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Publication numberUS552134 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1895
Filing dateJul 11, 1894
Publication numberUS 552134 A, US 552134A, US-A-552134, US552134 A, US552134A
InventorsHenry James Miller
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Henry james miller
US 552134 A
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LABELING LIQUIDS. No. 552,134. Patented Dec. 31 1895.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0. 552,134, dated December 31, 1895. Application filed July 11, 1894. serial No. 517,183. (No model.)

To all whom, it may concern: 7

Be it known that I, HENRY JAMEs MILLER, of Paris, France, have invented an Improved Device for Packing and Labeling or Trade- Marking Liquids, of which the following is a a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates to an improved device for packing and labeling liquids, and it is particularly applicable to alcoholic liquids, liquors, wines, beers, aerated waters, natural or artificial, and other beverages, whether fermented or not, pharmaceutical, perfumery and toilet preparations and dentifrices, and also to animal and vegetable oils, spirits and extracts The invention consists of a packing and labeling device comprising a transparent bottle, in which the liquid is confined, and a medal or coin suspended in the body of the liquid by a float, and which is seen by transparence through the body of the liquid and the containing-vessel, and which is always immersed to a constant depth, whether the 7 bottle be quite or only partly filled.

The medal-like label or tablet bears an embossed, impressed, engraved or other inscription or device relating to or indicative of the nature or quality of the liquid, and would be composed of a solid substance not capable of being acted on by and of greater specific gravity than the liquid and combined with'a float also of material not acted on by the liquid, the float, however, being either hollow and inflated with air or being of a material of sufflciently-less specific gravity than the liquid to support by its buoyancy the medal-like label which is attached to it by a fine wire chain or thread. The float may be of spherical or other appropriate form, and it would preferably be made of celluloid, while the medal or tablet would preferably be made of ivory, and its form might be varied to serve to indicate difiierent qualities or sorts of liquids.

The invention is illustrated, by Way of eX- ample, in the accompanying drawing, where- 111- a is the medal or tablet, b the float and c the thread by which. the medal or tablet ais suspended.

It is obvious that my invention possesses very great advantages over other means of marking goods at present in use, as it provides against the possibility of fraud by the substitution of one label for another, which may be readily accomplished when the bottle or container bears an external label or trademark, whether the latter be applied to the surface of the bottle or attached to its cork or stopper.

By my invention it is impossible to get at the medal or tablet Without withdrawing the cork or stopper, and even then the difficulty that would be experienced in substituting an other label would be so great as to preclude the fraud being attempted.

I claim- The herein described device for packing and labeling liquids, consisting of a transparent bottle or liquid container, a label or tablet contained in the bottle and of greater specific gravity than the liquid to be inclosed in the container, a float constantly of less specific gravity than the liquid, and a connection between the float and label whereby the label is maintained in a constant position relatively to the surface of the liquid, substantially as specified.

The foregoing specification of my improved device for labeling or trade-markin g liquids signed by me this 21st day of June, 1894:.


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Cooperative ClassificationG09F21/18