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Publication numberUS545949 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1895
Filing dateMay 2, 1895
Publication numberUS 545949 A, US 545949A, US-A-545949, US545949 A, US545949A
InventorsCarroll W. Dodge
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Carroll w
US 545949 A
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No. 545,949. Patented Sept. 10, 1895.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 545,949, dated September 10, 1895.

Application filed May 2, 1895. Serial No. 547,838- (No model.)

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, CARROLL W. DODGE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Worcester, in the county of Worcester and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful Marking-Kit, of which the following, together with the accompanying drawings, is a specification sufficiently full, clear, and exact to enable persons skilled in the art to which this invention appertains to make and use the same.

My present invention relates to a utensil of the class employed for marking addresses on shipping-cases and for similar purposes; and it consistsin certain improvements in the construction and adaptation of the component parts of the apparatus, with the object of rendering the same more convenient, efficient, and desirable for use, and better adapted for preserving the ink and brushes in suitable condition for ready use.

The particular features of improvement which constitute my invention are hereinafter definitely specified.

In the drawings, Figure l is a perspective view of myimproved marking-kit. Fig. 2 is a vertical central section of the same. Fig. 3 is a top View with the hand tube or stem in section. Fig. at is a separate detail View on somewhat larger size, showing a section of the dip-funnel and its covering-cap. Fig. 5 is a detail section through the hand-tube, showing the internal ledge and the removable pointing-tube; and Fig. 6 shows a plan and section of the ledge or washer-plate.

Referring to parts, A denotes the ink container or reservoir, consisting of a flat cylindrical can formed of sheet metal, its top portion a and sides a preferably integral and stamped or swaged into the desired shape, while the bottom plate A is preferably formed with a flange or fold at its periphery, which is inserted and soldered into the rim around the bottom edge, the combined edges forming a foot for the can, as at E. The bottom ls'best formed with'a depression, as at a C indicates the dip-funnel in the top of the container, and into which the brush B is inserted for taking ink. This dip-funnel is made with an interior downward tapering portion that reaches nearly to the bottom of the ink -container and terminates with an open end 0; also with an upwardly-projecting portion C above the top-plate a, having an opening or mouth 0 surrounded by an inwardly-turned lip 0 against which the brush B may be drawn for removing excess of ink as it is lifted from the funnel-cavity. The dip-funnel is supported in an opening formed through the top plate a, and is soldered or otherwise tightly secured thereon at the joint 6.

D indicates a metal cap which is arranged to fit over the upper end of the dip-funnel C. Said cap is provided with an attached rubber washer d, having a hole therein through which the handle of the marking-brush B is inserted, the washer and cup-shaped cap being thus fixed upon the brush-handle to be used as a finger-guard to keep ink from the fingers when marking cases and to serve as a cover for the dip-funnel when the kit is not in use and as a support for the brush when in soak.

F indicates the stem or hand-tube, fixed upon the top of the container, near its edge, by a reinforcef and rivets, or in other suitable manner. Within this stem, which is hollow, closed at its bottom and open at its top, I arrange a horizontal ring or annular ledge I about the the interior for the support of the cap D and brush B, in the manner illustrated in Fig. 2, said ledge preferably having an opening i through its center, with a downwardly-beveled edge 5. This ledge can be readily made by introducing a flat annular washer (I, Fig. 6) into the tube F and then swaging the parts together to give rigid fixation at the periphery of the Washer. The lower chamber G within the hand-tube serves for containing water or other liquid for soaking out or maintaining the brushes in pliable condition. The cap D, resting on the ledge,

supports the brush upright with its end clear from the bottom. The ledge I also prevents the liquid from splashing over the top of the hand-tube when the marking-kit is carried about in use.

Mindicatesapointing-tube havingafianged or flaring top end an, and adapted to be removably suspended within the chamber G by resting on the ledge I or its beveled surface within the central opening t', as shown. The pointing-tube is formed with a long taper and has a small opening 12 in its lower end. VVhenthe brush is inserted in the pointingtube, the hairs thereof are supported and straightened, and the brush is thereby kept in form. The pointing-tube may be perforated, as at 0, near its upper end, so thatthe water can enter from the chamber and How down the interior to soak the brush. In any instance, if desired, this removable pointing-tube can be omitted, the brushes being merely introd need directly into the chamber G through the opening '5 for keeping them in condition. To facilitate filling, the container A may have the usual opening with a'screw-eap or stopper, as P.

With the marking-kit constructed as described, the brush can be left standing in the dip-funnel always ready for use, without liability of curling the point of the brush. Two sizes of brushes can also be employed, when desired, without drying up, one being kept inserted in the chamber G and the other in the dip-funnel and alternating them as required for use.

Utensils for inks and colors having been heretofore constructed with a fiat cylindrical stem or hand-tube thereon, I do not herein claim, broadly, such features; but my invention embraces the specific improvements hereinafter defined. i

I claim as myinvention and desire to seeu re by Letters Patent- 1. In a marking kit, in combination with the inkcontainer consisting of the closed metal can having the fiat top-plate, the dipfunnel rigidly fixed in said top-plate with an upwardly projecting exterior portion, having its top edge turned over and forming an inwardly directed lip about the mouth, substantially as set forth.

2. In a marking kit, the hollow stem or hand-tube fixed to the inkcontainer and provided with an annular ledge or supporting shelf about its interior, said shelf disposed at some distance below the top of said handtube, as shown, and with a chamber beneath said ledge, for the purpose set forth.

3. In a marking kit, the hollow-stem having the annular inwardly directed ledge therein, with a chamber for liquid below, and the re movable pointing-tube having the flared or having, in its interior, means for supporting said cap with the brush suspended within the chamber below said point of support, for the purpose set forth.

5. The ink-container,composed of the sheetmetal top-plate and rim, and the bottom-plate formed with the downward peripheral flange secured within said rim, and having the depression therein; in combination with the dipfunnel secured in the top-plate with its lower end opening to the interior adjacent to the bottom above said depression, the removable cap fitting over the top of said dip-funnel, and the brush supported in said cap, as shown and described.

6. In combination with the ink-container having the dip-funnel arranged therein, its upper portion projecting above the top-plate, the upright stem or hand-tube fixed to said container, and having the open top, and the inward offset or ledge about its interior, with a chamber for containing liquid below said ledge, the cap adapted for covering said dipfunnel and for sustention upon said ledge within the hand-tube, and the marking-brush, its handle passing through and supported in said cap, substantially as set forth.

Witness my hand this 27th day of April, 1805.




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