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Publication numberUS538534 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1895
Filing dateNov 10, 1894
Publication numberUS 538534 A, US 538534A, US-A-538534, US538534 A, US538534A
InventorsJohn W. O. Neill
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US 538534 A
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To all whom dm/wy concern."

l5e` it known that I, JOHN W. O. NEILL, a citizen ofthe United States, and 4varesident Brooklyn, inthecounty ofKingsjand State of 5 yof New York, have invented certainnew and usefulltnprovements in "Book- Holders, of which the vfollowing is a specification'.

`My invention has relation to that class of tables or stands wherein the top thereof is o capable of being placed atany angle, as well as at any height, and it consists in the construction and novel arrangement of vparte hereinafter more fully described,villustrated in the accompanying drawings, and pointed 5 out rin the appended claim.

The object of my invention is to provide a table of simple and inexpensive construction f wherein the top thereof is capable of turning and otbeing placed at any angle as well as Q revolnble, at the same time making ita very useful table for displaying'goods andpictures as well as for artists, invalids and others to Work upon. v

In' lthe accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 represents a` side view ot' a table, partly in section, emt bodying my invention, the top being slt/own tilted in dotted lines; Figf', a detail view'of the section Dg'Fig. 3, a detagiiview ofthe sec- -tion D2; Fig. gt, axri'nvei'ted plan-Vietl of the top I .Referring to the accompanying drawings wherein like letters of referenceindicate corresponding parts in all thefigures, Aind'icates the stand orsupport of my 'improved table, which .stand consists of a base a arida stanchion or upright portion a', said upright being provided for a portion ot' its length with ahollow tapered portion o? fora purpose presently explained. y

13 designates the top ofthe table which maybe of any desired shape and size and provided upon its edgewith alip or flange b.

' lo readily permitof the top being laced at any angle as well as revoluble I emp oy the following means: lAta sfttable'distancebelow ythe table top and-mede integraltherewithby meansof a neck portion B2, is a sphere cal body BE adaptedl to fitfandlwork within 'a I sectional cup Dco'mposedlf the-two'concavof' convex bodies D-D? which vportions are pgp.

vided withla ntapering sen1i-cylindricali stem D2-D3 adaptedtofit within the tapering recess a2 in the upright, and as will be noticed in Fig. l, the walls o fv the sectionall lcup extend somewhat abovea line drawn throughA the-center ot' the spherical body. B3 and when the parts are in position form a lock for the' spherical portion and preventits displacement, and readily permit of'thetable top being tilted' at right angles to the standard as shown'in dotted linesin Fig. l. I form in ,the top edge of the walls of the concave-convex portions D--D2 semi circular recesses E of a;

size corresponding to the diameter ofthe neckA B2 and extending down to the horizontal line drawn through the center of the portion B5.;

To readily permit of the table being'raised v or lowered and held in such 'positionas well* as 'hold .it firmly in a tilted position, I'provide set 'screws F passing through suitable screw threaded openings formed in `the stanchion a and one of the cup sections.

To adjust and ,use myitnproved tabletalien in connection with the abo/vedescription and accompanying drawings will be readily understood-and I do not desire to confine myf self to the-precise construction herein shown and described as Ininor changes maybe made without departing from the spirit of my invention. 7

What I claim as new, andfdesire to secure by Letters Patent, is

The combination with Ia stand A, consisting of the base a and a stanchion a provided with a tapering ,recess a2 the concavc-convex sections having -semi cylindrical tapering stems resting in said recess and held in any desired vposition by a thumb 'screw fitted in the side ofthe stanchion of a table top provided with a'spherical body dependent from said table bodyby a neck and capable of be-f ing placed atv any angle and held in such angular position by a set screw passing through one of the concave convex sections and bracing against the sphericalbody, substantially asdescrbed. n i' L JOHN W. O. NEILL.

Witnesses: v GEORGE W. CoLLns, FRANCIS C. BOWEN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47B23/046