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Publication numberUS543740 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1895
Publication numberUS 543740 A, US 543740A, US-A-543740, US543740 A, US543740A
InventorsGeorge Franklin Kuhns
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George franklin kuiins
US 543740 A
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(No Model.)

' G. F. KUHNS.

GATGH BASIFLf No. 543,740. Patented July so, 1895.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 543,740, dated July eo, 1895.

Application filed March 21, 189:-

T0 at whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE FRANKLIN KUHNs, residing at Dayton, in the county of Montgomery and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Catch-Basins, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to that class of catchbasins which is adapted to be attached to the side of the curb of the sidewalk to receive the drainage of the street. v

One of the objects of my invention is to provide a jointed connection fora catch-basin and sewer connection adapted to be applied in sections and applied to any desired angle. Another object of my invention relates to the method of constructing the top of .the catchbasin to make it adjustable to the height of the curb.

The features of my invention will be more fully set forth in the description of the accompanying'drawings, making a part of this specification, in which Figure 1 is a central vertical section showing the catch-basin. Fig. 2 is a front elevation of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a section on line w at, Fig. 2. Fig. 4 is a modification of the elbow shown in Fig. 1. g

A represents the gutter-line of the street in front of the catch-basin opening.

B represents the sidewalk.

The catch-basin is made of three pieces, as follows: the basin 0, the cnrb-sectionD, and the top section E. The lower section or basin proper is cast integral and of a form shown in Fig. 2. The curb D overlaps the same and is connected thereto by bolts at. There are shown several bolt-holes b b, for the purpose of allowing it to be adjusted up and down to suit the height of the sidewalk. The front side of the basin 0 on the top is provided with a rail 0, and a series of bosses d, cast integral therewith,which are pierced with openings to receive the rack-bars F, which are also seated in similar lugs cast on top of the plate E. This top section is secured to the curb by bolts e. This'plate and the bosses at of the rail 0 form a rigid support for the rackbars F. The rack-bars F are cut of a length Serial No. 542,656. (No model.)

to suit the height of the curb. By making the catch-basin of two sections 0 D the vertical adjustment'is secured, so as to fit the basin to any desired height of curb above the street.

It is desirable to have the elbow connecting the basin to the drain tightly sealed, and it is also desirable to have it adjustable to any desired angle laterally, so as to extend in any direction which the location of the sewer may require. I accomplish this result by swiveling the elbow upon the catch-basin proper. The preferred form is shown in Fig. 1. H represents an elbow formed of two sections h h. i represents ears upon each section, which are pierced to receive clamp.- ing-bolts which firmly unite the sections of the elbow together. The upper end of said sections are provided with the flange I, which engages over the outturned flange J of the basin 0. This interlocking flange serves swivel upon the basin, so as to be adjusted laterally to any desired position for the sewer connection. Second, it forms a good joint, which can be easily sealed by applying cement to the cavity around the joint.

In the modification shown in Fig. t the elbow is made of one piece, and it is provided with an outturned flange instead of an inturned flange, as shown in Fig. 1, and screwbolts t are tapped through said flange,so as to bear upon the flange of the basin and allow the elbow to swivel thereon. This joint may in like manner be sealed.

I thus provide a catch-basin which may readily be adjusted to any desired vertical position and the elbow connection can be adj usted laterally to connect the basin with the sewer by the swivel of the elbow upon the flange of the basin.

I claim- 1. The combination in a catch basin with the-basin portion 0 of a curb portion D adjustably connected to said basin portion to accommodate different heights of curbing, and the elbow H swiveled upon the basin portion 0 so that it may be turned to present its outlet in a different direction.

2. The combination in a catch basin of the In testimony whereof I have hereunto set basin portion 0, the curb portion D adjustmy hand.

ably connected to said basin portion to ac- GEORGE FRANKLIN KUHNS' commodate dilferent heights of curbing, a top 5 plate E secured to said curb portion, and bars \Vitnesses:

F seated in said basin portion and said top ALLEN T. MILLER, plate, substantially as described. DANIEL NEVINS.

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Cooperative ClassificationE03F5/0404