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Publication numberUS55531 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1866
Publication numberUS 55531 A, US 55531A, US-A-55531, US55531 A, US55531A
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Improvement in valves
US 55531 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 55,531, dated June 12, 1866.

To all 'whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, JEFFERSON PEABODY, of DiXmont Cen tre, in the county ot Penobscot and State of Maine, have invented an Improved Valve-Box for Pumps 5 and I do hereby declare the same to be fully described in the following specication, and represented in the accompanying drawings, of which- Figure l is a top view, and Fig. 2 a transverse section, of it.

The said box is to have a fiat plate or diskvalve to rest on and play vertically with respect to an opening made through the bottom of the case ofthe box. The said oase may be made either cylindrical or of any other forni in horizontal section, and is to be open at top and closed at bottom, .except in having an opening, as above mentioned, in such bottom and underneath the valve. The chamber of the ease should have a width or diameter greater than that of the valve, and there should be arranged Within such case and close to the perimeter or periphery ofthe valve, as the ease may be, a series of vertical guides provided with projections or stops, the same serving to direct the valve in its movements and to arrest it from going beyond atxed altitude above its seat.

In the drawings, A denotes the valve-ease, of which G is the passage through the valveseat b. B is the valve, which, in this instance, is a disk. D D D are the three upright guides fixed within the case A and raised above the circumference of the valve, each guard having a stop, E, projecting from it and over the valve, in manner as shown in Fig. 2. i

From the above it will be perceived that when the valve is elevated off its seat and np to the stops there will be passages concentric with the valve for the escape of iinid by the valve after such iiuid may have passed up through the opening O.

What I claim as my invention is The improved valve-box as made with the case A, series of valve-guides D D D, and stops E E E, arranged with respect to the valve B and the opening@ of its seat substantially in manner as described.




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Cooperative ClassificationF16K15/02