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Publication numberUS549347 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1895
Filing dateMay 8, 1895
Publication numberUS 549347 A, US 549347A, US-A-549347, US549347 A, US549347A
InventorsWesley Clark
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Wesley clark
US 549347 A
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v per one of which is preferably hinged.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 549347, dated November 5, 1895. Application filed May 8, 1895. ?Serial No. 548,62 2. (No model.)

To cZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WESLEY CLARK, of Spartanburg, county of Randolph, and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Desks; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which like letters refer to like parts.

My invention relates to a teacher s desk, and has for its object the combination of parts to render the same more convenient and useful than prior desks of the same character.

My invention relates chiefiy to two features of this desk-attaching to the rear of the desk cases for letterblocks and a map holder. The nature of these features of my invention will appear more fully from the following description and the accomp'anying drawings.

Figure 1 is a perspective View of the front and top of my desk. Fig. 2 is a perspective of the rear with the letter-block cases open. Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the upper rear portion of the desk. Fig. 4 is a detail of the dictionary or book holder and its combination with a desk.

My desk 1 is provided with suitable doors, drawers, and closets for the retention of. such articles as teachers usually have. In the rear part of the desk, on the side facing the pupils in the school-room, I provide means for using a letter-block device substantially of the same character as that shown in my Letters Patent No. 466,296, issued December 29, 1891. The letter-blocks are secured, as shown in that patent, in boxes, which boxes are secured in the cases 2. There are two of these hinged at one end to blocks 3, that slide in the guideway 4, made longitudinally in the brackets 5, formed on the rear face of the desk, the up- The shelves for the reception of the blocks in the cases 2 are placed on the inner side, the outer side of the cases being plain, like the back of any desk.

In use the cases are swung open, as shown in Fig. 2. Blocks are taken from the blockstorage case made in the rear portion of the desk and such as are desired are placed in the cases 2, and then the blocks 3, to which the cases are hinged, are moved in the guideway toward the end, whereby the cases 2 can be reversed, presentng the face of the blocks to'the pupils. A chart-holder is also provided, which consists of a frame 7, having a vertical aperture, so the frame may slip down over the pin 8 in the block 9, that is provided with lateral extensions 10, which work in a suitable groove made by the cleats 11, one on each side of the extension 13 in the upper part of the desk. By this construction the various parts are readily detached, if desired. 12 are fingers or holders pivoted at their upper ends to the frame 7 and held against such frame at the lower ends by the springs 13'. These fingers, in combination with a suitable construction at the lower end of the frame 7, provide means for holding a map-rod. When the map-rod is to be inserted or removed, the fingers 12 are drawn backward, and when released they come together and hold the map in place.

In the upper part of the desk is a case or boX 13, containing a dictionary-holder. This consists of a block 14:, which slides in and partially out of the case, being held by the stop 15 from being entirely removed. Hinged to the front end of this block is the dictionaryholder, which consists of the base l6,with sides 17 hinged thereto, and a suitable knob 18.

The holder when open appears as' shown in Fig. 1. It is closed by folding together the sides and then folding the holder forward onto the block 14:, and then pushing the whole in the case. lVhen the holder is desired to be brought out, one takes hold of the knob 18 and draws the whole thing toward him until stopped by the stop 15, and then with a slight further pull the holder turns down again into the position shown iii Fig. 1, and. the sides are then opened.

It is thus apparent that I have a Very con- Venient and useful combination teacher s desk. The parts combined therewith which I have described are always needed and are combined in the most convenient way for actual use.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. The combination with a desh of a letter IOO block case, suitable guide ways in the desk, and bloeks siiding in such guide ways, the letter block cases being pivoted at their inner ends to sneh sliding blocks, snbstantiaiiy as shown and described.

2. The eombination of a desk, reeeptaeles for storing letter bioeks in its rear part, a pair of suitable guide ways seeured to sueh desk, sliding bioeks in sueh guide ways, and letter bloek cases piyoted at their inner ends to such siiding bloeks substantiaily as shown and deseribed.

3. The conbination of a desk with a guide way on its upper part, and a map holder pro- Vid ed with extensions adapted to move in such

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Cooperative ClassificationG09B17/00