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Publication numberUS535767 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1895
Filing dateMar 27, 1894
Publication numberUS 535767 A, US 535767A, US-A-535767, US535767 A, US535767A
InventorsWillis H. Murdoch
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US 535767 A
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Patented Mar. l2, 1895..


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SPECIFICATIONiforming part of Letters Patent No. 535,767, dated March 12, 1895.

' Application ned March 27,1894. serial No. 505,317. (No modem To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that we, WILLIS H. MURDooK and FRANK WEIGEL, citizens of the United States, residing at Le Roy, in the county of Genesee and State of New York, have invented a new and useful StovepipeShelf, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to improvements in stove-pipe shelves.

The object of the present invention is to improve the construction of stovelpipe shelves,

to increase their strength and durability and to provide a simple and inexpensive one which may be'readily adjusted tothe desired elevation on a stove pipe, and adapted for holding dishes and the like desired to be kept warm by the heat arising from a stove.

The invention consists in the construction and novel combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and pointed out in the claim hereto appended.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a perspective View of astovepipe shelf constructed in accordance with this invention. Fig. 2 is a reverse plan View of the same, partly in section.

VSimilar numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in both figures of the drawings.

1 designates a stove-pipe shelf', comprising an innercircular collar 2, adapted to embrace a stove-pipe 3, an outer concentric rim t and a series of radial braces 5, arranged at intervals and formed integral with the outer curved rim 4. The ends of the collar 2 are bentoutward at 6 and are perforated to receive a clamping-bolt 7, which ist provided with a nut adapted to be screwed against one of the flanges, or outtnrned ends 6, to cause the collar 2 to clamp the stove pipe with the desired degree of force.

The stove shelf is segmental; and the rim 4 and the braces 5, which are horizontally disposed and arranged edgewise, are constructed of a single strip of ribbon metal, which is first bent to form the end brace 8, and a securing flange 9, at the inner end thereof. It is then curved to form the outer rim 4 and is then eX- tended back and forth betweenthe collar and the rim to form the radial braces 5, and is extended on the collar and the inner face of the rim to provide` the alternately-arranged connectingportions 10 and 11, which are respect ively secured by rivets, or other fastening devices 12, to the collar and the rim. This construction provides a strong and durable shelf, and at the same time affords a simple and economic construction, which may be readily manufactured Without necessitating the employment of skilled mechanics.

The shelf may be provided with a wire or foraminous covering or sheet 13, arranged on the upper edges of the braces and the rim, and suitably secured to the same, but the sheet of Wire gauze `or foraminous material may be dispensed with if desired.

It will be seen that the stovepipe shelf is exceedingly simple and inexpensive in con-- struction, that it possesses great strength and durability and may be readily adjusted to the desired elevation on the stove pipe for the purpose of keeping articles Warm by means of the heat which arises from the stove.

Changes in the form, proportion, and the minor details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the principle or sacrificing any of the advantages of this invention.

A stove-pipe shelf comprising a securing collar, an outer curved rim, radial braces arranged at intervals and extending from the collar t'o the rim, and alternately-arranged portions secured to the collar and the rim and connecting the braces, said rim, braces and connecting portions consisting of a single strip of metal bent to form the same, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

In testimony that We claim the foregoing as our own we have hereto affixed our signatures in the presence of two witnesses.


FRANK WEIGEL. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationA47B57/26