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Publication numberUS544461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1895
Filing dateApr 11, 1895
Publication numberUS 544461 A, US 544461A, US-A-544461, US544461 A, US544461A
InventorsHugh Cotter
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Hugh cotter
US 544461 A
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'No Model.)


No. 544,461. Patented Aug. 13, 1895.





SPECIFICATION forming pari'. of Letters Patent No. 544,461, dated August 13, 1895.

Y Application filed April 11,1895.I Serial No. 545,287. (No model.)

To @ZZ whom it may concern.-

Be it known that l, HUGH COTTER, a citizen of Canada, residing at Burlington, in the county of Halton, in the Province of Ontario, Canada, have invented a new and useful Bag- Supporting Device, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a bag-supporting device for use while lling, in which a metallic hopper, preferably oval to suit the shape of a bag, is suspended from an apertured Vertical board at a convenient distance from the ground door to suit the requirements of filling into the bag, which can be easily and quickly adjusted to and around the body of said h0pper and held in desired position, the objects ot' my invention being, tirst,to provide means whereby a bag or sack may be held in a steady and open position while being filled; second, to afford facilities for the proper and rapid attaching of the bag to open position and the detaching of said bag without wear, tear, or injury of any kind, and, third, to allow the hopper with bag to be placed in a low position from the floor and gradually raised at pleasure to any reasonable height for filling purposes. I attain these objects by the device illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure l isafront elevation of my improved bag-supporting device with bag, the metallic hopper being in section and the front part of the bag being torn away to just below said hopper, in order to show the two upper sideedges of the bag secured in the two side bag-clamps by means of pins and also more fully the said hopper. Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same, showing how the metallic hopper is suspended from and in line with a vertical board by means of a three-ended hook, and Fig. 3 isvan enlarged front elevation of the right-hand side detached bag-clamp, these views embodying my invention. Fig. 4 is an enlarged detailed sectional view of one of the clamps or clips F shape of a bag, is provided at its rear with two apertured ears or lugs O, riveted to said hopper a certain distance apart to allow the same to be suspended in a proper manner from the vertical board B by' means of the three-ended hook D. The two lower right-angle ends of this hook enter and pass through the said ears, and the upper hooked end 2 passes through any one of the series of apertures 3, which the vertical board has at various distances from the ground, in order to lower and raise the hopper and its bag, when necessary, while filling.

The hopper is provided with two bag-clamps F, one on each side and riveted thereto, these clamps being provided with an upper lip or l hookl, securing the saine to the hopper more permanently. These clamps have concave recesses 5, the inner halves of which are corrugated concave recesses, as at 6, and the said recesses extended upward, as at 7, and continued downward, as at 8, for insertion of upper side ends of bag and fastening purposes. In order to till the bag or sack E'the open end is drawn up over the lower taper end of said hopper until the upper side ends of said bag reach the said bag-clamps F, then through the lower openings 8 and concave recesses 5 into the upper openings 7. At this time a tapered pin or plug H is inserted in said recesses 5 and G and the bag is held in position in and against the corrugations 6 in said recesses 5 and 6 of clamps F. The openings 8 are wide at the lower end and verge toward the center of recesses 5 and 6 to admit the bag freely. These corrugated bag-clamps are a very important elementin my invention, as they prevent any possible slipping of the bag from position while being filled. Also, the peculiar shape and construction of the continuous recesses 5 and 6 and openings 7and 8 inthe clamps are important features, as they render the attachment and detachment of the bag a Very easy matter in conjunction with the tapered pin H. To render this clamp more operative, the

recesses 5 are slightly tapered from the front side to conform to the taper of the said pins which must enter their openings from the front side of the device, as delineated in Fig. 2 of the drawings.

The utility of the series of apertures 3 in vertical board B, previously referred to, will be obvious. When the upper partis lowered TOO produce is more easily put into the bag with' out dust or abrasion, and especially in the case of good apples, which may be put in and the hopper with bag raised by degrees, this being an important element. This said board B may be placed in close proximity to any wall or may be placed in any convenient or suitable position, as the requirements of the operation of filling bags may present.

It will not be necessary to define the exact depth or the front or rear taper of the hopper. These tapers may be of an angle best adapted to the requirements ofthe case. Also, the important bag-clamps F may, if deemed expedient, be fastened in a higher or lower position on the hopper.

\Vhat I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. In a bag supporting device the combination of a metallic oval hopper, provided with, and having secured thereto, the bag clamps F, having upper lips 4, to hook over the upper edge of said hopper, and circular taper openings 5, the inner halves of which have corrugations G, the upper and lower continuous openings 7, and 8, the said openings 8, wider at the lower end to admit the edges of the bag freely, and the taper pins H, to hold edges of the bag in said openings of clamp, substantially as described and set forth.

2. In a bag supporting device, the combination of the hopper provided with the rigid clamps F, having lip 4, and circular taper openings 5, the inner parts of which are corrugated as at 6, and the continuous openings 7 and 8 to admit the upper edges of bag freely, the bag holding taper pins H, the two ears C, secured acertain distance apart to the upper rear part of said hopper, for the insertion of lower end of hanging hook D, the upper end Vof which is hooked in one of the series of apertures 3, in vertical board B, to adj ust said hopper With bag E, to different heights from the door, substantially as described and set forth.

3. The bifurcated clamp F, having the jaws therefor formed to present the taper opening comprising the corrugated concave recess 6, and the concave recess 5, and the hooked upper end 4, in combination with the tapering pin, and the oval hopper A, substantially as described.


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