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Publication numberUS548706 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1895
Publication numberUS 548706 A, US 548706A, US-A-548706, US548706 A, US548706A
InventorsPhilip H. Gundermann
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Fitting for washstands
US 548706 A
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(No Model.)


Patented Oct. 29, 1895.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 548,706, dated October 29,1895. Application filed February 14,1895. Serial No. 5 38,372- (No model.)

The top 'or cover slab for a washstand is usually of marble and the tap-cocks which overhang the bowl to deliver the water generally have their inlet-tubes extended through holes in the slab and are united beneath to the supply-pipes. The tube for the tap cock is furnished with a square boss designed to engage with the hole of like contour made through the slab, by which expedient the tapcock is set and cannot be turned or twisted from position. A filling of plaster'ofsparis or the like closes the joint water-tight and also guards the fitting against displacement. For economy the square holes in the slab are ordinarily formed at the marbleyard in advanceof the application of the fittings. Any lack of accuracy in the true position of the holes repeats itself in the setting of the tapcocks, which are thus often 'disaligned.

The present invention designs to obviate the objections noted and contemplates the use of a slab with round instead of angular or square holes and which requireno especial" care in accurately locating them at precise places. By reason of an improved packingjoint the tap-cock can be set and held for delivery to the bowl-at any angle desired in simple and expeditious fashion, while the rigidity of the fix for the tap-cocks is retained the same as in the use of the square hole and boss-joint.

The nature of the improvements will appear in detail from the description following and be thereafter pointed out by claim at the conclusion.

In the accompanying drawings like parts have like designation throughout.

Figure 1 is an elevation view, the slab and bowl being shown in section and exhibiting the improved device as applied to tap-cocks for washstands. Fig.2 is a detail sectional view at the joint or union between the slab and the delivery-tube for the tap-cock. Fig. 8 is a like view with the interposed packing set in position to receive the shank or tube. Fig.

, 4 is a plan view of the stiff washer at one of the packing-heads.

As shown by the drawings, the invention is applied to a tap-cock b, which overhangs the bowl a of an ordinary washstand. A slab 0 (usually of marble) forms a top or cover for the bowl a, and in position adjacent to its rim is provided with a round hole countersunk at its upper terminal, through which passes the threaded cylindric shank or delivery-tube for the tap-cock. The cock has an enlarged base or pedestal d to rest against the slab c, and between these parts is interposed the rubber packing e, furnished with expanded heads f g at opposite ends thereof. The head f of the packing snugly rests within the counterseat at the hole in the slab and in relaxed state projects slightly above the slab-face. The opposite head g is furnished (preferably) with a stiff washer h, generally of brass, and which serves as a bearing'for the set-nut 1', carried by the threaded shank or tube K. Washer 71-, by its rivet Z or like expedient, can be molded and secured directly to the adjacent packing-head g by vulcanization.

The packing being mounted in place, as shown by Fig. 3, it is simply necessary to thrust the cylindric shank or tube through the hole in the packing, and after the tapcook or the like has been set in the position measure along the body of the packing, so

that it tends to tightly clasp the shank or tube extending therethrough. Aside from this, the frictional contact existing'between the packing-head f and the adjacent faces of the pedestal d and slab 0 will stoutly resist any tendency to wrench or turn the tap-cock or the like radially in its seat, while the nuti prevents the tap-cock from being lifted out of its place.

The base or pedestal d overlies the joint between the packing and slab; and being in frictional contact with the face of said slab aids the packing in holding the parts to position. The tap-cock is thus kept rigidly i'n assigned relation over the bowl and cannot be disp1aced,while the economy in making a simple round hole through the slab at the marble-yard is yet insured.

The details of structure can be varied according to the skill of the mechanic without essential departure from the invention.

Having thus described the invention, What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

In Wash stands, the combination with the bowl and with its cover slab having a round hole with counter-sunk terminal therein of the tubular elastic packing made in single piece and provided with flanged heads at opposite slab faces projected above the plane thereof, the tap-cock overhanging the bowl and furnished with a threaded inlet pipe extended through the packing and having a base pedestal to overlay the confronting packinghead at the counter-seat and to bear against the slab, and a set-nut engaging the threaded inlet pipe to tighten the packing-heads and base pedestal against the slab whereby the

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