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Publication numberUS535847 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1895
Filing dateDec 5, 1894
Publication numberUS 535847 A, US 535847A, US-A-535847, US535847 A, US535847A
InventorsLydia A. Mertz
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US 535847 A
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Patented Mar. 19, 1895.

zveyzor Kami (Mm/ww. 5 y leer NITED STATES y reich.



LlPECIFICA'JJIO1\T forming part of Letters Patent No. 535,84'7,dated March v19, 1895. Application filed December 5,1894. serai No. 530,861. (No man.)

. struct a dinner pail as to afford a means of carrying therein securely and in good condition pastry and other articles of food easily crushed or disarranged; a further object being to so construct a dinner pail that the entire lunch placed or packed therein may be removed without unpacking, or any article of the same removed without disturbing or disarranging any other part of the lunch in the pail. These objects I attain in the manner hereinafter set forth, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is an axial section through the pail and through the inside frames and shelves placed therein, the same being constructed according to lnyinvention. Figs. 2 and 3 are end views, from the top, of the device fitting within the pail, consisting of two rectangular frames, fastened together by pivots about which they revolve. In Fig. 2 the frames are shown at right angles to each other, and hold a shelf or plate in position. In Fig. 3 said frames are shown at a very acute angle or nearly coinciding with each other and having the shelves or plates removed.

A is the outer pail, which is constructed as an ordinary pail, of metal or other suitable material, having the sides B and B parallel to each other or nearly so, and perpendicular, respectively, or nearly so vto thebottom O of the pail. The pail has a bail D attached or connected in any suitable manner to the sides B and B' at Eand E'. The pail may or may not have a lid or cover. In the drawings a cover M of the usual form is shown.

F, F, and G, G, respectively, are two rectangular frames, made of metal or other suitable material, and firmly joined at the corners, respectively. The frames F, F, and G, G, respectively, are fastened to each other by double headed pivots L and L', about which they revolve. The frame F, F, has a handle I fastened or connected in any suitable manner at K and K', by means of which the frames maybe lifted or carried. The handle is shown as made of metal, but other material may be used where suitable.

R, R, and R,R'; S, S, and S', S; and T, T, and T', T', are rivets or supports projecting through or fastened securely to the opposite vertical sides of the frames F, F, and G, G, re-

spectively, and extending into the space inclosed or circumscribed by said frames, respectively. In the drawings three of these supports are shown in each vertical side of each frame, but any convenient number may be used, care beingtaken to place one rivet or support in each vertical side of each frame at the distance determined upon from the bottom of the frame, to the end that the plates, shelves, or flasks, X, Y, Z, placed thereon may be held in a horizontal position. Also, in the drawings the supports are shown as rivets projecting through the vertical sides of the frames, but lugs or other supports attached to or notches made in the inner side of the vertical sides of the frames may be used instead thereof. 4

The frames F, F, and G, G, are to be made of such dimensions that they will fit snugly within the pail, and extend from the bottom to the top of the same; and, if a cover be used with the pail, the frames are to be of such dimensions that the flange or rim N, of the cover may pass and fit down between the frames F, F, and G, G, respectively, and the sides B and B' of the pail.

The frames F, F, and G, G, are made' to revolve, respectively, upon the pivots L and L', to the end that when removed from the pail and turned upon the pivots L and Lvuntil they nearly or quite coincide with each other, plates, iiasks, or shelves, X, Z, Y, may be placed upon the rivets or other supports R, R, R', R', S, S, S', S; or T, T, T', T', and that when the plates, flasks or shelves, X, Z, Y, are so placed, the frames F, F, and G, G, may then be turned to a position at right angles to each other. When so turned the frames will hold the plates, flasks, or shelves X,Z, Y, so placed therein, firmly in position. The frames, when filled as above described, may, by the handle I, be carried from place to place, or may be lifted and placed into the pail. In either case articles of food placed upon the plates or shelves will be secure from jostling or crushing. Upon tuiningthe frames G, G,Apivoted together at L, and L', with supto an acute angle or to a position nearly coinports R, R', S, S; T, T; and fitting into and @ident with each othei1 any article placed upon removable from the outer pail A, all substanone shelf or plate may be removed without tially as described. 15 5 disturbing or unpacking any other shelf orv In Witness whereof I affix my signature in plate. tle presence of two Witnesses.

Having Jthus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secu re by Letters LYDIA A' MERTZ' Patent, is- Witnesses: 1o The combination, in a dinner pail, of the SUSAN FAUL,

outer pail A, the rectangular frames F, F, and DAVID S. I-IILLIs.

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Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/20