improvement is partly to insure the prevention of the accidental ignition ofthe i'nlminate-primin g to which other center-fire cartridges are liable in the manufacture, or when packed and transported, a number together; partly to bettr'iii snre the ignition of said priming by the blow of the hammer; and partly to enable the shell to be reloaded, reprimed, and used over again, if desired, for target practice, or in any case in which it might be convenient to save the shell, without renewal or. replacement of any of its parts but the cap, pellet, or other primer. The head or bottom of the cartridge is-constructed or fitted with a cup, into which the fulminate-priming, in the form of a cap, pellet, or otherwise, is inserted in such manner as to be entirely contained some distance within the outer face of the head or bottom of the shell; "andjn the bottom of the said cup there is a permanently-fixed projection in a rearward direction, against which the fnlminate-priming is driven by the hammer, and which presents a point or so small a surface that the entire force of the blow of the hammer is so concentrated on a small portion of the priming as to insure its ignition.

Figural in the accompanying drawings is a central longitudinal section of a ball-car- I tridge constructed according to this iiivention,

on a scale larger than the real size. Fig. 2 is a rear end view or the same.

Similar letters of reference indicate correspending parts in both figures.

In the bottom of this cup, which projects intothe cartridge, there is a vent-hole, r, for the passage of the fire from the priming to the charge, and there is also an outward teat-like projection, s, or projecting point, which is represented as formed by indenting the bottom of the cup on the inner side, but which may be formed by depressing the metalaround it, or by makin g a hole and inserting and securing a small pin or teat of solid metal; but in any case it must constitute a permanent portion of the cup which will not be detached during the 1 0f the earn ngs ,Tlhe priming is .re re. sented as being in the form of a shallow pelletlike cap, 1, containing the fulminate what it may be in any other form-that will permit its insertion loosely into the cup N, in which it is secured by means of water-proof varnish or other adhesive material, at such distance from the outside of the head that it may be proteeted from the points of the conical bullets or 'any other bodies, the contact or concussion of which might be liable to prodncethe ignition of the fulminate. The fulminate is toward the teat or point e.

The fulminate is to be fired by means of a firing-pin struck by the hammer or by the point of a hammer, which will enter the cup N, and drive the priming forward against the teat or point 8, which presents so small a surface that the force of the blow is concentrated on an exceedin gl y small surface of the priming andwill insure its explosion. The rim of the cap texpands within the cup N in firing, in such manner as to. form a gas-check.

In the operation of this cartridge no portioncup, in which a new priming can be inserted if desired to reload the cartridge.

One advantage of this cartridge is that it maybe loaded before the application of the priming, thus not only rendering its manufae ASSIGNOR-TO "rn'n BnnnAn FIRE- time less dengewoustheh eheh of other primed flexing the storege safer, hut preventing the detez'iomiieh to which the fnlmhlete-primieg is eebjeee m cartridges when kept for 2, long time.

What I claim myinventioe, end} desire {to secure by Lehiere Peiehh, ie-

The fixed permanent teat-like projection s ehthe bottom-of the cup N in the h of e eartridlgeflm combination with the pellet or other priming inserted into and promoted within the id cup, substantially as herein set for. v


HENRY T. Beowez; 11; W. G


Cooperative ClassificationF42B5/36