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Publication numberUS538205 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1895
Filing dateNov 8, 1894
Publication numberUS 538205 A, US 538205A, US-A-538205, US538205 A, US538205A
InventorsJames S. Back
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James s
US 538205 A
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(No Model.)


N 533,205, Patented Apr. 23, 1895.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 538,205, dated April 23, 1895. Application filed November B, 1894. Serial No. 528 ,178- (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that 1, JAMES S. BACK, of the city of Ottawa, in the Province of Ontario and Dominion of Canada, have invented certain new and usefulImprovements in Adj ustments for Detachable Necks of Stringed Musical Instruments; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part thereof.

My invention, which will be hereinafter fully set forth and claimed, relates to stringed musical instruments.

The obj cot of my invention is a ready means of adjusting detachable necks of guitars, banjos, mandolins and other stringed instruments of a similar nature.

Figure 1 is an elevation of the neck end of the shell and the shell end of the neck of an instrument constructed according to my invention. Fig. 2 is a rear view of the same. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of the same through the center and showing shell and neck apart. Fig. 4 is an end elevation of the neck end showing the joint face. Fig. 5 is a longitudinal section through the part of the neck in which the adjusting screw is inserted.

A is the shell of the instrument with the head block A and B is the detachable neck with finger board B. The shell and neck are connected by an open joint, so that only the lower part, b, of the neck touches and abuts on the shell and a space, 2, is thus formed between the shell and neck end sufficient to admit the head of a capstan screw run longitudinally in the neck at the upper part near the finger board. The depth of the neck end is made less than the depth of the shell, so that the back face of the neck end, I), will not be flush with the back a of the shell, but leave room on the shell for the attachment of the foot of a plate, C, by screws, 0', passing into the head block A and which has one end, 0, turned up at a right angle to fit against the back face I) of the neck. Said plate end 0 is provided with an eye, 0, adapted to engage the projecting end of a metallic pin, C, which is rigidly secured across the grain of the wood in the neck end. Near the upper end of the joint face, i. e., near the finger board, is socured in the head block A a dowel pin, D, which projects and engages a dowel hole, l, v made in the joint face of the neck. Said dowel pinD and dowel hole d and plate C and 5 5 pin C connect shell and neck prevent ng lateral displacement and securing them n relative position to each other. In the oint face of the neck are secured two capstan screws, E, one near each edge and near the finger board. 00 It is found that they may simply be threaded in the wood of the neck, but when this is somewhat soft, a special bush or nut of hard wood or metal maybe inserted, asshown in Fig. 5. The heads of said screws abut against the end 6 5 of the shell, having the head block A for a backing.

The strings of the instrument, not shown, prevent the upper part of the joint from parting, as will be well understood, thus straining on the plate C and pin C while the capstan screws E act in opposition to the strings. By turning the heads of these screws, any desired adjustment may be given to the neck with great facility.

I claim as my invention- 1. In a stringed musical instrument, the combination with the shell, of a butt ended neck B, a shoulder Z) projecting from the rear end of the butt-face and adapted to abut against the neck end of the shell and prevent the other portion of the face from. touching said shell, a pin C secured in said neck near said butt-face and projecting at the back, the plate C secured to said shell and projecting 8 along the back face of said neck under and engaging said pin by an eye, a dowel pin D secured in said shell near the front and adapted to engage a dowel hole in the neck, a dowel hole 01 in the butt-face of the neck adapted to engage said dowel pin and two capstan screws E threaded into the neck near each side and near the front and abutting with their capstan heads against the shell, substantially as set forth. 2. The butt-faced end of an interchangeable neck for stringed musical instruments provided with an abutment against the shell at the rear and with means of connecting the same to the shell at the rear in combination with two capstan screws threaded longitudinally in said neck near the front and near each side and so that the heads abut on said I shell with their heads, and the strings oper- 1 butt face, substantially as set forth. ating in a direction opposite to that of the said 3. In a stringed musical instrument, the screws, substantially as set forth. combination ofa neck having abutt-face with In testimony whereof I have signed in the 5 projecting shoulder at the back bearing on presence of the undersigned witnesses.

the shell, means of holding the rear end of JAS. S. BACK. said face to the shell, capstan screws E Vitnesses: threaded in said neck near the front and near A. HARVEY,

each side and adapted to abut against the] A. TROWSSE.

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